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Despite the mixed reactions from viewers, Guilty Crown has a lot of references.

Code Geass

With both Ichiro Okouchi and Hiroyuki Yoshino on board, no wonder why this series is somewhat a Spiritual Successor to Code Geass.
  • The title itself with the first letters are Code Geass as backwards.
  • Generally, the characters and terminology have the same setting of liberating Japan alongside the roles/expies: Shu is Lelouch/Suzaku, Inori is CC, Gai is Lelouch/Suzaku/Charles/Schneizel, Ayase is Kallen (especially going under disguises in schools), Hare is Shirley, Arisa is Milly, Souta is Rivalz, Kanon - Nina, Segai - Lloyd (except Segai is eviler), Funeral Parlor are like the Black Knights, GHQ is like Britannica, Endlaves - Knightmare Frames, Steiner - Guren/Lancelot, the Kuhouin Group are like the Kyoto House/Four Holy Swords, Tennouzu High School is like Ashford Academy, Mana - Nunnally/Marianna, and Da'ath is similar to the Geass Order.
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  • Both the Void Genome and Geass share the same nickname as the 'Power of the Kings'.
  • Inori transfer to Shu's school and living in his house is similar to CC staying at Ashford Academy. Inori likes onigiri while CC likes pizza.
  • Shu's arrest reminds viewers of Suzaku's in the first season. Not to mention in Episode 4 when Funeral Parlor rescues Shu (and Kenji) is reminiscent of Zero saving Suzaku (in Episode 4 of R1). Plus, Gai's attempt to have Shu join him while he refuses is like Zero's attempt.
  • Shu returning to school at Episode 7 references Suzaku attending Ashford Academy in Episode 6 of R1.
  • Gai's speech (""Remember this, Shu Ouma: there are only two paths you can choose. You can sit quietly and be selected out of this world, or you can adapt and change!") in Episode 2 is similar to Lelouch's in Episode 10 of R1 ("You may either live with me or you may perish with me.").
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  • Gai's goal of wanting to be with Mana is like Lelouch's dream for his little sister to have a better world.
  • Inori being kidnapped by Yuu is similar to VV kidnapping Nunnally in R1.
  • Daryl spying on Tennouzu High in Episode 10 somewhat references Villeta watches over Ashford Academy. Also, Tsugumi and Daryl's time is like Ohgi and Villeta, except the former didn't become an Official Couple at the end.
  • Izu Oshima Island (Shu's childhood place) has some references of Kamine Island.
  • Shu and Gai as childhood friends alongside Mana pays tribute to Lelouch and Suzaku's past friendship with Nunnally.
  • Both series have some sort of culture festivals at schools, but Guilty Crown shows it once (Episode 13).
  • Both have Chinese Federations mentioned.
  • At one point when Funeral Parlor are separated and captured is similar to the Black Knight's situation.
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  • When Ayase falls for Shu later on, it is like Kallen's feelings over Lelouch.
  • Hare's death is obviously like Shirley's.
  • The Tennouzu student body turning against Shu references the Black Knights turning against Lelouch. Also Inori saving Shu is akin to Rolo's.
  • The United Nations fleet's attempt to nuke Japan (Episodes 17-18, only their wipe out by a Leukocyte satellite) is similar to the FLEIJA situation.
  • Mana's possession of Inori is similar to Marianna controlling Anya.
  • Shu utilizing his own void is similar to Lelouch unleashing his Geass in both eyes.
  • Episode 20 focuses on backstory references Episode 21 of R2 of the revelation of Lelouch's family history.
  • Everyone going against Gai references the world views Lelouch as a tyrant.
  • Gai and Mana's goal of the Fourth Apocalypse references Charles and Marianna's endgame of Ragnarok.
  • The last scene of Episode 21 with Mana's revival references Nunnally opening her eyes.
  • Gai's true goals in the final episode is somewhat similar to the Zero Requieum. The fact that Shu kills Gai again references Suzaku (as Zero) kills Lelouch.
  • At the end of both series, Inori's spirit is shown as the last scene compares to CC being alive.


  • The anime does attempt to be like Neon Genesis Evangelion with Shu being the next Shinji, Inori is Rei, Ayase is Asuka, Gai is somewhat like Gendo & Misato, Mana is similar to Yui Ikari, the Apocalypses are similar to the Impacts, and Da'ath are like SEELE.
  • There are some Gundam references:
    • Funell is basically a Haro with wheels and another paint-job.
    • Gai's physical appearance looks like Rey za Burrel.
    • Another Gundam-reference is actually present, as unusual as it might be for Gundam. See how the Apocalypse Virus turns people into crystals and kills them? Then remember how the ELS killed people. Exactly: By turning them into crystals. And in both cases the subject seems to feel tremendous pain from the conversion.
  • Endlaves look like the robots from IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix since both animes are done by the same company.
  • Gai shows up as Shu's lawyer in Episode 4, his cover name: Mason.
  • Argo's appearance looks like Ryuuji Suguro.
  • Episode 7 features a Super Mario Bros. reference in a television screen.
  • After Gai is revived, his appearance is similar to Sephiroth and Griffith.
  • Inori's pink hair is similar to Yuno from Future Diary, alongside Mana up to her insanity. Shu sharing the role of a shy protagonist counts. Not to mention both animes release in Fall 2011.
  • Aside from the obvious one, the scene where Shu pulls a weapon out of Inori's chest calls back several different shows.
  • The setting also has references of Eureka Seven.
  • Inori's supernatural singing is akin to Macross Frontier.
  • In Episode 8, Shibungi reads a book called the Spirits of the Dead.
  • Episodes 13 through 18 have references of Infinite Ryvius and Lord of the Flies, especially when Shu becomes a tyrant.
  • Shu firing a sphere blast at Yuu in Episode 21 looks something from Dragon Ball Z.
    • Also, Kanon's void looks like a scouter.
  • Tsugumi doing her missile kick feels similar to Kamen Rider.
  • A few references of Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
    • Da'ath being some sort of a hive mind alongside Yuu being its envoy is similar to the physiology of the Incubators.
    • In Episode 21, Gai firing thousands of viral arrows feels similar to Madoka's in the final episode of Puella. At the same episode, Yuu uses dual cutlass voids that look like Sayaka's.
  • In the Lost Christmas game/OVA, Scrooge's appearance looks like Alex Mercer. Likewise, Inori's position is like the virus embodiment of Alex, whereas Mana feels similar to the real Alex Mercer.
  • Ouma Shu's full name somehow references 'OmaShu' in one of the Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes. It shows the love between Shu and Inori.
  • When Shu pulls out Inori's void (and later Gai to Mana in the final episode), it reminds when Gaius pulls out Muzet's sword in Tales of Xillia. This tumblr page is familiar.

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