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Initially, Ellias only planned on marrying Chise because he wanted a better understanding of human kind.
He admitted to Chise that he couldn't quite grasp human emotions, such as loneliness or sadness. However, it has been proven that he can feel human emotions to some degree. Notice how fascinated he was when Chise explained that the "coldness" he was feeling was loneliness. It's possible that he's actually interested in learning what it means to be a human being. Taking on a human apprentice would be helpful to him, but an apprenticeship can only last for so long. He made Chise his bride because he knew that marriage would be binding; in other words, he could observe her for as long as he wants.

Lindel is a Sami.
The Sami are the indigenous people of northern Europe, their homeland covering most of northern Scandinavia. They herd reindeer as a way of life and are known for being a mystical people, with a tradition of shamans that goes back centuries. Between Lindel's reindeer herding, reference to himself as a shaman, clothes and pointed boots, he fits the bill perfectly.
  • Expect that Sami people (and reindeer) don't really live on Iceland. It had been nice though.
    • He moved to Iceland to look after the dragons. He was definitely born in mainland Scandinavia.

Elias was "born" at the end of the 17th century.
Judging by Rahab's comments on this page, a war is brewing between Russia, Norway and Sweden. The use of Russia, rather than the older name of Muscovy, along with a previous reference to Prussia, puts the date at least in the late 1500s. The largest conflict that fits the time period involving Sweden, Norway (at the time controlled by Denmark) and Russia is the Great Northern War, lasting from 1700 to 1721. Linden also asks if the yet to be named Elias is from England, perhaps indicating that the Act of Union that formed Britain hasn't happened yet, putting the date before 1707. This makes the likeliest date for Elias' birth sometime in the very late 1600s.

Elias is a Wendigo.
This seems to be a popular theory, as his deer-skull head is similar to the way Wendigo are often portrayed, he is first found in a freezing cold forest, and it fits well with his man-eating past. Wendigos are also created from people who engage in cannibalism, which may explain Elias' status as only a partial fairy.

The entity that tried to convince Chise's mother to kill her will serve as the true Big Bad
This would make sense as they did show that something was trying to make her kill Chise and this will serve as the true Big Bad

Yuuki Hattori is currently studying at the College.
No doubt wanting to help his wife and daughter, Yuuki saught any help he could from the mystical world and the black cat-like creature that was watching the family probably lead him and Fumiki to the College. The eventual reunion between father and daughter will of course be as messy as all get out due to what happened to Chika.

Renfred's apprentice Alice is also a Sleigh Baggy.
During the encounter in the cemetery in Volume 3 after Will O'the Wisp teleported Elias and the rest away from Josef the Fae was shown purched on Alice's unwilling head. Elias is staring at this when he said he might have an idea why Josef targeted those two.
  • Not sure about this one. While it is true that not all Sleigh Beggy can see the neighbors, Will o' Wisp is the only fae that hangs around her, unlike Chise who is almost always flocked by something.

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