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Heartwarming / The Ancient Magus' Bride

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  • The entire three-episode OVA builds up to an adorable moment. When a young Chise (who at this point is being ostracized by her adoptive family and her peers due to her ability to see spirits) stumbles upon the Mayoiga, a magical library in the forest, and develops a friendship with the librarian, he eventually gives her as a gift a book titled "The Lonely Little Star", with the message that if she keeps searching, someday she too will find someone who will care for her. At the time, Chise dismisses this as an impossible dream, to the point of abandoning the book. Years later, as she's living with Elias, "The Lonely Little Star" finds its way back to her thanks to Angelica, and she tells Elias and Ruth the story behind it. Elias says that this must be a painful memory for Chise and that Angelica shouldn't have sent her such an emotionally charged item, but Chise replies that she doesn't mind and that she even plans on reading it again in a different light. Later, Elias comments that according to his materials, those who take an item from the Mayoiga are granted good luck, and Chise agrees! She's found her child of a star after all - or rather a Child of Thorns...

Main Series

  • In Chapter 6, when confronted with the fact that she will die young and the possibility that Elias bought her to sate his curiosity, Chise makes it clear that she doesn't care.
    Chise: Even though it's a lie, Elias is the one who said I'm his family. I don't care if what you said is true or false, because he bought 'Me' faster than anyone else. That's why, until the day he lets go of my hand, I belong to him.
  • In Chapter 7, not only does Chise help the souls of those who could no longer find their way back to the afterlife rather than erasing their souls, but when she learns of Elias being unable to sympathize with human feelings, she reinforces what she says before.
    Chise: Until you say you no longer need me, I will be... next... to you...
  • In Chapter 10.5, Elias discovers that Chise is afraid of storms (specifically thunder) and comforts her by casting a fort-like structure of sorts with his jacket and staying with her underneath it and settling her between his legs, then later admits that if Chise were to die, his life would be dreadfully dull.
    • In Chise's case in the same chapter, she tells Elias that she was plagued by attacks by all sorts of magical creatures during storms during her childhood but then says that because of Elias, she has grown not to be scared of them so much anymore and thanks him afterwards. They stay cuddling together afterwards.
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  • In Chapter 11, despite seeing Elias in his full monster form, Chise isn't afraid. She only states it'd be troublesome to fit through the door at his size.
  • In Chapter 16, we learn that Lindel is the one who found Elias and his master is the one who named him, making the dragon keeper his oldest friend.
  • In Chapter 17, Chise states that she had been chased by things from Japan that often tried to eat her, but she never once got that feeling from Elias, so even if he's eaten people in the past, she doesn't mind.
  • The entire time that Chise is missing, Elias feels alone and cold, though he doesn't understand it. The moment that she appears, he hugs her and warms right up.
  • Chise stays up for five days to create the Faerie Salve, despite knowing that it was likely going to incur the wrath of their kind because she wanted Joel to see the leanan si, and makes it just in time. Note that this nearly kills her, but she considers it worth it.
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  • Joel explaining that he's glad the leanan si loved him because seeing her gave him a purpose to live and freely gives the last of his life to her, moving on to the afterlife without any regrets.
  • Spriggan introducing Silky to the home that Elias lives in after her clan died out, so that she wouldn't be alone—and transforming her into a house fey in the process.
  • Elias explaining why he chooses the human world over the fae. He knows the humans fear him, but they have also accepted him over and over again, so he wants to know more about them.
  • Mikhail Renfred taking in Alice and giving her a chance to get out of her old life.
  • Chise's Christmas is completely happy for her, leaving her satisfied for the first time in the long time and glad to be alive as it showcases all the friends she's made to this point.
  • Chise asking Elias to help her find a way to stay together with him after she receives a Dragon's Curse. It marks the point where she truly wants to live.

The Golden Yarn Light Novel

  • The Frozen Flowers short story has Hazel spend time with his sickly aunt, coming to visit her every Christmas despite the fact that as a two-legged centaur just associating with her could lead to him being shunned. He assures her that he loves her for who she is.
  • The Vampire's Lover short story shows Redcurrant falling in love with Joel and even sharing a dance with him despite the fact that he can't see her, showing that there was a connection and he could feel her presence to an extent.
  • The Rainbow Day, Feast Day short story shows Silky as she helps a widow in keeping up with her house after she lost her own family, as well as the fact that Spriggan continues to visit and look after her.

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