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Awesome / Terminator: Dark Fate

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"Tomaste todo lo que tenía, cabron! Y ahora... I'm gonna kill you, fucker!"

  • The film confirms several times that Skynet really is Ret-Gone. While the Generation Xerox counterpart Legion was probably inevitable (because Humans Are Bastards), it is a major solace to know that the events of Judgement Day still definitely meant the end of the franchise's Big Bad. It was not all for nothing.
  • The fact that "Carl" managed to do what the first T-800 and the T-1000 couldn't: killing John Connor is pretty damn impressive. On top of that, it took the first two Terminators numerous high-speed chases and battles just to get to their targets, while Carl only had to waltz up from behind Sarah and shoot John twice.
  • Grace is a formidable fighter, even if her berserker mode dangerously strains her. If the Rev-9 wasn't Made of Indestructium, it would be done for at the end of their very first fight.
    • To prove to Dani's uncle that his niece really is being pursued by a killer robot, Grace uses a knife to vertically cut a fly in half, perfectly in Bullet Time.
  • Diego Ramos temporarily defeats the Rev-9 by dropping a huge engine on it, pinning it. Impressive for someone who appears to not have any combat experience. It's a shame that he dies later though.
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  • Sarah's reintroduction after the opening flashback. Dani and Grace are cornered by both components of the Rev-9, and then, all of a sudden, an SUV arrives into the scene and knocks the Rev-9's endoskeleton away. She then steps out of the car and repeatedly shoots the Rev-9's liquid component with an automatic shotgun, sending it hurtling off a bridge. A rocket launcher is what she uses next to propel the Rev-9's endoskeleton towards a car. And as Sarah drops a grenade from the bridge towards the Rev-9's liquid component, what does she say to Grace and Dani? "I'll be back". She then has an Unflinching Walk and a Dramatic Gun Cock as an explosion occurs.
  • Carl throws the Rev-9 onto the ground and then without wasting a breath, unloads an entire ammo clip right into Rev-9's face!
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  • Grace revealing how, as a child, she'd been confronted by a gang of thugs in the ruins of a city when a now grown Dani rescued her. Dani easily took down two of them while the third pulled a gun on her. After pointing out how a gunshot would just bring the Terminators down on them, she proceeds to give a speech on how they need to fight together, not do Legion's job and wipe each other out. In moments, she's converted these scavengers to join the army she's putting together and leads them outside where a dozen others are coming out of hiding. Took a Level in Badass indeed.
  • Just when it seems like a malnourished Grace will give up her power source to Dani in order to stop the Rev-9, Carl makes his entrance onto the scene by sliding down the hydro power dam's wall and giving Grace her last drug cocktail syringe.
  • The first Terminator film's final battle was small-scale, with Kyle and Sarah running and fighting the T-800 endoskeleton. Terminator 2: Judgment Day had John running from the T-1000, while Sarah and the T-800 fought them individually. How do you top those? Have Sarah Connor, "Carl", Grace and Dani all fight the Rev-9 at once!
    • This is also the first time Terminators actually communicate to each other:
      Rev-9: You and I were built for the same purpose. Legion is the only future.
      Carl: I came from a future like that. It failed.
    • The last exchange really prepares us for the ass-whooping that will be delivered.
      Rev-9: I know she's a stranger to you. Why not just let me have her?
      Sarah: Because we're not machines, you metal motherfucker!
    • "Carl" holds his own with nothing but a metal bar and a few well-timed tackles. Watch closely to see that whenever the Rev-9 is up against Carl, Rev is on the back foot. It keeps trying to slash and stab Carl with its blades, to zero effect. By the time it figures out it has to match the T-800 brute strength to brute strength, it can only make use of this once (sending Carl flying with a shoulder check, a moment of awesome for the Rev-9 itself!) before Carl and Grace double teaming it have it on the ropes. A Cyberdyne Systems 800-series Terminator is something the Rev-9 was simply never designed or programmed to deal with, and it's completely at a loss over how to efficiently neutralize this opponent.
    • Grace uses a single heavy chain to a very devastating level. She swings it so much that she can bisect the Rev-9's liquid metal skin multiple times. Just the sounds of the spinning chain and slow-motion implemented should be enough to convince you of her power.
    • Dani directs the Rev-9's attention to her, while Sarah shoots it with a shotgun.
    • "Carl" and Grace both try to force the Rev-9's liquid component into a spinning turbine, with Carl holding it and Grace wrapping her chain around his mouth and pulling as hard as she can. And they end up succeeding even if the damaged endoskeleton was all that remained.
    • When everybody else is incapacitated, Dani takes the Rev-9 on all by herself and holds her own (her odds are helped thanks to the Terminator having been reduced to its weaker endoskeleton and limping). She expends the last of Sarah's shotgun ammo on the machine, bludgeons it thrice, then knocks it down with a tackle. You can see the moment she becomes the future leader of the Resistance.
  • "Carl" ends his venture in the most badass way imaginable: after Dani impales the Rev-9 with Grace's power source, "Carl" takes advantage of the situation and grabs onto Rev-9, dragging him and himself into a pit, melting to death together. Now that is a hell of a way to go out, even for a Terminator - on top of this, he had made up for killing John Connor by turning to the right side, and dealing the first blow in what will become many against the new AI Legion. As the previous film said: if a machine can learn the value of human life, so can we.
  • It might not even hit you until a while after the movie ends, but until "Carl" shows up rather late into the film, this is a badass, hard-hitting action movie about three female heroes, all of whom prove themselves perfectly deserving of living up to the likes of Kyle Reese and the second film's T-800. And then it even flips the assumption that Dani's situation is simply a copy of Sarah's, revealing that she doesn't need to have a son to be the savior of the future, she is the savior all on her own. And all this is presented without any kind of big speech about feminism or anything, just as a natural thing that's going on.
  • An offscreen one but its pretty much stated that (as with Skynet) humanity already won in the future. In other words the machines rose, attacked and Dani kicked their arse a good fifteen years quicker than John ever managed.
  • Legion's method of wiping out humanity proves just how much more clever and insidious this AI is compared to Skynet. Instead of nuking humanity, it turns off the grid, forcing humanity into a new dark age, weakening humanity's ability to fight against it, and uses less advanced weaponry against humanity so that they can't reverse-engineer those weapons to use against its Rev units. This is reflected in how the Rev-9 acts: Sicking the police and army on its target rather than being solely set on pursuing its target to deliver the killing blow itself. Skynet and its Terminators wanted to kill humans, but Legion and its Rev units just want humans dead.