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Recap / Guilty Crown

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Warning! On these recap pages, all spoilers will be left unmarked! Read at your own peril!

Welcome to the recap page for the anime series, Guilty Crown. This is meant to detail the episodes and the tropes within.

The only rule we ask of tropers here is not to go into too much details such as who said what or the blow for blow of the fights. That said, please contribute.

  1. Outbreak:Genesis
  2. The Fittest:Survival of the Fittest
  3. Phanerosis:Void-sampling
  4. Solution:Flux
  5. Training:A preparation
  6. Cage:Leukocytes
  7. Round Dance:Temptation
  8. Summer day:Courtship Behavior
  9. Predation:Prey
  10. Degeneracy:Retraction
  11. Resonance:Resonance
  12. Resurrection:The Lost Christmas
  13. Academy:Isolation
  14. Disturbance:Election
  15. Confession:Sacrifice
  16. Kingdom:The Tyrant
  17. Revolution:Exodus
  18. Wandering:Dear...
  19. Atonement:Rebirth
  20. Recollection:A Diary
  21. Eclosion:Emergence
  22. Prayer:Convergence

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