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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • What exactly does GHQ mean? Or is it just another unknown acronym like VFD?
    • "GHQ" is a generic acronym for "General Headquarters". Usually in a military context.
  • In the 1st episode, how the hell can the GHQ forces not check the places in the warehouse and Funell for the Void Genome when they arrested Inori? Such a simple step. They should have known to at least check Funell (which is right beside Shu on the 2nd floor) since it escaped with her.
  • How can Inori just go to school? GHQ has seen her face, she is a well-known singer at this point, the only way she wouldn't end up captured is to hide very deeply undergound. Letting her go to high school and live in the apartment of a GHQ scientist is a death sentence to her.
    • And yet GHQ has clearly seen her and let her leave in episode 3. Why?
    • It's also entirely possible that she's an underground/indie celebrity - well-known in circles that'd like her, but pretty much unknown to the general public.
    • Major in episode 4 implies that GHQ already knows she is a member of Funeral Parlor. Yet they don't bother with doing anything about it.
    • Later episodes reveal that Inori is a pretty important part in their plans so they were just biding their time until the moment was right. Post episode 12, Segai is more interested in observing what Shu and Inori are capable of and mentions that GHQ is in no position to make overt moves due to political reasons.
  • In episode 6 Gai made a deal with GHQ to delete all their data on Shu. Yet there still are people who know about him among their ranks. Why they didn't arrested him and Inori again? Why did they even go along with the deal? They could have lied, they could have done anything to catch those two, and yet they still allow them, a pair of terrorists, to walk freely for no reason. They are the worst evil regime ever.
    • Okay, it looks like Segai wanted to spy on Shu. It raises question why his superiors allowed it, but that's a minor one.
      • Eh, that is easy. Segai probably spy on him without alerting his superiors.
  • One thing that's always been bothering was episode 7. Here, we have GHQ, an international military organization with what is assumed to be a massive budget. They have remote control mecha, large numbers of conventional military forces, and freaking laser beams! Their main duty is to enforce the Japanese quarantine. Yet, they do not have a SINGLE long range surface or anti-shipping missile system. Neither do they have any sort of naval or air assets that can intercept a cruise ship off the coast, despite the fact that they are stationed in a COASTAL CITY. Yet, they have HUNDREDS of surface to air missiles that they're forced to MacGyver into anti-ship missiles. Who the hell is running their logistics!?
    • Anime writers that want to take advantage of their ability to use Artistic License. That's who.
    • GHQ is still UN's branch, so they would have limitations.
      • Actually this make sense in real life. Thanks to the improvement in aviation technology, ships have become rather obsolete. With the exception of aircraft carriers, which can easily be taken out with bombers. Most of the big machines in military can be taken out by airplanes. Besides they are a UN based organization design to quarantine infection, NOT to take on other countries.
  • How in the hell could GHQ manage to construct and launch over 100 leucocytes?? They weren't that powerful, as shown by the UN's eventual discovery of all of their cover-ups and policy violations. Yeah, it does seem similar to the issue with the "no surface-to-air missiles and no naval forces," but that's something that takes a bit more attention than normal to realize. Managing to hide the construction of so many weapons capable of such destruction alone is unfathomable, let alone actually being able to launch them.
    • Void technology renders the traditional launching and manufacture obsolete. For all we know, they weren't invisible but were actually created or teleported into orbit. Or they made a bunch of duplicates of the first one via a Void.
    • Or maybe Gai was bluffing or exaggerating about the true number of satellites. This isn't the first time he's outright lied to someone.
    • Episode 21 confirms that the 256 satellites was a bluff. The only Leukocyte GHQ ever had was the one that wasn't destroyed previously.
