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  • Everyone getting LSD... er, LDS wrong, from the narrator to even Masumi, who is one of the students.
  • The names used for the cards such as Giant Dragon Thingynote  and Gagaga Magician's uncles note .
  • Odd-Eyes' and its evolutions' "Rawr" and its variations.
  • Any scene with Shun Kurosaki in it. Any one will do.
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  • Literally any scene with Circus Hitler. Heil Circus!
  • Any scene with JACK ATLAS. Switching from Australian to LittleKuriboh's version.

Episode 1: Year of the Tomato

  • This exchange:
    Noboru: WHAT YEAR IS IT!?
    Yuya: Year of the tomato, of course!
    Yuzu: Wait! You didn't answer my question. note 
  • Yuya's entire flashback of his father.
  • Yuya's "I'm...I'm...I'M FAIRLY PASSIBLE!!!!" line.


Episode 2: The Fruit Salad of Friendship

  • This little exchange:
    Greg: It's PENDULUM you nincompoop! Honestly, you're just as bad as the narrator.
    '''The Narrator note : Today is a very good day to swing a hammer into someone's scrotum! Thank you for volunteering!
    Worker: So when's lunch?
    (thumping noise, followed by a girlish scream)
    '''The Narrator note : Stop crying you big baby! It's just a hammer!
    Worker: Note to self: buy Greg some nuts.
  • The Strong Ishijima jingle:
    Strong as a bison and purple on top! You won't beat me unless your name is Yuya.
    Strong as a bison and purple on top. You won't beat me unless you cheat in the game...
    ...which you totally did. What the heck is a Pendulum Summon anyway?!
    It's not anywhere in the official rules. You should totally be disqualified.
  • Noboru's haiku
    A children's card game
    Ever-changing as time flows
    Please ban Pot of Greed.


Episode 3: How To Win Card Games without Trying?

Episode 4: Candy Can, Can't You?

  • Sora's stalking montage, that ends when he catches Yuya in the bathroom.
  • Shingo's dance break.
    • And what Yuya says when it's over.
    Yuya: Shut up and touch the monkey!

Episode 5: Duel Me Thrice, Shame on You

  • After the anti-climatic scene that was Yuya and Reiji's first meeting, this is what Reiji has to say.
    Reiji: Come on. This is the very first time the hero and his rival has crossed paths...after the rival has been stalking him for days...ok, weeks.
  • Hokuto asks to Masumi what is her sign.
    Masumi: My sign is "stop".

Episode 6: Night at the Duel School

  • In the beginning of the episode, Noboru said that Yuya has a severe case of 'The Feels.' The cure for it? Lots of hugs and kisses!
  • Domino's jingle while in the waiting line.
    "You're waiting for pizza, and wasting your life! Yeah, wasting your life! [...] Keep waiting and holding and waiting forever!"
  • "Reiji being accused of being Kaiba's son" scene:
    • The funny sound effects that sound while he inspects his face.
    • He asking his mom if she and Kaiba ever f*cked. She answered yes, much to his surprise.
      • Made even funnier by how she goes on to explain that he was her high school sweetheart who later abandoned her to build Duel Academy. She tried to steal but Masumi was defeated by Jaden. Needless to say, Reiji is disturbed.
  • Shuzo points out that Yuya looks like Lady Gaga to which Yuya starts singing the lyrics of "Applause" and Arbok dancing to his singing just sells it.

Episode 7: Holy Fajittas!

  • Shun's introduction to the series. It's both a Establishing Character Moment and a Mood Whiplash.
    Shun: I finally found Leo Duel School. Now, the time has come for me to enact my most vague and secret of schemes...Hahaha-AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
  • "Mr. Security MAN~!"
    • When Reiji gets fed off of the theme song, he cuts it off and the singers apologize.
  • Yuto's flashback. Apparently, Yugo destroyed Heartland because he refuses to change the name "5D's to "6D's". Leo was a late Signer.
  • Pegasus' cameo.
  • The Stinger shows Yuzu's attempt to do a chant for a Fusion summon.
    "Fusion summon! Great beast of the sky, please hear my cry, obey thy- oh sh[bleep], I forgot the rest of the chant...but FUSION!"

Episode 8: I Survived a Jagyptian Quiz Show

  • Shun's whole scenes. From his showing up to challenge Masumi to when Yuto takes him out.
    • "Did someone said "dueling"!? WEEE! Oh pick me pick me! I wanna duel! Me me me! MEEEEEEE!!!"
    • "I cannot stand by and let a little Japangyptian girl disbelieve me! THAT'S INSANE!"
    • "I have a lovely bunch of coconuts, doo-doo-doo! They're all a-here, standing in a road! AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
  • Sora, in a demonic voice saying that he his just as sweet as the icing on a cake only to do an Evil Laugh after.

