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Sadly, no. I am not kidding.

For Snake's Codecs in this game, see the Smash Taunts page. For examples throughout the series, check this page.

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    The Subspace Emissary 
  • Diddy Kong's appeals to Fox and then, later, to Falco. Especially how thoroughly unhappy Falco looks at the end of the scene.
    • The way his arms are folded, he looks like he's telling Fox "This is YOUR fault, y'know."
      • Fox is just throwing up his hands as he follows behind, all "Been there before, but not like this."
      • After defeating False Bowser, Diddy walks up to his motionless trophy and taps it before bashing into it with his shoulder, causing it to dissolve into Shadow Bugs. The reactions of Diddy and Fox just sell the scene as Bowser shoots an exploding arrow out of the blue, narrowly missing them.
      • Even better is how Diddy stomps towards Bowser angrily with his fists raised before Fox grabs him and makes a hasty retreat.
  • This entire cutscene also deserves mentioning. First off is Luigi attempting to intimidate a Waddle Dee (while clearly still being scared) so it doesn't bother him, as an extremely low-key, guitar and whistling remix of the Luigi's Mansion theme plays (and the Waddle Dee doesn't even react, simply giving Luigi an adorable look and walking away). While he's doing this, King Dedede walks up behind Luigi and punts him into the sky with his hammer (with a slow motion shot of the hammer slamming into Luigi's back), and then positions said hammer to perfectly catch the resulting trophy. Dedede then leaves the Luigi trophy in the middle of the road as bait for Wario, who takes it hook, line and sinker before being mobbed by Waddle Dees. And then King Dedede steals Wario's hovercar for good measure.
    • Luigi is there simply for comedic relief. His Subspace Trophy pose is different from his actual trophy pose in the game, to a funny extent. He was thrown into the cart upside down. Dedede even stuck one of his badges onto Luigi's trophified nose.
  • King Dedede's face when he sees Kirby on the cart he stole from Wario much earlier.
  • In one scene, Samus and Pikachu enter a room. It seems pretty safe and they're just walking along calmly when *SWOOP* … Uh, what the heck just happened? Where's Samus? The pure Mood Whiplash of Ridley's entrance is quite funny as he begins slamming Samus against the wall.
  • This scene where Captain Falcon makes his grand entrance… killing almost all of Olimar's Pikmin in the process.
  • Meta Knight sees the Halberd at the top of a mountain, and starts climbing. The Ice Climbers notice him, and take it as a challenge.
  • Right before Meta Knight battles Lucario, the cutscene cuts back to the Ice Climbers, who do a Loud Gulp.
  • Peach breaking up a fight between Fox and Sheik by offering tea.
    • Fox is nonplussed and looks over to Sheik, who is already going along and holding a cup, somehow drinking the tea through her veil.
  • Snake hiding from Lucario and Meta Knight in a cardboard box, then Lucario seeing through the box and picking it up, causing a "They'll never find me in - WHAT? HOW DID YOU KNOW?!" reaction from Snake.
    • Meta Knight is ready to fight Snake then and there, but Lucario senses the oncoming waves of Subspace enemies, and the two turn to face the battle. Snake peeks from behind a corner, and Lucario waves him forward with the rest of them.
  • When Mr. Game & Watch is revived, Peach lets him play with her parasol. Hilarity Ensues.
  • While the Halberd is being attacked, Peach just continues to stroll on the deck with her parasol as explosion after explosion happens behind her.
  • Ganondorf turning the trophy gun on Bowser. Even funnier is that about two seconds later, he gets swatted by Tabuu, knocking out Master Hand in the process.
    • Even funnier is what Bowser does to Ganondorf's trophy afterwards. Disrespect does not begin to cover it. It's basically a montage of him attacking it in so many different ways…
      • Ganondorf is revived in a later cutscene, and is clearly a little groggy.
  • After defeating Bowser, King Dedede revives his trophy, leading him to retake his intimidating roars from before. When Dedede then nonchalantly dope slaps him in response, the giant Koopa makes a sulky "what the hell was that for?" gesture.
  • When Kirby and Dedede's group meet up near the end, Dedede immediately glomps Kirby, and then drags him off while Kirby has a complete "WTF?" look on his face. Priceless.
  • Wario gets a few moments of funny in the game:
    • Making a Dynamic Entry just before the Great Maze, kicking Dedede in the head and following it up by flexing his muscles and making a Bring It gesture.
    • His jaw dropping upon seeing Luigi and Ness help Dedede up.
    • His complete indifference to Master Hand's corpse.
    • Finally, Wario driving his motorcycle up the stairs to the Great Maze, as if to say, "Last one to save the world is a rotten egg!".
    • Word of God stating that even though Wario joined the Subspace Army, he "cares very little for the actual objective he was given and wants to continue just doing whatever he likes."
  • The cutscene that plays when the player encounters Wolf post-game. He seems to make some sort of Bring It gesture, but the angle from which it's shown coupled with how long his claws are make it look like he's Flipping the Bird at the player.
  • A small moment in the cutscene "The R.O.B. Army Rallies": Mario and Pit trying to get two of the ROBs away from a Subspace Bomb, only for another pair to come in and drag them away. Of course, it's immediately followed by one of the biggest Tear Jerkers in the game…
  • The scene before assaulting Subspace. There's a giant battleship which annihilates the Halberd, before the Arwing, Gunship, Falcon Flyer and the Hocotate Freight take flight off of the falling Halberd, before Kirby comes in with the Dragoon and slices the dang battleship in half. Every ship enters Subspace… but Olimar's puny rocket comes in last, spluttering as it loses height, in sharp contrast to the epic battle that unfolded seconds prior. The poor thing has to enter from the lowest part of Subspace.
  • Honestly, the Subspace Emissary mode in general. The whole affair, with some of the goofier character designs juxtaposed against the realistic art style juxtaposed against the gleeful slapstick juxtaposed against the at times serious story is easy to read as an Affectionate Stealth Parody of grimdark action games. It's so unashamedly over-the-top awesome that it ends up ridiculous, and then keeps going until it hits awesome again.
  • In this mode, there is an item that occasionally spawns called a "Trophy Stand". Its effect is that if you throw it at an enemy or boss character, it turns them into a trophy that you can then collect. Yes, even Tabuu.
  • In pursuit of the Ancient Minister, Mario jumps up at him and falls just short. Then Pit comes from behind and hops off of Mario's head for a boost—just like Mario has done to countless Yoshis in his past. Oh, how the tables have turned...
  • At the start of the Forest, Link has just obtained the Master Sword and happens to walk by a sleeping Yoshi, who opens his eyes for a second just to go back to sleep. Suddenly the Halberd comes in with it's signature red skies while dropping Shadow Bugs. Just as Link draws his sword with dramatic music playing, Yoshi lazily walks up to Link still half asleep before disinterestedly looking at the Primids as if he really couldn't care.
  • The scene in the desert where Ike, Marth, and Metaknight are pursuing the Galleom. The trio spots the tank from a cliff and Ike immediately jumps into the fray. Marth reaches out to him as if saying “Wait! We need a plan!” Marth and Metaknight share a look before the masked swordsman follows. Marth scratches his head as if saying “oh well...” before following.
  • In the cutscene where Bowser fights off various heroes, he dodges an arrow from Pit, and rather dramatically falls off a cliff...then comes back up in his Koopa Clown Car, laughing with a smug grin on his face as he takes off to the Halberd. Even if he's more ferocious in Smash, Bowser's still a master Troll.