  • That GHQ Assisstant, Rowan, sacrifices himself to save Daryl and says "deep down he's a good person". Has this guy...even met Daryl?! His first appearance is him killing innocent women and children, then he kills his father for not coming to his birthday (I'm sure there were other reasons since his father was kind of a dick, but shooting him from a mech is kind of overkill), then he just continues to go nuts and kill random people without any remorse or compassion. He shows concern for Tsugumi because...I guess she talked to him for two seconds and gave him a candy apple, but after that, it's right back to the crazy. Not to mention we never see him after that last scene. Just where the hell was his character supposed to go?! And I'm not just talking about whether he lived or died. I mean what was he supposed to turn into? A soldier who turns tail when seeing the ravages of war? A patriot who holds strong to his ideals because he believes in the cause?
    • A girl spends about five minutes with Daryl and gives him a candy apple, and later on he saves her life at the cost of his respectability and position at GHQ. Yes, he's a psychopathic maniac, but if that's all it takes for him to show some good then I'm sure that Rowan was able to see that part of him after spending so much time with him. Who knows, an appropriate amount of jail time, a really good therapist and some decent friends could work wonders on him.
      • Daryl saving Tsugumi's life was a coincidence, not having anything to do with him actually caring. He was going crazy because he saw Gai and wondered why they were following him after trying so long to kill him. And he also blames Gai for his father's death...even though he killed him himself with his Endlave, so clearly his crazy knows no bounds. And for all we know, there could have been guards waiting right outside of the elevator after Daryl reached wherever he was going, so he's likely dead. But we don't know because this show somehow thinks the fates of Souta, Yahiro and Kanon are more important than finding out about what the hell happened to Daryl, GHQ (or how the Japanese govt changed for that matter), or even Daath, the organization that led this whole plot in motion and are, by association, responsible for every single death and major change in this series. *sigh*
      • But it wasn't a coincidence. Daryl was wondering why his side had Gai on it, but he explicitly didn't go against his orders to protect Gai until Tsugumi was about to be shot. He could have just shot Gai from his position but he chose to waste time protecting her from the other Endlave instead. Rowan saw him protect her and that's probably where he decided Daryl had at least some good in him. Plus, Law of Conservation of Detail. Why show a scene of Daryl escaping if he doesn't get anywhere afterwards? That alone hints more to him avoiding capture than getting caught again.
      • This troper is just asking for a 5 second scene after the timeskip that confirms that Daryl is alive and actually acting good, so Rowan's sacrifice wasn't just a waste like it seemed.
    Ayase's Disability 
  • Why does Ayase have a perfect figure when she has clearly been in a wheelchair for a long time? Her legs and waist are perfect despite her inability to exercise them.
  • Why doesn't Ayase have some sort of exoskeleton to help her walk? It's obviously possible, considering their technology level, and would be much more practical than a wheelchair.
    • Since the Endlaves are piloted remotely, they may have just not gotten to the point where mech/exo technology has shrunk enough for it to be viable. Plus, Rule of Cute. Disabled Love Interest is/will be dependent on the main character, but doesn't want to admit it. Perfect combination for a Tsundere.
      • She gets some in Episode 13.
  • Ever since Episode 12 revealed that Hare's void can heal or fix pretty much anything, why doesn't she just use it on Ayase to fix her legs?
    • Maybe Ayase's legs weren't paralyzed in accident? Maybe she was born that way? I won't say that I'm savvy in the field of disabilities, but perhaps a birth defect or something along those lines made it so that her nerves were never connected to her legs to begin with. Hare's Void may fix broken things, but I doubt that it can create things hat were never even there to begin with.
      • She mentioned an accident in episode 13, in a context implying it was the accident that put her in a wheelchair. Then again, we haven't seen Hare's void fix anything living yet.
      • However, an off comment Hare says about using her Void to heal Shu in case he ever gets hurt implies that it can fix living beings. And she does heal Shu in Episode 15.
    • It's possible that her Void can only heal things that have been recently injured, since all examples of it being used have been on things that have been damaged/hurt in that episode or a few before it. An extended injury such as Ayase's disability would probably be harder to pull off.