Episode 9: Spoiler Alert

  • Mieru threatening the card for telling her she'll lose.
  • Sora's note in the Polymerization card he left to Yuya.
    "Dear Yuya, please enjoy this gift from the Dark Side! (We'll be using it very soon to conquer your dimension!) Remember you're always welcome to swing by for cookies! Love Sora."
    • Yuya's response makes it even funnier.
  • After the duel with Mieru:
    Mieru: DARLING! (glomp) Never before have I met such a stunning and graceful man! Let us forge a new shipping pair from the tides of destiny! And by that, I mean I want your penis.
    Yuzu: (slowly raising the fan) I see a bitch. I'm going to slap a bitch. This bitch is going to get slapped!
  • "Xyz Summon!" "Synchro Summon!" "Fusion Summon!" "Ass whoopin'."
  • Shun and Reiji's first meeting.

Episode 10: Every Day I'm Shufflin' Decks

  • Shun is going to take Reiji hostage and when Reiji was about to protest, Shun quickly said "You have the right to remain silent..." Reiji's response:
    Reiji : Heartland.
    Shun : Aah!
  • Yuya's speech for the Maiami Championship.
  • Gogenzaka's nose can play mariachi music... you heard that right!
  • After Yuzu and Masumi's duel, Masumi gave her a card.
    Masumi: *hands Crystal Rose Card* Here. Card. You take. Now, bye.
    Yuzu: Yey! Free card!

Episode 11: Grudge Match

  • Yuya describes his off-screen duel against 4!Kids with three words: Rainbows, hippos, Egao.
  • Noboru's sash was vandalized by 4Kids' censorship team with his English name: Gong Strong.
    Noboru: forgot TO WASH IT!!
  • Noboru's outburst when Gen summons another dancing monster.
  • Shingo's introduction his rematch with Yuya.
    Shingo: Slowly, but surely, the lone samurai enters the battlefield. His lust for vengeance only outmatched by the size of his hat —Seriously, what the hell with this thing? I can't see!— He arrives at this destination, face to face with his sworn enemy. The gaze deeply into each other's eyes —Which I could do if I could see past this f*cking hat!— The samurai just smiles as he recalls their previous encounter. In a moment of nostalgia, he reaches to the heavens with his fingers boastfully extended and proclaims: "This is how long my dart is if you still want it".
    Yuya : Good to see you too, Shingo.
  • Futoshi singing while literally shaking his butt at the end, much to Sora's dismay.

Episode 12: Leggo My Egao

  • Sora informing Yuto that his inner monologue is not so private. Yuto's answer?
    Yuto: F*ck.
  • Heartland attack on Shun again.
  • Kaiba's cameo and his quarrel with his son, Reiji.
    Daddy loves you too.
  • Yugo's arrival in Standard marks the episode's Mood Whiplash.
    • Yuto and Yugo's arguing over who kidnapped who's girlfriend.
    • Yugo's version of Yuto's flashback. Because flashbacks can lie!
    • Yuya, Yuto and Yugo talking in unison.
    "Don't make me use my Giant Dragon Thingy on you! Jinx! Pinch, poke, you owe me a coke! Pinch back, you owe me a six-pack!! Oh, just stop already! Both of you! [Beat] Okay."
  • Yuzu trying to wake up Yuya.

Episode 13: Fruitality

  • "Man, the one time you wish 4Kids was here to censor the violence."
  • Yuma reassuring that being possessed by another soul isn't all that bad. Cue Astral possessing Yuma.
  • Serena in general.
    Serena: Finally, I made it! Now all I have to do is sneak in unnoticed and...
    Reiji: Aloha.
  • Serena refers to herself as "A strong independent black woman who don't NEED no man!"
  • "You don't scare me! I am here to defend the honor of the oppressive and tyrannical Fusion Dimension! I shall smite you with all of my-" *pwned*

