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  • Sabrina, from the furry webcomic Sabrina Online, subverts this by revealing that Sabrina is actually a Barefoot Cartoon Animal, and her ostensibly naked lower body is in fact covered with stretch-pants that match her skunk fur pattern. Her roommate, Amy, borrows some when she puts on weight during pregnancy.
    • Prior to the creation of the comic, Amy (who at the time was the creator's main character) was depicted wearing only a skirt. Yes, she had breasts, but they were somewhat vaguely defined and noticeably fuzzy, suggesting the traditional "they don't need clothes because the fur covers it" explanation.
    • This also occurred later on with Sabrina's boyfriend, who was a bit shocked to find that Sabrina was buying underwear.
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    • This gets turned Up to Eleven in a short animation featuring Amy jogging to her job... while forgetting something.
  • Ozy from Ozy and Millie generally wears a vest and a top hat, but no pants. Ms. Sokowitz and Avery and eventually Llewellyn have outfits that lack pants as well. Millie and Felicia do not wear shirts, and Millie has plenty of scenes entirely unclothed.
    • This is something of an odd example—it regularly draws comment, suggesting that Ozy and Avery is expected to wear pants, yet nobody ever treats it as if his exceptional nudity is a problem. Other characters his age also go around without a full complement of clothing with no comment. As is usually the case with this trope, calling attention to the fact is mostly based on the Rule of Funny.
  • Max and Cecil from Loserz usually go naked, but for a water fight, they wear trunks. This is lampshaded in this strip:
    Cecil: "Omigosh! He's right! I feel so dirty!"
  • There were advertisements for Ctrl+Alt+Del shirts with Zeke, resident robot, exclaiming that "Wearing a shirt only draws attention to my complete lack of pants!"
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  • The Fartmutant from Powerjeff, while not an animal, follows this trope. The shirt seems arbitrary seeing as how he spent the first few issues completely naked (but still PG) [1]
  • Some of the anthropomorphic animal characters in Exterminatus Now are fully dressed up in trousers or skirts, shirts, ties, shoes, boots, coats or trenchcoats, while others wear only a trenchcoat, or only a hat, or a sash plus boots and nothing else. At one point, one of the (pants-wearing) characters even comments on his (pantless) colleague's lack of trousers, who tells him to get lost. Of course, most of the characters have fur, or if they're turtles or mantis-people they lack outward sexual characteristics anyway. Clothing seem to be pretty much optional and just a fashion statement. No-one seems to be completely undressed, however.
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  • Bob and other characters in Horndog.
  • In Fite!, most of the characters are fully clothed (except for a few understandable Walking Shirtless Scenes), but the Mutali Chief wears only a vest. None of the other Mutali wear any clothes or even walk upright, placing them lower on the Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism than everyone else.
  • Ever noticed this isn't applied to everyone in the same story? Hence "DrunkTales" parody by Caldwell Tanner.
  • Horatio Porque from Frog Raccoon Strawberry never wears pants, and when Strawberry puts on any kind of clothing, it is usually over her frog costume.
  • Like real lizards, the Lizard Folk in The Order of the Stick have everything sheathed internally and thus don't require clothes.
    "I don't need your standard-issue loincloth, I've been walking around without pants this entire time! It's called a genital sheath, look it up. Hey, while you're at it, look up 'hemipenes', because you can suck BOTH of my--"
  • Female dragons from Dragon City have all their naughty bits under their tails, so they normally run around naked, but when Erin joined the Dragoness Scouts, she and the other dragonesses had to wear green vests...and only green vests. Erin makes a comment that wearing the vest makes her feel naked.
    • Male dragons only wear shorts most of the time.
  • Kimbo from 1930 Nightmare Theatre is a textbook example, usually wearing only a shirt and nothing else. However, it's both lampshaded and subverted in this strip. (NSFW) Also, him and the other funny animals in the comic can apparently sport Sudden Genitalia when needed, and it's lampshaded more than once.
  • Very few characters in The Packrat are fully clothed, even most of the females and cameo celebrities aren't.
  • Maryweather from Dandy and Company wears a shirt, despite the strip's other furry characters being Accessory Wearing Cartoon Animals.
  • Lampshaded in this My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic interview comic; in one panel Trixie is apparently admiring Cloud Swarmer's... uh... he is a stallion (The comic is worksafe, though).
  • Lampshaded in Commander Kitty, when Fully Dressed Cartoon Animal Nin Wah realizes yet another thing she doesn't like about CK's crew.
  • Housepets!: The outfits Peanut suggests for Miles when he moves in to the neighborhood all feature a conspicuous lack of pants.
    • One of the artists other comics A&H Club has the characters wear tops but nothing else. The reason is covered in the F.A.Q
    Q: Why do none of the characters wear pants?
    A: Because it’s my story and I need to make it fun for me.
  • In Girl Genius Krosp the talking cat that prefers to walk on his hid legs picks up a snazzy red jacket with fringed epaulettes while at the circus.
  • Fuzzy, the living teddy-bear-looking-thing, from Sam & Fuzzy only ever wears a bowtie and nothing else. Near the climax of the story Fuzzy learns Eric (his past personality) used to avert this by wearing clothing all the time and spends several strips annoyed that nobody ever told him.
  • In Yokoka's Quest, Yin covers her torso with a cape/poncho/shirt, and Raya covers her torso with a poncho, both leaving their legs uncovered. Yang covers his legs with pants, leaving his torso uncovered. Yin and Yang fittingly have a full outfit (sans shoes) between them.
  • Phobinus, the God of Beauty in Chitra, is said to be so beautiful that mortals could die if they see his true appearance — so he appears to protagonist Chitra Serekino as a cute white rabbit wearing a snazzy suit jacket, vest, ruffled shirt, cravat, and... no pants.


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