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  • When Grace arrives in the present naked and disoriented, a young couple tries to help her up. Some cops try to arrest all three of them until Grace kicks their asses. The couple thanks her, but she compares their sizes and says not to thank her. Cut to Grace wearing the man's clothes and driving away in their truck. The man, in his underwear, testily tells his girlfriend next time, they won't help strangers.
    • There's some irony in seeing the heroic character being less considerate to civilians than the villain was when it comes to acquiring clothes.
  • When Grace fights the Rev-9 in a car factory, the former sledgehammers the latter's head multiple times onto the ground. To stop this barrage of hammer shots, the Rev-9 uses his liquid skin to glue the back of his head onto her sledgehammer. So, when she raises it again for another swing, she drags him back into action. Her Oh, Crap! expression sells this mistake.
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  • Sarah just pulled a Big Damn Heroes moment, saving Dani and Grace from the Rev-9 with her weapons and van. The two then proceed to get into her van and drive away, with Sarah only noticing after inspecting the bottom of a bridge for the Rev-9's liquid skin she attempted to kill.
  • To break Grace's fever, Sarah and Dani put her on a motel's bed and pour ice cubes on her. Dani asks why they didn't do this in the bathtub. Sarah asks, "Have you seen the bathtub?" implying the bathtub was filthy.
  • Sarah destroys Dani's phone to ensure that the Rev-9 can't track her, then reveals that she didn't even need to do that because she keeps her own phone wrapped in chip packets. Then Carl tells Sarah that he'd anticipated she would do such a thing and worked around it, meaning Sarah was right all along when she destroyed Dani's phone without realizing it.
    • When Grace questions why five chip packets, Sarah just responds that she really likes them.
    • And later, Carl notes that "If you're going to keep your phone in a bag of potato chips, keep it in a bag of potato chips".
  • Dani returns to the motel room and realizes Sarah has locked her out, Sarah responds snarkily:
    Sarah: Sometimes, Moms and Dads have to have grown-up discussions.
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  • Grace borrows Sarah's phone to try to find where the "For John" messages are coming from and creatively averts using Techno Babble to explain how she hacks it.
    Grace: Future shit.
  • Sarah is thrown at Grace matter of factly stating they can just drive from Mexico to Texas.
    Sarah: You want to cross the Mexican border with an undocumented Mexican national and a woman who had her own episode of America's Most Wanted?
  • Despite the extremely dark nature of his role as John Connor's killer-turned-The Atoner, Carl the T-800 provides a lot of levity in the latter half of the film:
    • The sight of him casually handing bottles of beer to the trio.
    • Sarah sarcastically asking Carl if his wife and child are Terminators as well.
    • While the rest of the scene is a Tear Jerker due to Sarah's understandable rage-filled guilt over meeting the Terminator that killed John Connor, his demeanor is still The Comically Serious as per tradition:
      (Sarah shoots him in the chest three times, as Carl barely reacts if at all)
      Carl: This will be very hard to explain to Alicia.
      Sarah: (exasperated) It's a Terminator!
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    • "I am reliable. A very good listener. And extremely funny."
    • When the group learns that Carl's wife and son don't know he's a Terminator, Sarah incredulously asks how Alicia doesn't notice he weighs 400 pounds. Carl says their relationship isn't physical.
    • Right after showing the group his arsenal of weapons:
      Carl: These weapons will be vital to protect my family. Also... this is Texas.
    • Before the team set off, he picks up the iconic sunglasses in the bathroom...and then puts them back down. You certainly expect he'll wear it for the nostalgia, right?
    • Carl's extended monologue/rant about the specifics of drapery. While this is happening, there's a brief shot of Dani looking slightly dazed after this, as if after all that's happened to her over the last few days, this is the thing she's having the most trouble comprehending.
      There’s much more to it than just picking the right colour. It’s the texture, the weight of the material. One wrong choice, it can destroy the look of the entire room. There was this one customer that came to me, he wanted to have a solid color drapes in a little girl's room. I said 'DON’T DO IT'. You need butterflies, polka dots, balloons."
    • Once Carl reunites with the ladies before the final showdown, heavily damaged from his brawl with the Rev-9:
      Carl: You look terrible.
      Grace: At least my face is still intact!
  • The Rev-9 even gets a couple, in spite of him being a terrifying Implacable Man:
    • This exchange, as he impersonates a Mexico border patrol officer and walks through a metal detector.
      Rev-9: Expect a big ping, brother. My whole body's a weapon.
      Metal detector officer: Save it for the ladies.
    • Right after losing the heroes and falling off an aircraft, he lands right on top of some poor bastard's shed. He gets up and walks it off like nothing, with a half-assed apology. And Dwight Yoakam's "Guitars, Cadillacs" plays during this scene.
    • His introduction has a minor one that doubles as Nightmare Fuel: once he's sent back in time, he comes across a witness. Rather than just slicing her head off immediately, he actually just walks up, says "Buenos dias", and casually uses his liquid metal skin to copy the clothing she's holding, all with a friendly smile on his face. All while said witness goes "what in the actual fuck is this thing". And the Rev-9 still lets her live. And since he only had a shirt to work with, this means he was walking around bare-assed for awhile.
    • After massacring the border guards who piled upon him, he tries to pass off as innocent to the police outside saying "I prayed more in five minutes than I have my whole life.".
  • Right before cutting a strap keeping a humvee from falling off a dam:
    Grace: Strap in.
    Sarah: Right, otherwise this might be dangerous.


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