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Headscratchers / The Ancient Magus' Bride

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Why Did They Merge Oberon With Puck?
Please tell me that I'm not the only one that has asked themselves this question. Oberon in this story acts the fool, save for one character turn that may have revealed his true nature, and he is some faun like creature which is more in line with several depictions of Puck. The idea of the immature husband paired with the mature wife is an old comedy formula, so there is one reason, but my gut tells me that it isn't the only reason behind it.
  • Likely because if they followed typical lore. Oberon would have just been a male version of Titania and neither would have stood out much
Chise's Wound
  • How did Chise survive getting impaled by Joseph's mantis? It looked like she's impaled straight through. Even if it missed her vitals, something like that would put her down for a while and require medical attention. But she just gets up later as if it were just a flesh wound.

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