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For examples throughout the series, check this page.

  • During the intro, we see a number of iconic scenes from Ocarina of Time during Link's bit. One of the moments presented is Darunia dancing to Saria's Song.
    • One shot shows all of the Pokémon in the game, both playable, and the ones that come out of Poké Balls. That is, until Jigglypuff photobombs the shot.

  • The Peach Bomber attack in its entirety. Peach throws herself at the opponent, rump-first, and if she hits it creates a fiery explosion of all things? What is in those cakes of hers? Brawl and 3DS/Wii U toned down the hilarity by making the explosion into a heart graphic, but the fact is she's still attacking with her butt.
  • Luigi's introduction in Adventure Mode. The cutscene starts as normal, with Mario jumping into the air, ready to battle the player… only to be knocked backwards by Luigi footstooling him in mid-jump.
    • This is made even better by footstool jumping not even being a thing gameplay-wise in Melee; its debut was in Brawl.
  • A sufficiently-weakened Mewtwo changes its method of climbing up ledges. It walks up. Even as a casual display of its power, it's an odd move for someone as no-nonsense as it usually is.
  • The fact that there are two extremely tiny CPU-controlled characters in the Kaiju-based event match Gargatuans. While they are obviously just there to represent civilians who are caught within the crossfire of the epic battle, it is possible to be able to win the match without even doing anything because of DK trying to get these two characters.
  • The congratulation screens when completing any of the 1P modes are pretty funny. Some examples include a tiny Bowser riding another Bowser, Captain Falcon running from F-Zero machines (they can go to 1000km/hr on the norm), and Peach trying to stop Bowser from using the hammer on Mario.
    • A number of the Congratulations screens, such as one for Young Link and one for Ness, seem normal… until you realize you can just make out Link's face in the background, watching.
  • The notification for unlocking Pichu.
    Cute, cuddly, and a threat to itself and others… it's Pichu!
  • This image shows the full cast (minus Sheik) gazing out in front of them… with Luigi flying over all of them.
  • The Special Movie is filled with these moments:
    • Mario:
      • There's a brief bit where Mario throws a Green Shell at some Goombas and Bowser. Someone forgot which game he was in.
      • A section of four Marios ducking for no adequately explained reason.
    • Peach:
      • After Mario saves Peach from Bowser, how does she repay him? By beating him up.
      • There's a few shots showing Peach using Toad to block a punch from Donkey Kong and one of Samus' missiles.
      • Two Peaches attacking Bowser with the Peach Bomb.
      • Peach and Kirby floating above the F-Zero racers while Bowser and Donkey Kong take damage.
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    • Donkey Kong:
      • A blink-and-you-miss-it moment where DK is posing with a Snorlax.
      • There's one moment where he uses Hand Slap on Fox, Pikachu, and a bunch of Goldeen, causing them all to flop around like fish.
      • After ducking beneath a Banzai Bill, he looks around in confusion before he gets caught in the Banzai Bill's explosion, launching him against the screen. And apparently onto Pokémon Stadium.
      • DK walking off the stage with a flailing Kirby. He then does the same with Nana.
      • DK is shown hanging onto a cliff with Pikachu above him, before Pikachu knocks him off. Even better, a screech in the song plays just as this happens.
      • Sheik somehow gets the kong's attention with a banana.
      • There's another small moment where he dodges a car in Onett.
    • Yoshi:
      • Yoshi uses the Egg Roll and Captain Falcon, Bowser, and DK do absolutely nothing about it.
      • Later, he can be seen protecting some eggs.
      • Yoshi demonstrates his grab on Mario. Now he knows how a meatball feels!
      • There's a bit where Yoshi sneaks past Cranky Kong on Jungle Japes and runs past him with three more Yoshis.
      • Yoshi eats Peach, Pikachu, and Ness, turning them into eggs. He then turns into one himself to complete the set.
      • The still image of Yoshi eating Donkey Kong, complete with an "Oh, Crap!" face from the latter.
    • Link:
      • Three Links just fire their arrows right at Bowser, sending him flying.
      • Link is still buying maps from Tingle.
    • Zelda/Sheik:
      • Zelda uses Din's Fire, which Kirby and Fox prepare for. It goes past them and hits Popo instead.
      • The image of Zelda carrying an Octorok is a funny one, for some reason.
    • Captain Falcon:
      • The good captain demonstrates his Falcon Punch on an unlucky F-Zero racer. If you look closely, he ended up hitting the Fire Stingray. Maybe Samurai Goroh became an Assist Trophy in Brawl for payback?
      • There's a moment where Captain Falcon hits DK with the Star Rod, knocking coins out of him while a Bob-omb blows up in front of him.
      • Apparently, DK gets his revenge in one of the next bits, carrying Captain Falcon off.
    • Bowser:
      • Someone isn't too keen on Kirby copying his look...
      • Two Bowsers balancing on a ledge while "Mute City" is playing.
      • A tiny Mario walks up to a giant Bowser, sending him running for the hills.
