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  • The good T-800/Pops coming in to fight the original T-800, complete with the Terminator theme accompanying him.
    T-800: Your clothes. Give them to me. Now.
    Pops: [approaching] You won't be needing any clothes. [Wham Shot as he removes his hood] I've been waiting for you.
    • Props to the T-800's reaction. No Oh, Crap!. Instead, it scans Pops, and realizes just what's going on and attacks.
    • The spot-on remaster of the original T-800's arrival in 1984. It would almost even give the illusion that you yourself are back in '84, watching the first film in theaters again.
  • The extended fight scene.
    • The solution for handling the T-1000? Lead him into a trap and melt him with acid.
    • Even more, just when it looks like Sarah's taken care of it, it lurches out of the toxic fumes and tries to hack her to pieces. Enter Pops, who nonchalantly grabs the T-1000 and holds it under the acid until it's completely melted.
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    • Kyle Reese vs. the revived Bad T-800. It's basically a 'rematch' of the climactic fight in the first movie, and this time, Kyle wins.
  • The Good T-800/Pops drops himself like a bunker buster missile to take down a pursuing helicopter.
    • And just before this, Kyle manages to pilot the helicopter after it falls off the side of a building!
  • When Kyle and Sarah reach Cyberdine they run into the T-3000 in the lobby and after unloading their weapons into it it mocks them for their wasted effort, stating "There are not enough bullets in the world to kill me!" Then, suddenly, the T-800 hurls a piece of helicopter blade through the door behind Sarah and Kyle and impales the T-3000, pinning it to a wall of monitors behind it. The T-800 then saunters in and delivers a rather smooth Bond One-Liner.
    T-800: John Connor talks too much...
  • Pops holding the T-3000 in the magnetic field of the time machine long enough for Kyle and Sarah to get out and for the magnetic field to destroy the evil Terminator.
    • What makes this even more awesome is that Pops managed to do what no other Terminator ever could: kill John Connor on-screen. Triply awesome as the T-800 is supposedly an inferior design; he just doesn't give up no matter the odds.note 
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    • Hell, Pops even gets in a Shut Up, Hannibal! moment: T-3000: "You never were strong enough to defeat me." Pops: "Not...alone." Cue Sarah and Kyle's double team, which weakens the T-3000 enough to let Pops get in the final blow.
  • For the first time in the series, the T-800 survives all the way through the film. Granted, he was momentarily deactivated at the climax, but came back to life very shortly afterwards.
    • Even better: he's now been upgraded to a T-X, which should be handy if and when Skynet tries again.
  • The T-1000 itself. Despite its relatively short screen time — it doesn't make it past the first act of the film — this version is no less awesome than it was in T2.
    • When it reacquires Sarah, Kyle, and the T-800 at the warehouse, it makes its entrance by jumping through a window then forms a spear out of its own arm by cutting it off, catching it in mid air, and then hurls it at The Terminator, which pins it to the wall.
  • Despite being the villain, the T-3000 earns some awesome moments, all of them thanks to essentially being a cloud of nanites. The winner, however, goes to a bit during its Final Battle with the T-800, where it literally flash steps through the T-800, taking off bits of his flesh and clothing in the process.
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  • Meta-wise: James Cameron thought it was up to par with the first one and T2. If you impress James Cameron, you know you've done something right!

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