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On top of several songs being composed by Supercell for the opening/ending themes and Inori's cover as an Idol Singer, the production staff brought in Hiroyuki Sawano for the actual soundtrack, and boy does he ever impress!

  • The very first track introduces us to "βίος" or "Bios", cementing Mika Kobayashi's singing prowess and the composer's signature combination of Autobots, Rock Out!, Orchestral Bombing, Theme Music Powerup and Gratuitous Foreign Language.
    • A lighter rendition, "βίος-δ" "Bios-Delta", is also featured later in the soundtrack.
    • Here's a remix which also mashes up other songs in the soundtrack, fittingly named as Epic Edition.
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    • The song was remade in 2020 as "Bios-LaZaRuS", this time sung by Sawano's new vocalists, Gemie & Tielle, and all in English.
    • And then in 2021 Shu's voice actor, Yuki Kaji, covered the song in epic fashion.
  • friends, which is used when Shu passes his entry test into Funeral Parlor, with a little help from Argo's Void.
  • "Ready to Go", featuring David Whitaker, makes for a powerful song as Gai introduces himself to Shuu while kicking the crap out of hapless thugs.
  • "Ω", or "Omega", which can even give movie scores a run for their money.
  • "Βασιλευζ", or "Basileus", used to great effect when Gai (and Funeral Parlor as a whole) reveals himself to the GHQ:
    Gai: The world offers up the choice to live or die. Survival of the fittest, that's the governing only law this world recognizes. As a result, we'll always offer funeral songs for those elected out, hence the moniker. It signifies that we'll always be the ones singing, and will always be the ones to survive!
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  • "Krone", especially the track's second half intro which sounds like it could have come right out of The Dark Knight.
  • "Hill of Sorrow" by mpi, also another prime example of Hiroyuki Sawano's style. Nothing beats this song blaring while Shu and the remaining Funeral Parlor forces make one final stand against Gai and GHQ's combined forces in the final episode, all while the Apocalypse Virus is about to spread worldwide.
  • "Genesi§" or "Genesis".
  • "Home ~ this corner ~", in Surprisingly Good English by a singer known as Leina, which was a pseudonym for Reina Tanase who has since retired from music after moving to France.
  • "Close your eyes", featuring Michiyo Honda (fans of Final Fantasy XIII-2 may realize she also sung in that game for the background music during the event with the fal'Cie casting an eternal eclipse).
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  • "Release my Soul" by Aimee Blackschleger, the incredibly bittersweet song that plays while Inori sacrifices herself to save Shu in the series finale.
  • The first opening "My Dearest" by Supercell is an absolute banger that hypes up the audience.

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