      • Bowser teaming up with a Blastoise to attack Mario.
      • There's a segment where he finds a Mr. Saturn and plays with it, only for Peach to steal it.
    • Fox:
      • Ness is repeatedly trying to throw a Mr. Saturn at him while Fox's Reflector is up. The sounds Mr. Saturn makes during this makes it even funnier.
      • Fox also uses his Reflector against two Charizards. he had to deliberately put himself in harm's way for this to somehow happen.
    • There's a bit where Samus starts firing missiles at a ReDead. Even she's unnerved by them!
    • Pikachu:
      • Early on, Pikachu just casually strolls along to give someone a Fire Flower.
      • He's then shown getting juggled around by a Weezing.
      • Pikachu appears to do the same salute as Wobbuffet.
      • There's a moment where Bowser is chasing him while holding a Mr. Saturn.
    • Ice Climbers:
      • Popo and Nana start knocking around poor Donkey Kong.
      • There's one moment where Nana is giant while Popo is tiny. The resulting sight is ridiculous.
      • They use their Squall Hammer on Brinstar's breakable floor, causing them to fall into the acid below.
      • Popo is also not very happy about Kirby showing up with his appearance.
      • A tiny Kirby with a Bunny Hood is seen trapped between them and dashing back and forth.
      • The Ice Climbers wobbling Yoshi.
      • Popo switching from facing one direction to the other over and over while Nana dashes back and forth to be behind him, phasing through Popo with each pass.
    • Kirby:
      • Kirby turns the tables on Yoshi by swallowing him and then using his ability to eat him again.
      • Two Kirbies having a shootout with two Foxes.
      • Kirby just throwing the Star Rod at Bowser after all the enemies he's swallowed to get it in Kirby's Adventure. It also seems like he's not happy about Bowser stealing a version of it.
    • Bowser walking while Blastoise is Hydro Pumping at his speed.
    • Ness walks right into a Wobbuffet, causing him to get knocked around.
    • Articuno freezing Yoshi, the Ice Climbers, and Donkey Kong, who gets sent flying.
    • Pikachu being surrounded by Goldeen and scratching his head in confusion.
    • Ness is just throwing Mr. Saturns left and right.
    • Popo is seen floating down with a parasol while Nana falls right past him.
    • Mario running away from a barrel.
    • Kirby is given two Party Balls full of food. He is very happy.
    • DK is shown trying to shoot Samus with a Super Scope… that is out of ammo. Samus responds by shooting him with a fully charged Charge Beam.
    • Two Donkey Kongs playing catch with a Bob-omb.
    • Kirby mimicking Link and knocking him off the stage with a Beam Sword.
    • Ness and Captain Falcon are seen bullying a shrunken Bowser by hitting him with bats, until Bowser grows back to normal, causing them to run away.
    • There's a moment in Kongo Jungle where Bowser is firing a Ray Gun, Fox is shooting his Blaster, Samus is launching missiles, and Captain Falcon is using the Super Scope's rapid fire. The image of all four of them doing this at the same time is pretty funny.
    • Kirby getting knocked around by two Flippers.
    • Fox fooling around with some Green Shells, only to get knocked away by one.
    • Mario picks up a Hammer on the Mute City stage and prepares to hit the cars, only for the hammerhead to fall off, forcing him to dodge them instead.
    • During the video, there would be a break in the action to show off trophies, with each of them having a unique reveal done using the camera. While most of them look cool, when dealing with characters like the Mr. Saturn or the Female Wire Frame, the characters are introduced as walking around animated in a way that makes it look like a kid playing with his action figures.
  • The Moonwalk technique, which involves characters sliding backwards all while they repeatedly go into their initial dashing animation. Said animation involves the characters leaping forward, so the Moonwalk makes it look like they're trying to escape the suction of a powerful vacuum. As useful as it may be in competitive play, that doesn't stop it from looking ridiculous, especially when Captain Falcon and Ganondorf are doing it.
  • Some Anti Poop-Socking messages come up when you beat a certain number of matches, though by that time, it's already too late.
    Message: "You've played 50,000 VS. bouts! Enough! Take a break!"
    Message: "You've played 100,000 VS. mode matches! Go outside!"
  • The victory cutscene, just before the Congratulations image, for Young Link. It's just a montage of him drinking milk in various locations, ending with him wiping his mouth in slow motion. See it here.
  • Melee's tier list has Peach and Jigglypuff as the only A-Tier characters, placing them just behind a ninja, a crowned prince and two mercenaries, Pikachu is ranked just above Samus, and Mewtwo and Bowser are two of the worst-ranked characters. Bowser in particular is ranked as just lower than Pichu, who is supposed to be bad!
    • The only one ranked lower than those two? Kirby. The pink puffball who saved the world from countless Eldritch Abominations and Sakurai's own creation is somehow bottom-tier in this installment. How the mighty have fallen between console generations.


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