Episode 14: Diz Nee Afterthought

  • The fact that the duelists in the finals act like Disney Characters.
    • In fact, the characters are actually Disney characters trying to pull a Hostile Show Takeover!
    • What is even funnier is that in the original Japanese version, one of them is actually voiced by a Disney character, albeit their Japanese dub counterpart.
  • Dennis showing up to save Yuya, and for the rest of the duel just being as useless as possible.
    • Dennis offers to show Yuya his "Pizzazz".
    Yuya: I rather prefer you keeping it in your pants.
    Dennis: Not that pizzazz.
  • Shun's confrontation with Yuya as he asks about Yuto's whereabouts.
    Shun: I have a question for you. A question that will penetrate your psyche so profoundly you cannot possibly reply with the TRUTH. What did you do to my...(face all distorted) BOYFRIEND?!
  • Yuya's bullshit detector.
  • While the Obelisk Solders facing Berserk! Yuya, one was trying to act like he wasn't scared no matter what.
    Obelisk Soldier 1: Still not scared! Nope!
    Obelisk Soldier 2: Give it a rest, Eugene. we're screwed man!
  • Serena's excuse for switching clothes with Yuzu? She just absent-mindedly mumbles. It actually works!
  • Shingo Breaking the Fourth Wall by the end of the episode.

Episode 15: The Obelisk Farce

  • The one time Yuya wants Yuto to possess him, Yuto decides to take a nap.
  • "Jing-A-Ling-A-Ding-Dong!"
  • The Running Gag of people not letting Shun have his turn, and Shun getting increasingly annoyed after it. He even has to take several seconds to confirm with Noboru that no one else is going to interrupt.
    • And when Noboru confirms nobody else will butt in, he squees with a "happy face" icon over his face.
  • This exchange:
    Obelisk Force #3:"You must be insane to challenge us!"
    Shun: "How right you are!"
  • "Silence, bitch! The real fan favorite is moving his move!"
  • Noboru's response towards Shingo's explanation on why he was able to join in the Battle Royal.
    Noboru:' "Would you like some ice for your swollen ego?"
  • Reiji assuring everyone that they'll be getting a perfectly good explanation to why the tournament ended with no single winner...
    Yuya: Oh, that's nice.
    • the next episode.
    Yuya: Aww.
  • Yoko fangirling over Michio in high speed in The Stinger.

Episode 16: Dimension Tension

  • Reiji's original name for the Lancers was "League of Dueling Seriously". It's a good thing that Himika decided to change it to "Lance Defense Soldiers" though she admits that she did it because she likes horses.
  • The return of series' Running Gag "Ah Tewld Yew" and "DDD? DDD."
  • Heartland related jokes are on fire in this episode:
    • Serena names Heartland and Shun of course reacts accordingly. She admits she did because she had to try it once.
    • Shun complains that Heartland Action Field is always destroyed when someone use it. Which it's kind of Hypocritical.
    • Serena asks Shun what happened with Heartland.
    Shun: They destroyed everything.
    Serena: Gasp! That's so not peaceful!
    Shun: Oh, no [bleep], Sherlock!
  • When Yuya presented Shuzo Yuzu's clothes, he asked if Yuzu has been walking around the town naked for the third time.
  • Reiji and Dennis' exchange before they leave.
    Reiji: You're not fooling anyone, Dennis. We know you're an Academia Spy.
    Dennis: What's an Academia Spy?
  • Yuto's cameo consist of three simple words: "Bro. Bro. Egao".
    • This is Shun's response to Yuto's cameo.
    Shun: Yes, hunny-bunny snuggleface!
    Yuya: What did you just call me?
    Shun: Hey! Turn back into Yuto right now!

Episode 17: Meanwhile in 5D's Land

  • Yuri gets away from Yugo in the flashback with "Deus ex Machina no Jutsu".
  • This beautiful exchange:
    Yugo: Rin, where are you?! Man, this place looks like shit.
    Yuto: Yeah, thanks to you. Now, tell me what you did to Ruri!
    Yugo: Are you the one who took Rin away?
    Yuto: Who?
    Yugo: I don't believe you, la la la la la la la la!
  • Yuzu coerces Yugo to be her new manslave through Crocodile Tears.
  • A Tops woman tries to get Yugo and Yuzu arrested.
    Tops Woman: Sir, that boy just attacked me! ...and he gave me a black eye! And, and...that girl that's with him? She was batting her eyes at my husband!
    Tops Man: I...don't see your husband anywhere, ma'am.
  • Yugo reminds Yuzu (complete with slow, Punctuated! For! Emphasis! tone) to find a secure place to sit on a motorcycle. She doesn't follow through on that.
  • Roger's voice and broken speech, among other things, make him hilarious to listen to.
  • EVILLLLL SECURITY MAN~! ...because he can.
  • A person on a loudspeaker informs the public that a duel is starting, and goes out of his way to call out a truck that's on the duel lane until it moves away.
  • Clear Wing Synchro Dragon's "Rawr" is high-pitched compared to its other counterparts.
  • Yuya, Shingo, Serena, and Reira apparently had a very cramped ride to the Synchro Dimension.
    Shingo: Normally, I'm not opposed to hot guys pressing up against me. But when it throws out my shoulder, we have a problem.
    Yuya: No, if I had felt any "darts" touching me, then we'd have a problem.

