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Narm / Guilty Crown

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In Guilty Crown, much like Code Geass R2 at its worst, there's an ever growing pile of Narm that would take hours to fully compile. Leave it to Ichiro Okouchi to take any perfectly good story concept and Narm it up (for the record, he also wrote Code Geass and Valvrave the Liberator, both of which are famous for being incredibly Narm-y).

  • For a start, how taking out someone's Void is presented as almost orgasm-inducing and all the resulting rape metaphors, Gai's predictable but completely unnecessary death and return, the entire deal with Shu's incestuous sister Mana and her apparent reincarnation into Inori, Daryl's tragicomic daddy issues, Arisa's willingness to sell her body, how the death of Hare came to pass, the threat of genocidal walls, the Nazi parallels... this literally could go on and on.
    • Episode 01:
      • Right off in the middle of an awesome Action Prologue, the missiles have inaccurate aiming and their movement are very random.
      • The GHQ proceed to storm Shu's hiding place in search for Inori. Then, Shu politely asks them who has just taken her, to treat her with respect. Seeing as GHQ is an Obviously Evil organization and he's dealing with a superior force while unprepared, it just shows how idiotic our hero can be.
      • Shu takes Funell to himself, and he arrives at the destination Funell appointed on its screen. Then came those random, bad guys who asks for the robot. Then there's that black guy who asks Shu if he "makes rice". Then these group of bad guys force him to hand over Funell and he makes an over-dramatic scene about protecting something that isn't even HIS to begin with.
  • Episode 3: Shu is trying to learn to use his power, and assess what kinds of Voids other students have. Some of those are perfectly useful as weapons, while others are less useful and others again are outright ridiculous. One student literally has a fridge as their Void!
    • Episode 17:
    Shu: "My arm! MY KING'S POWER...!" (English dub: My arm! MY KING'S POWER YOU TOOK IT AWAY!)
    • Episode 19:
      Segai: "Another person's heart is inside me!"
    • In Episode 21, when Shu and the Undertakers are moving out to attack GHQ, everybody is going in large armored trucks, a cool bike, and an Endlave. What does Shu drive? A glorified Segway.
    • Mana spreading the Apocalypse Virus by ballet dancing over a map of the world in episode 22.
  • At one point Tsugumi ties up Ayase to prevent her from going anywhere. With any other character, that would have made perfect sense, but since Ayase is stuck in a wheelchair, the ropes around her wrists and torso just make it look like fanservice for people who have a fetish for disabled people and bondage... Really, Tsugumi, there are easier and far better ways to stop a wheelchair-bound person...

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