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  • At the end of the prologue when the Resistance has seized Skynet's time machine, Kyle is informed that he'll have to be naked to use it. The woman who tells him this looks like she's looking forward to the show.
  • John tells Kyle that Sarah is a waitress and Kyle asks "what's that?". John breaks out laughing as he reminds himself that Judgment Day wiped out all the diners.
  • Upon Reese's arrival, he's accosted by the T-1000. As he flees into a nearby clothing shop to steal clothes, he plows right into a real cop, knocking them both down.
    O'Brien: [draws gun on Reese] LAPD! Freeze!
    Garber: [groans as he gets to his feet] All right, that freakin' hurt.
    O'Brien: Garber, you okay?
    Garber: You tell me, O'Brien.
    Kyle Reese: You're human. [stands up] Hey, you got to let me go.
    O'Brien: [hands shaking] Face down! Hands on your back, or I will shoot!
    Kyle Reese: Listen to me...[Garber hits him from behind with his billy club] Hey! It's coming, all right? You need to listen to me, or we're all going to die.
    [cut to the two cops leading Reese out in handcuffs]
    O'Brien: I had it under control. [chuckles]
    Garber: Yeah, okay, T.J. Hooker. [The T-100 emerges from a mirror] Here's what you don't do your first day on the beat: use lethal force on the delusional homeless guy. [beat] By the way, you're filling out the paperwork on this-[The T-1000 impales Garber through the back]
    O'Brien: Garber! [As Garber falls, the T-1000 swings its stabbing arm at Reese, who dodges, and O'Brien empties his revolver at it. The T-1000 has a face of "deja vu", recalling Reese shooting it just a few minutes ago to similar effect]
    O'Brien: Shit!
    • Reese and O'Brien dive for cover as the T-1000 grabs Garber's gun.
    O'Brien: That's got to be an alien, like from outer space!
    Kyle Reese: It's a machine that kills humans. Uncuff me!
    Kyle Reese: What part of "kills humans" is confusing to you? [The T-1000 begins shooting] Handcuffs! [O'Brien unlocks Reese's handcuffs and gets on the radio]
    O'Brien: O'Brien! Officer down! We need backup. It's a...robot! [the T-1000 drops its gun in favor of turning its arms into long blades] We're screwed, aren't we?
    Kyle Reese: Pretty much.
  • It is at that point that Reese is rescued by Sarah, who turns his "Come with me if you want to live" from the original movie back on him. As they're driving away from the store, Reese is very much confused as he expected Sarah to be a damsel, not a very competent shooter and driver.
    Sarah Connor: Reese, right? Kyle Reese?
    Kyle Reese: [stammering] You're-You're Sarah.
    Sarah Connor: Yeah, I know that. You hit your head back there?

  • Seeing Pops in the van, Reese thinks it's here to kill Sarah and tries to engage it. He gets out, rifle in hand, makes his way around to the back, where he finds the truck empty. A second later, Pops appears, and pistol-punches him with the barrel of his rifle, knocking him out.
    Sarah Connor: Oh, great. That's just great.
    Pops: I did not kill him. [hands Reese's rifle to Sarah] We do not have long before the T-1000 acquires our position. [grabs Reese by his coattails and lifts him into the back of the van] Arguing with Kyle Reese puts us at a strategic disadvantage.
    Sarah Connor: [glares at him; annoyed] Bite me.
    Pops: That is a very immature response.
  • Kyle opens up on the T-1000 with an assault rifle, and it isn't until he's most of the way through the magazine that the T-1000 even deigns to notice. It looks over at Kyle with a "bitch, please" expression as if to ask what he's doing, then casually drops a glob of its alloy into the corpse of the enemy T-800 to give Kyle something else to fight.
    • While fighting the reactivated T-800, Kyle grabs a piece of rebar and smacks it across the face, then looks at the very badly bent piece of metal with a look on his face that screams "I don't know what I was expecting."
  • The awkward grin that Pops gives three times throughout the film. Kyle notes at the end that it's disturbing.
    • The first time is probably the best: Kyle is awaken by Sarah listening to "I Wanna Be Sedated" by the Ramones on her cassette.
    Kyle Reese: I need answers, all right? Right now. How'd that liquid metal thing know where to intercept me? Huh? Where'd it come from? [looks at Pops] And who the hell's the skin job? Wha-what the hell is going on?
    Sarah Connor: Sorry, we were a little busy with the whole "life and death" combat thing, and then you attacked Pops!
    Kyle Reese: [looks at Sarah in disbelief] You named it?
    Pops: Hello, Kyle Reese. [turns around to face Kyle] It is nice to meet you. [gives its creepy smile]
    Kyle Reese: Are you kidding me?
    Sarah Connor: I've been trying to teach him to blend in. [Pops loses the smile] I know, it needs work.
    Kyle Reese: It's a Terminator! The only reason it blends in is to kill humans.
    Sarah Connor: Pops doesn't kill anyone! A lot of leg wounds, though.
    Kyle Reese: It looks old. I've never seen a terminator old before.
    Sarah Connor: Well the flesh they put on the cyborgs is normal human tissue. It ages.
  • Pops asking this question: "Did you mate?" to Sarah Connor.
  • Why was Pops late to meet up with Kyle and Sarah when they time traveled to 2017? "Stuck in traffic." Undoubtedly the result of that traffic accident.