  • Why does no one wonder why Ayase had a giant pair of boots that allowed her to kick a freaking Endlave's butt? Or why Shu had a BFS? They all just stare in awe, saying nothing. Wouldn't you want answers?
    • Just because an explanation wasn't shown doesn't mean it wasn't given! Episode 13 seems to be suggesting the school ends up becoming La Résistance anyways.
    • By Episode 15 everyone is using their Voids, so Shu probably explained to them at some point off-screen what the hell was going on.
  • Neuroscience and computer technology in the setting being as advanced as they are (I mean, endlaves are piloted remotely via brainwaves), how is it possible for there not to be a relatively simple way of fixing Ayase's skeleton? It couldn't be that it exists and she just never had the chance to get the treatment due to being stuck in the blockaded Japan because the finale takes place many years later and she's still disabled.
    School of Void User 
  • Where the hell did all the teachers and adults go? Don't tell me that all of the students weren't gathered at the high school by adults, and that they couldn't be bothered to leave at least one guy over the age of 18 to keep an eye on them, rather than leave everything in the hands of the Absurdly Powerful Student Council.
    • Seems like the campus has dorms and the students lived on them. Any authority figures seem to have either never reached the school or likely went out for help during the early days of the lockdown, and were killed.
  • Why would Souta's Void be Rank F anyway? Even ignoring the fact that it should've been taken into consideration that it's twice proved itself very useful to Shuu, surely a camera with the ability to open anything would have more power than, say, Kanon's Void, which seems to be nothing more than a glorified telescope.
    • Souta's is useless in the scenario they're in; firepower is a lot more important than unlocking things. Plus the Void Ranking system isn't just based on usefulness to Shu, but also usefulness in general. Souta can only use his to open cans.
      • Couldn't they use it to, say, get out of the lockdown? That would make it very, very, useful.
  • I'm just a little bit curious as to why the students are treating the Void Ranking system as a be-all-end-all statement of their worth. Stop me if I'm wrong but I haven't gotten the impression that your void says EVERYTHING about you. Sure, Student F's void may not be the hottest thing ever but maybe they have some engineering or management skills that can come in handy on the side. Or if you want some actual character examples: Arisa's void, useful as it is, tells you nothing about her family connections, which might be even more valuable if they can reestablish contact with the outside or if/when they escape the quarantine zone. And can anyone tell from her void that Ayase is probably one of the few if not only qualified Endlave pilots present? Not only that but take into account the bit mentioned above with Souta's void. Does their void ranking show the effectiveness in their hands or Shu's? A void may reveal something about a person that's not readily apparent but they shouldn't forget about what IS apparent.
    • Because pretty much everybody in the school are stupid, easily manipulated teenagers. Everything that's happened so far was orchestrated by Segai, who knows exactly how to push their buttons so they do stupid things. He lets the school get attacked, and leaks false information in order to ramp up their fear and paranoia. Then he plants the Void power reader because he knows that scared teenagers with weak leadership will automatically cling to any sort of hierarchy to stay alive. There's nothing logical about the Void ranking system.
      • Read again too that most of them are stupid teenagers; even what technical skills they do have are unlikely to have much use. But the Void Ranking System does seemingly take intelligence into account. Souta is not very intelligent, and has a bad Void, so he's a rank F, but Kanon has a mediocre void and is intelligent, so she seems to be a bit higher up, though that might equally be Yahiro's interest in her.
    • If Souta and some other people are F ranks....I'm afraid to ask what rank is the Fridge Guy.
      • We see all of the F ranks. He's not there, so either he's been killed or his Void is ranked higher for whatever reason.
      • Hey, with the schools' dwindling supplies, a fridge might not have been a bad idea. The person with a vase for a void, on the other hand...
    • Another point about the void ranking system is, that the void-o-meter probably can only measure strength, but not usefulness. Still, for example, a rank F gun should (in their situation) be more useful than a rank A fridge. So, what's the sense behind only measuring the void's strength, but not checking what it actually is?