    The rest of the game 
  • The original E3 2006 trailer opens with Mario, Kirby, Link, and Pikachu in their Melee models running towards each other on a black screen. Then, the Battlefield from Brawl appears in the background as everyone changes to their updated Brawl models… Except for Kirby, who didn't have a game of his own on the Wii at the time. Kirby himself looks confused.
    • Wario's role in the trailer. After several awesome moments, he crashes in on his bike, surrounded by the other characters. Wario gets up, sees the others, grins sheepishly… and then the waft begins charging. The Smashers recoil a bit and it cuts to Wario about to unleash it. We then get a split-second shot of everyone's Mass "Oh, Crap!" before the explosion.
  • The very fact that Wario attacks by farting! Even funnier is that Wario can get himself KO'd by using a fully charged Wario Waft to fly out of the stage bounds.
  • Back when Brawl was first released in Japan, we had this memorable gem during gameplay, frequently called "the Failmaster" on YouTube.
  • It's hilarious to watch characters flail around with Superspicy Curry. Particularly if it's someone like Ganondorf, Marth, or even R.O.B.
  • Whenever the crowd cheers for a character, it sounds like the entire audience is getting in on it… unless you're playing as Luigi, in which only a few people are cheering for him.
  • This is what the item description for the Banana Peel says. "Just makes people slip. What did you expect?"
  • The item description for Mr. Saturn. It just reads, "Pwaaaaah. Pwaaaaah."
  • In Brawl, