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Literature / Time Reaper

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A young man is murdered in an attempt to stop him from becoming a Time Reaper (Known as Ankou, these beings are responsible for cleaning up lost souls that make their way into the living world). After being rescued from early cremation, Keldan is tossed head first into a crazy world of time travel, ghosts, and annoying crows that won't leave him alone.

Time Reaper is a Web Serial Novel written by James Dusenbery, it currently updates twice weekly on Mondays and Thursdays. You can read it Here.


This story provides examples of:

  • The Grim Reaper : Keldan is forced to work as an Ankou (essentially a grim reaper) until he has reaped 777 evil souls from earth.
  • Barred from the Afterlife : Keldan is told that he cannot move on to heaven or hell until he has met his soul quota. His only options are complete nonexistence, or working as an Ankou.
  • Feel No Pain : Asael stabs Keldan in the chest to show him that while he does still feel pain, it doesn't last for more than a few seconds, regardless of how bad his injury is.