      • True, just checking the power without seeing what the Void actually is would have been senseless. However, had you actually paid attention you would know that they checked both the power level and the kind of Void it is. There is a mention of such scan being performed on everyone in the school after they found the measuring device (episode 14 or so), so they didn't create the ranking based merely on numerical values.
  • While I understand why the student would revolt, due to both corruption in the upper echelons and fear in the lower, don't they understand that at least Shu and Yahiro have a plan, which none of them seem to remotely be suggesting. Is it just Wrong Genre Savvy on a massive scale?
    • Well, which was why they waited until after the plan succeeded before revolting. At that point, they felt that Shu's Jerkass behavior was more of a threat to them than the GHQ. Plus remember that these are teenagers we're talking about, who aren't known for intelligent decision making.
    • The stupidity of Shu's friends does piss me off, but thinking about it, I think their unstable and quick-to-betray behavior was intentional: we're talking about teenagers whove lived ordinary lives placed in a life-or-death survival-of-the-fittest situation here. It's only logical that their behavior would be unstable and their decisions brash and even stupid. Despite what some people say, Guilty Crown is not your typical shounen anime and it takes the realistic route whenever possible, even when said route is paved with decomstructions.
  • So this really pissed me off when I was watching the show. So because Shu was acting like a dictator in order to get everyone out, everyone basically betrays him once they get the chance. Even after Gai returns and starts massacring the students, proving that while Shu was a Jerk, he wasn't that bad all of Shu's old friends, specially Souta, still don't forgive him. HOWEVER, Yahiro, who was basically the Shadow King, withholding information from Shu in order to get him to act, is accepted by everyone else. It was HIS idea to rank the students that he manipulated Shu to follow. Yahiro also made no attempts to hide the fact that he was with Shu 100% and yet he isn't shunned like Shu. I don't understand it and it pisses me off.
    • In such mob-like situations, the visible leaders are just easy targets - how much would a random student not previously affilated with the protagonists even know how much influence he had on Shu's decision making? Having been sent to the F-rank tents as punishment should have made him look even more like a fellow victim.
    Void Genome 
  • In what kind of world would any scientist worth their salt get the idea to create something that allows you to rip the personality out of another person and use it as a weapon? The whole concept just seems like it was made up by a Cloudcookoolander...
  • In episode 14, how did Shu draw the delinquents' void without even making eye contact?
    • He did say that his power had evolved after extracting Gai's Void.
    • Very small but the contact is there. As Shu backs up to the mook, said mook is watching Shu, and just before Shu pulls out the Mook's void, Shu glances back at said mook.
    • Better question: How did he knew that the guy's void was what he needed at the moment? What if he would draw out another fridge?
      • He'd act accordingly. Just like with Argo's void. While he can't see people's Voids before drawing them out, he can instantly understand Void's capability immediately upon drawing it.
  • In episode 13, Shu teaches Yahiro to return his void by letting go of it. In episode 16, a girl dies when her dropped void crushed by a falling beam. Given what was shown in that scene in episode 13, how the hell did the void even end up on the floor?
    • Yahiro intentionally dropped his Void. Pigtailed girl didn't.
  • So Haruka sided with Keido to remove the power of kings from Shu so he can live longer. Really?! I mean, there were so much things that could have gotten wrong with her plan. What if Shu was killed by the Ghost Unit she herself supervised? And who is to say Gai would just stop at cutting Shu's arm off? He certainly looked ready to kill Shu, if only Inori didn't took him while Gai is distracted. Am I missing some important details about Haruka's intentions?
    • I for one am in complete agreement with you, and the preview for episode nineteen implies that Shu is going to call her out on this.
    • Episode 19 reveals that Haruka was trying to infiltrate GHQ to kill Mana and thwart Keido's plan from the inside.
      • Still leaves the fact that Shu would have been dead if things didn't work out the way they did. Something she most certainly doesn't want.