    • And before that he told a human driver: "Bite me" when the former told him to move his vehicle out of the way, which is a callback to earlier in the film. And it worked - the annoyed driver gave up and got back in his car.
  • The way the Terminator behaves like an overbearing father-in-law towards Kyle.
    • It gets even better when, upon seeing Kyle naked, the Terminator tells him (with a glance down for the briefest moment) that he's not cut out for the task.
    Pops: Kyle Reese. I've seen (glances down) little (looks up again) to indicate that you're a fit guardian for Sarah Connor.
    Kyle: You know you're not her dad, right?
  • Kyle's frequent complaints on the Terminator's Spock Speak. ("Does he have a button to turn it off?")
  • Detective O'Brien's annoyance at finding that Pops destroyed the security monitors. He just sounds so casually annoyed about the whole situation, it really drives the point home that, as absurd as it is, he's had thirty years to accept the impossible.
    Detective O'Brien: Goddamn time traveling robots! Covering up their goddamn tracks! I hate them!
  • Kyle's reaction when he finds out that he's John Connor's father.
  • The T-3000 and T-800 being pulled towards an overloading MRI. It's the expressions on their faces that make it.
  • Pops saying: "Sarah Connor, seat belt."
  • Pops, after being flung out of the bus by the T-3000 John Connor, smashes head first into a police car windshield, looks at the clearly stunned police officer and said the following gem.
    Pops: Nice to see you. Get Out!
  • Kyle, Sarah, and the T-800 getting arrested in 2017. The scene immediately cuts to them getting their mugshots taken, all while "Bad Boys" by Inner Circle plays in the background. The way the camera is positioned, because Sarah is so short compared to the other two, we only see the top of her head in the frame, while the T-800 gives his creepy smile again for his photo.
    • Kyle's and Sarah's interrogations:
    Sarah Connor: You can't hold us here.
    First Interrogator: You had enough weapons to invade the Sudan. We call that "probable cause".
    [Cut to Reese's interrogation]
    Second Interrogator: [picks up the electromagnetic gauntlet] What are these for? [the gauntlet immediately attracts a steel chair to the table]
    Second Interrogator: No one likes a smartass, son. Didn't your mother teach you that?
    Kyle Reese: Uh, my mom was Irish, so she encouraged my smartassedness.
    [We see that a 12-year-old Kyle is watching the interrogation with his parents, and his mom is speaking with an Irish accent.]
    • Naturally, time travel does cause problems with identification. Sarah is basically a ghost with nothing in any databases to identify her. Reese, meanwhile, has already been born, so his fingerprints can only be matched by the police to his younger self.
    • There's also 'Pops' 'interrogation': he just sits there, motionless, and says absolutely nothing whatsoever. No wonder one of the cops calls him Lurch.
      Police Officer: You don't talk much, do you?
  • This particular exchange:
    Detective O'Brien: I gotta understand; I know what's going on here has got to be really, really complicated-
    Sarah Connor: We are here to stop the end of the world.
    Detective O'Brien: ...I can work with that.
  • A Mythology Gag of sorts when Pops reveals he kept up to date on this era's weapons on
    O'Brien: That's a new breacher. Big blast, no shrapnel. Blows a door clean off. (Beat as he looks at Pops) Y'know, for people who can't do it by themselves.
  • "John Connor talks too much."
    • The way Pops says the above line was quite funny. Keep in mind the T-800 just impaled the T-3000 John Connor with a piece of steel into a computer screen wall.
  • Pops was able to infiltrate the Genisys Facility by working as a construction worker. However, being a Terminator didn't make him immune to recession jokes.
    Pops Until I was laid off.
  • Skynet aka Genisys is also quite a Deadpan Snarker too in this timeline, especially in the final battle scene near the end of the movie.
    Skynet/Genisys System: What was it you said? I don't think so?
  • During the scene in which Kyle and Sarah kiss for the first time in the Genisys timeline, we see the T-800 giving his creepy smile YET again.
    • When T-800 gives his creepy smile again Kyle tells him it's really disturbing.
  • Unlike other times where the time displacement machine deposits the traveler in a secluded area, Kyle and Sarah end up materializing in the middle of a crowded highway, resulting in a traffic jam with a few cars damaged by the energy field and Kyle and Sarah being arrested. Even more amusing, keep in mind they were naked at the time.
    • And the SFPD assessment of the situation once they're brought into custody:
    Inspector: Two naked perps try to blow themselves up on a freeway. All they do is make a really big pothole. Thank God for incompetent terrorists.
  • While Pops, Kyle, and Sarah are placing their bombs to destroy Cyberdyne, Skynet's holographic avatar appears to each one of them via emitters for Evil Gloating about how they will fail. Kyle and Sarah each give a nice Shut Up, Hannibal! response before shooting out the emitter in front of them. But it's Pops who has the best moment of the three; Skynet appears and only gets a few words out before Pops just shoots out the emitter, without bothering to even turn his head.
  • Kyle telling Sarah, "that's the man our son be - Jesus! Time travel makes my head hurt!" On top of the confusion of time travel being funny, John Connor is an analog of Jesus Christ, prophesied savior of humankind.
  • Matt Smith turning up in the background as Kyle is about to time travel. Trust the Doctor to be involved in a Timey-Wimey Ball!
  • The way Sarah confronts the T-3000 John Connor stepping on Pops in the end looks like a parent chiding their child for playing rough with their grandparents. "John? Stop. Now!"



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