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This will be the first film featuring the heroic T-800 unskinned
At some point, the T-800 will lose his skin, making him the first truly heroic T-800 where he loses his entire artifical skin, with leaving the endoskeleton since the trailer shows two possibly endoskeleton Terminators fighting underwater.

John Connor killed himself some time between his late teens and the present time of this film in an attempt to prevent Judgement Day from happening.
John's logic here was that if he didn't exist, then Skynet wouldn't have a reason to go back or anyone to stop. Unfortunately, this just causes Skynet to target Dani because she or her child take John's place as leader of the Human Resistance in the future because of time's "momentum".
  • Jossed. Edward Furlong was announced to reprise his role in this film.

The T-800 or Grace will die in a Heroic Sacrifice, taking down the Rev-9.
It's basically a staple for the franchise.

Perhaps when Sarah emerges victorious, having beaten the Rev-9, and heading off into the sunset? Maybe.

Judgment Day and Skynet were fully averted, and the Rev-9 was sent by a different evil computer network that arose instead due to the altered timeline, with different motivations and tactics
This is why Dani is important, because like John was the ultimate force in the resistance against Skynet, she is or is connected to the ultimate force in the resistance against this new network.
  • The Rev-9 not being a Terminator despite the superficial similarities (itself likely copied from information of the Terminators that came from the now averted bad futures) will also mean Sarah's Terminator intel will only be of limited help.

Arnold is not playing a Terminator.
Rather, they'll be reusing a gag seen in the "Sergeant Candy" deleted scene from Rise of the Machines and the T2 Trilogy, where they meet the human model upon which that iteration of Terminator was based.

Dani Ramos is John Connor's sister
In Terminator 2, it's established that Sarah Connor spent time training with the Contras during the late 80s. The Central American actress they cast, Natalia Reyes, was born in 1987. The timeline matches.

Rev-9's liquid skin form will transform into a bomb at one point.
As a brilliant Call-Back to T2 and its explanations of the T-1000, a much older unit - and also showing just how Beyond the Impossible Skynet's Terminators are getting at this point.
John: Well, why not just become a bomb or something to get me?
T-800: It can't form complex machines. Guns and explosives have chemicals, moving parts. It doesn't work that way.


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