      • She could have been promised that Shu would have been spared in return for her cooperation. Though being the villains, they obviously didn't keep their word.
  • What was that Void Shu used to beat Yuu? It looked like a triangle thing that shoots energy, but I have no idea where he would get something like that. It certainly wasn't anyone's void.
    • It could be a combination of voids he has in storage.
      • It was definitely a void combo. This was not the first time Shu has combined voids. It's an ability universal among all Void Genome users.
    • It might be like the miscellaneous powers Yuu has, like floating and telekinesis and whatnot. Shu can already double jump and make a weird force field shield thing to repel people, that cannon might just be another power related to his "power of kings" thing rather than any single void.
  • Why is Inori's Void a sword? They address the question a couple (meaning two) times in the series, but never follow it up with anything, leading to finding a ton of conflicting theories. All of the major characters' Voids all relate back to something they associate with (Yahiro likes slasher flicks and wants to sever ties with his brother, so shears. Ayase fixates on her disability, so prosthetic legs. Arisa hides behind strong people, so a shield. Tsugumi hates being alone and loves fantasy, so magic wand. Gai is a soldier, soldiers use guns...etc). Some, like Kenji's, Daryl's and Kanon's don't really relate back to them either, but Inori is the MAIN HEROINE. She's the center of most of the events, including most of the events regarding Voids. However, we never see her associate anything with a sword, and it's all the more confusing when Mana has the same Void. Voids are based around personality, not genetics, so either they both associate swords with some key detail of their lives (we saw no swords around the Ouma household), or they both associate using a sword with a different meaning. It would help if Inori had gotten a backstory beyond "She was made for this purpose" but she didn't. So where does a BFS come into all that?
    • The closest thing to an answer is probably her "battle transformation" in episode 18. If she was able to do that all the time and simply choose not to to preserve her humanity, a sword seems rather appropriate.
  • How, exactly, did Gai predict that Daryl's Void would be conducive to his plan?
    • Episode 3 explains that Gai has the ability to see other peoples' Voids. That's how he knew what Daryl's Void would look like and how it could contribute to his plan.
  • So what is the reason Argo's void is a flashlight that creates darkness? I always thought it was a reference to his "blind" devotion to Gai but he keeps the void even after Gai is killed.
    • Supplemental material's label it "The pessimist's Torch". Make of that what you will.
  • I don't get how Shu figured out who Sugar was. Does liking slasher movies mean you're a junkie? Or into gardering?
    • Presumably, Shu is passably familiar with Sugar's habits and taste in movies. Shu has described him as basically someone he admired. So, with some intuition and guess work, Shu figured that Yahiro was a drug dealer, and that a drug dealer would have a soul like shears (seemingly innocent, but possibly deadly?). It probably wasn't much more than a lucky educated guess, all things considered.
    • Just before The Reveal, Yahiro said something about "well, if you'd joined Funeral Parlor..." which started Shu pulling the thread. If Yahiro was such a nice guy, and part of Shu's Contemporary Video club, why did he have such taste for older, bloody movies? And wouldn't shears be consistent with someone with such tastes? At which point he took a leap.
    • Shu also never outright accuses Yahiro of being Sugar. He asked a simple question and Yahiro's subsequent reaction pretty much confirmed his suspicions.
    • Yahiro mentioned something like "if you'd joined Funeral Parlor...", insinuating that Shu had had contact with the Funeral Parlor, which made Shu think Yahiro was at the battle site in episode 2. The following conversation was a way to draw it out, as well as a being a pun on shears being a slasher film murder weapon.
    • Basically You Just Told Me played dramatically. Shu never told Yahiro that he was a part of Funeral Parlor, but Yahiro slipped up and made it apparent he'd been there.
