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YMMV / The Ancient Magus' Bride

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  • Audience-Alienating Premise: Some people tend to be put off by the story's premise of Elias buying Chise at a slave auction and then telling her that he intends to make her his bride. The fact that Elias admits that he mostly took Chise in out of curiosity rather than genuine kindness doesn't help either, nor does the fact that Chise is surprisingly okay with this, simply because Elias was the first person to call her family, even if it was a lie at the time.
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  • Awesome Art: While the animation is a bit lowkey with plenty of still-, and near-still-frames, the artwork, the art-composition, the coloring and lighting of the anime is so gorgeous and detailed, it really more than makes up for it, and outright works for the shows advantage.
  • Awesome Music:
    • The first opening theme, with its lovely vocals and strings, is well-known to be simply gorgeous.
    • Lindel's song is just fantastic. He really earned his other name "Echos".
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Chise. Fans either love her for her wit and growth in the story and pity her for her backstory, or feel disgruntled with her because everyone and their mother tells her how special she is and she doesn't do much in the way of action.
    • Elias. Many fans enjoy him for his design and personality, finding his Fae side adds a unique perspective. However, his devotion to Chise splits between those who find it sweet and those who find it creepy and possessive. The fact he was willing to sacrifice Stella to save Chise out of necessity and jealousy only further divided fans between those that find it understandable he'd make that choice and those who view him as little different than Joseph at that point.
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  • Bilingual Bonus: The name of Lindel's familiar is Merituuli, which is Finnish for Sea Breeze.
  • Broken Base: The ending of the anime split the fandom pretty hard between those who loved it and found it to be a natural conclusion, those who hated it because Chise ends up reuniting with Elias and agreeing to become his bride so shortly after his stunt with Stella, and those who found it mediocre for different reasons, such as feeling that the final showdown could have been much more impressive.
  • "Common Knowledge": Most people describe the story as a "Beauty and the Beast type" with a young girl being sold into slavery, and her developing Stockholm Syndrome for her buyer while becoming adjusted to her new circumstances. Except that's not what happened at all; Chise sold herself into slavery because she was convinced that her presence was a detriment to those around her, and she even got half the money for it.
    • For those wondering, Elias bought her at 5 million pounds sterling, meaning she got 2.5 million, which translates to just under 3.5 million dollars. The fact that despite being bought as a slave, she is never really treated as one is just icing on the cake.
  • Genius Bonus: Those familiar with English and fairy folklore will get a huge kick out of this series for its accuracy.
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  • Harsher in Hindsight: At Ulthar, the cat town, Elias avoids Molly's owner, mentioning that he doesn't like children because they can sometimes see past his disguise to what he really is. His backstory reveals that when he was first living with Lindel, a child saw him in Lindel's shadow when they came to a village to offer aid. The scared child told her parents, which led to the people of the village chasing the two of them out of town after mistaking Elias for a demon, and nearly ended with Elias slaughtering the villagers in self defense.
  • He Really Can Act: Even before DEVILMAN crybaby came out, Ayumu Murase shows just how much range he has in his role as Joseph, especially when his voice turns from boyish and light to ominous and low to frantic and emotional in the blink of eye. It shines all the more in the scenes where Joseph loses his cool or exhibits other intense emotions.
  • Ugly Cute: Elias when he was young is kinda adorable.
    • There are even some who find Elias himself attractive. There's a reason he's called "Bone Daddy".
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Little Girls?: You will never hear the end of even some fans mistaking this work for a shoujo fantasy manga. To be fair, the plot isn't exactly unheard of in that demographic, but even so it is marketed in a shounen magazine.


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