Episode 18: Straight Outta Joog

  • Shingo's pick-up lines.
  • Kaikiri using the known "Surprise, Motherfucker!" meme.
  • Everyone from the Synchro Dimension saying that the title of 5Ds sounds like a bad porn magazine.

Episode 19: The Cure for Prison

  • Yugo and Yuzu's scene.
    • Yuzu lampshades the time they spend without any lines.
    • Yugo telling Yuzu to take a shower and change clothes...because she smells. Yuzu bitch-slap him and orders him to apologize, and the funniest thing is that he does.

Episode 20: Hit the Road Jack

  • Jack switching between Australian and LittleKuriboh.
    • This exchange about it as well:
    Jack: So, how does it feel to be run over by the king?
    Yuya: Would feel better if you sounded funnier.
    Jack: Uggh, this again? Everytime I blaze under the screen people expect me to shout; YUUUUUUUUUUUSEEEEEEEEI! at the top of my lungs! It's very undignified!
    Yuya: There ya go, that abridged Jack is in there somewhere.
    Jack: Just hurry up and make you move, SO I CAN KICK YOUR BOOTY PATOOTY! A-ahem, pardon me.
  • Yuzu saying she needs to binge watch Yu Gi Oh5ds next morning.

Episode 21:Generous Degenerates

  • Jack bursts in all majestic until...
    Jack: *Bursts into the room and majestic music plays for a few seconds* .... HEY EVERYBODY!

Episode 22:Dennis The Menace

  • Shun tries to card Dennis, but it turns out that Reiji disabled that function on his duel disk, Shun’s response?

Episode 24:Face Turn. Maybe.

  • Shun and Crow communicating entirely in bird noises.
  • Crow scoring an own goal. "Wait, did I just get a point for smiles? DAMMIT!"
  • Roget's We Can Rule Together offer to Yuya.
    Roget: I don't know how to say this, but bear with me: you're the protagonist of this show, right? That should make you pretty much incapable of experiencing defeat, am I right?
    Yuya: Well, yeah, but that's honestly one of the worst aspects of this show. It makes my duels boring and predictable.
    Roget: Well, I know just the way to spice up your duels. Crazy thought, bear with me - battle on my side!
    Yuya: Seriously?
    Roget: Of course! With your innate ability to cheat at card games and my endless supply of stupidity, we're gonna make a great team!
    • Yuya's response to Roget counts as well.
    Yuya: You do realize I'm gonna say "no"?
    Roget: I strongly suggest you reconsider.
    Yuya: I strongly suggest you shut your facehole.
    Roget: Don't make me lock you up.
    Yuya: You ain't locking me up.
    Roget: Lock him up.
    • After getting locked up, Yuya starts singing "I Gotta Feeling" before breaking down crying.

Bonus Materials

  • The descriptions in the videos are hilarious such as:
    Here, we have our new hero, Yuya Sakaki...and he's a gay clown? The pharaoh's worst fear has come to pass. Also, bow down to Elvis Fishley. (Episode 1)
  • The entire Character Q&A especially when Shun interrupts someone.
  • Some of Zoids' responses in the Cast Q&A are hilarious.
    Question:TO ZOIDS: What fruit is Yuto? As he is a dimensional counterpart of Yuya.
    Zoids: Blueberries. People keeps saying he's an eggplant. EGGPLANTS ARE PURPLE!!!
    • And later:
    Question: TO ALL: What did you want to be when you were kids?
    Zoids: What did I want to be when I was a kid? Oh, that's easy. A MERCENARY!
  • Introductions for every Episode Commentary.
  • This exchange in the commentary for Episode 6:
    Cipher: How could Kaiba have not resisted that beautiful sultry voice?
    Azzy (in Himika's voice): We bonded over our mutual love of money.
    Cipher (with Mana and Azzy laughing in the background): No. No, Mommy, no! I don't want to hear about this.
  • At the end of Yuma's singing "Happy Birthday" to Yuyanote , he begs Yuya not to go Berserk on that day.
  • There is a portion in the Year 2 Cast Q&A where the cast does impressions of characters they don't voice. Mana's portion really takes the cake.
  • For the holidays, Mana decided to sing Christmas songs in the voices of all the characters she voiced. Some of them are Masumi singing "Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer" and Odd-Eyes with "Silent Night".

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