  • Shu has the ability to conclusively (at least to Funeral Parlor) prove who Sugar is, and thanks to Void Genome-induced Easy Amnesia, doesn't even have to worry about Sugar finding out who he is! So of course, after figuring out who Sugar is, Shu waits until he's conscious again and spills everything. Nothing about this decision makes any sense. Is Shu really so socially retarded that he would out himself as a wanted terrorist in some misguided hope that secret-trading would get him closer to his dangerous Stepford Smiler sort-of-friend?
    • I think the writers are starting to throw in a bit of Wide-Eyed Idealist to Shu, and show that, despite his talking about "quasi-friendships," that he really values friendship and wants to be close to his friends. And I'm not sure whether he spilled everything (the Void Genome and stuff) to him either.
      • Well, sure, he probably didn't tell him about the superpowers. He did tell him about being a wanted terrorist, though.
    • Shu probably is genuinely that socially-retarded. He stumbles through his social life and doesn't really bother to do any try any harder, despite the fact that he's pretty lonely, because he seems not to have the faintest clue about how to start. So, as sad as it may seem, Shu probably had the misguided notion that Sugar was the closest person to him ever, since he said more than ten words to Shu and they both had a passing interest in cinematography. He in turn came to the incorrect conclusion that figuring out who Sugar was and what kind of person he was brought them very close together. So he decided to invoke Secret-Keeper in order to kick start a super BFFship.
    • The problem with this is that Sugar already knew Shu was involved with Funeral Parlor somehow, and merely held on to the information to see how deep in he really was. It would have only been a matter of time before that information found its way to GHQ.
    Shu, Mana and Inori 
  • Why does Shu like Inori? They've had no romantic moments together outside of talking about Voids and Gai to establish any sort of relationship. And on top of that, she's a clone of his sister.
    • Note there's not been a romance scene between them since like episode 8, and that was before Shu started being broken. If you're familiar with Code Geass, their relationship increasingly mirrors Lelouch and C.C.'s; a completely platonic friendship because the main character needs someone to confide in. Gai did the same thing I might add.
      • Except that Lelouch never had an increasing fanboy attachment to C.C. while she sat and started blankly at him looking cute. Well, at least not until she lost her memory.
      • If I recall there was a lot more chemistry between Lelouch and C.C. (teasing banter, intimate conversations, and later on hugging/kissing), it never felt forced or platonic like the Shu x Inori couple.
      • 'not a romance scene', really? Have you not seen that multitude of embraces, not to mention the kiss, pretty obvious statements from both sides, not to mention the ''freakin Opening''? Both state very clearly what draws thm to the other in the last few episodes (Shu mainly likes Inori's caring and loyal personality, while Inori finds the way he kept struggling despite his human weaknesses appealing, and was grateful for him exposing her to normal life) The Japanese are generally a bit more chilled about that sort of thing, and it's one of the main points of the storyline that Inori is her own person separate from Mana. She was grown in some vat, she technically has no relatives at all.
      • Being grown in a vat doesn't mean she has no genetics. She was used as a vessel for Mana, therefore she has similar genes to her, and, by extension, Shu. As for why they like each other, Inori barely shows any emotions at all throughout the entirety of the series, let alone concern. Loyalty is certainly there, but that added with the aforementioned lack of emoting just make her look like a tool, and the constant Shu-arm-plunging into her chest to use her as a weapon didn't help. And if I can't even take Shu's "hero's journey" seriously (and from the looks of this entire page, neither did a lot of other people), I'm going to have an even harder time believing Inori did, especially when I can barely even take HER seriously. There have certainly been scenes of the two showing affection for each other, and yes they kissed, but there was no point before or after that moment that gave the impression that these two were even remotely attracted to one another in any way, let alone in the romantic sense.
    • It's most likely due to residual memories of Mana, who Inori closely resembles. Shu probably has trouble separating the feelings he had for Mana with the feelings he has for Inori.
      • Except that he makes a huge point about how they're different in the finale, and generally wants Mana to stay the fuck away from him, which certainly can't be said for Inori.
    • Confirmed incest in Episode 18.
  • OK. Something's confusing me. Is Mana really dead? Because it seems like she's still the Yandere Anthropomorphic Personification of the virus and attempting to obtain a physical body through Inori. Or are the sudden bouts of Yandere-ness and halucinations of Mana remnants of her personality that remained in Inori?
    • Apparently she's trying to take over Inori's body in order to begin Fourth Apocalypse
    • It's a little unclear what was going on but it seemed like Mana's physical body/soul was mostly destroyed in the Lost Christmas. Daath tried to use Inori to rehouse her soul which mostly worked. That's why Inori sometimes manifests her, Mana is fighting for control. She just needed to get a lot of her power back. That happened when she reabsorbed the bits of herself that somehow during the Lost Christmas got embedded into the Voids of the kids that Shu gathers in the school during the lockdown.
  • So Mana was just a crazy incestuous brat the entire time? And had natural pink hair when her parents both have black or brown hair?
    • Yes and yes.
      • And, as a follow up, this means Shu and Inori are biologically brother and sister?
      • Not sure on that part. Inori was simply meant to be a vessel for Mana. It's never been stated that Inori was actually cloned from Mana.
      • The plan was still to execute an Adam and Eve Plot with Mana as Eve, and to have Inori serve as the vessel for Mana. Since genes are involved, the most logical conclusion is that Inori IS a clone of Mana, or at the very least, as genetically close as possible a match for her. Otherwise. it wouldn't make sense to restart the human race without the intended gene pool.
    • Technically everything we see of Mana's personality (including every flashback scene except one) has been insanely corrupted by the virus to the point where it's essentially the virus simply using her body. Pretty much the only time you see a non-crazy incestuous Mana is at the very very end when Gai is holding her in the inner world.
  • Did Shu kill or wound Yuu? It looks like he just ran away without a scratch.
    • Definitely wounded, at least. Yuu's in visible pain, holding his arm, and the left side of his clothes and hair are all rumpled up. Presumably, he can use his swirly-ribbon powers to keep his clothes in one piece, and maybe teleport out of the way, but either way, he took a a hefty hit.
  • So, what is Daath anyway? Could never figure that out. A lot of people seem unsure. Something alien or supernatural? Yuu's nature is never sufficiently explained. Hell, the entire apocalypse isn't sufficiently explained.
    • Basically, from what can be gathered from the show, Daath wanted to instigate the Apocalypse as part of an Assimilation Plot, since Voids are basically crystallized memories.
      • Okay, that kind of makes sense. But who or what is Daath? Far as I can tell they never explain that. Yuu is said to be an envoy of Daath. And he's apparently immortal (or ages very gracefully). And how does that tie into the meteors? I guess this could be sequel bait, but they barely mentioned it. We never find out what the driving force behind the entire story really is. That bugs me.
      • He's an Anthropomorphic Personification: the embodiment of Natural Selection and humanity's will to evolve. Apparently an assimilation plot that would reduce everyone in existence to nothing but crystallized memories counted as evolution somehow.


  • Why didn't Shu get his eyes replaced with artificial ones? Assuming Segai could actually see out of his.
    • Sugai eye is probably not a real cyborg eye. its probably just a fake one, since it would probably look better than an eye-patch.
  • How the hell can Shu run around and extract fridges from people on the school campus in bare daylight with no one seeing him?
    • It goes without saying that they waited and made sure that they were alone. It's also stated the person on the receiving end forgets the few minutes before their Void is extracted.
    • Considering how disastrous his attempted Void extraction of Hare's was, Shu would probably make sure he was definitely alone with his next targets.
  • At the end when Shu enters the room with a cane, why is he holding it in his robotic arm? He wouldn't be able to feel it.
    • Looking at technology today, we have the same type of technology available for amputees that were in the last Epi. Sure, it may not be a full arm, but at least we can cause the human body to accept a new arm, whether mechanical or not.