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Tear Jerker / The Ancient Magus' Bride

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  • Chise's past, in general. Her abilities are the cause of nearly everything, as the magical creatures that constantly harass and surround her make her too scared to do anything (even eat) which confuses and irritates anyone that tries to take her in.
    • A look into her past shows a moment where her parents and family weren't miserable. It's heavily hinted that after her father abandoned them with her little brother, her mother couldn't take the stress anymore and then decided to kill herself.
      • Chapter 42 then reveals that her mother, Chika, did her best to take care of her until something else drove her to trying to kill her. She only killed herself after she snapped out of it, realizing what she'd nearly done and begging for forgiveness.
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    • Episode 22 of the Anime really hits close to home with Chise's past, as (excluding the nightmarish creatures stalking them), it is all too reminiscent of real life; the father up and leaves one night with his son, never to return, abandoning his wife and daughter. The mother then does everything she can to make ends meet by working several jobs at once, with the stress and exhaustion building, to where she even attempts to strangle Chise to death, tempted by the thought that it'd get easier without her.
  • The Story of Matthew and Mina. Following a wandering wizard's (Cartaphilus) advice, he sacrificed cats to create a medicine to cure her. But she ended up dying instead and it broke him entirely. Then their pet cat, the King, ends up having to kill him and curse his very soul. Mina ends up wanting Chise to erase their souls to put an end to their misery before she convinces the Aerial to guide them towards it.
    Former King of Cats: You are not human anymore. You're a demon. You got fooled by and turned into a demon. I can neither let you live,nor let you go in peace. As the king elected by these cats, and for the sake of those who have died...
  • Ulysses (Ruth)’s story: he was originally a dog with an owner who looked a lot like Chise. When she died in an accident, Ulysses did a Hachiko and stayed by the grave waiting for her to “wake up.” She never did.
    • Cartaphilus used Isabel, Ulysses’ deceased Master, to create a chimera.
  • Joel fell in love with a leannán sí, who also loves him but can't bring herself to say so since by her nature she kills the men she loves. And since he can't see her under normal circumstances, they can never be together.
    • Worse, by chapter 21 we learn that she's still sapping the life out of him just by being attached to him. He's only got about a week left and dies the next chapter, leaving her heartbroken to the extent that she decides never to take another lover, condemning herself to death by starvation
  • For anyone who’s a recovered addict (or know someone who is), it can be very hard to watch Alice struggle through debilitating withdrawal symptoms. The fact that she was in her early teens at the time and that her parents got her addicted makes it all the more worse.
    • Alice is a lot like Chise; abandoned by family members and being so scared and mistreated that she couldn’t even trust Renfred for ages.
  • Chapter 37 is filled with them. Not only has Chise forgotten her own birthday was today, but she won't make it to next Spring as things stand.
  • The note Elias receives in Chapter 38 regarding lifting the curse on Chise.
    The only thing that can take the place of a life is another life.
    • Which leads to a Wham Episode when Elias is willing to sacrifice Stella to save Chise. What the Hell, Hero? doesn't begin to describe Chise's reaction when she finds out, on top of attempting to do it with her having no consent in the matter and hiding it from her right after they tried to settle that they'd solve her problem together. It only gets worse when Elias' response amounts to stating that he never made that promise in a case of Exact Words, and that he chose Stella especially out of a case of Murder the Hypotenuse; as in, he was jealous of the friendship the two had.
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  • Caraphilus backstory reveals that he and Joseph were two different people. One was the man cursed by God to not die, which can be seen as a blessing and curse, while the other was a young necromancer. The young necromancer was taking care of him since he was a good person, but the man who couldn't die was suffering so much that the only thing he could do was offer to fuse with him to become one.
  • Simon's backstory in Chapter 51. He learned to make sweets with his grandmother only for it to turn out that anyone who ate them would be jinxed to die a very short time later. His grandmother was the first victim, killed by a drunk driver, and a few days later his mother fell down steps while eating his cookies in prison. His cousin was next, drowning in the ocean, and his aunt and uncle were murdered by a burglar two years later. The last was his fiancee, who convinced him it wasn't his fault, only for her to die a week later and drove him to nearly committing suicide until Alonza stopped him.
  • The Golden Yarn Light Novel is just full of these:
    • The Frozen Flowers short story reveals that Hazel's aunt has been forced to live alone because being a centaur born with two legs is seen as something of a disgrace and so she feels isolated until her nephew comes to visit, even going so far as to hide her failing health so he'll stay with her.
    • The Vampire's Lover short story shows how Redcurrant began draining Joel without realizing it, as he started feeling much older when she was around him and recovered when she left for a brief time. If you've read the manga or seen the anime, this ultimately sets up the tragedy that would befall them.
    • The Defender and Ash short story follows Alex (later Ashley), a self-taught mage who was abandoned by her family for practicing magic, had her body mutilated from experimenting, and guilt-ridden by a moment of jealousy that drove her to engineer her sister's death. She fully intends to die spending the rest of her life trying to make up for it.

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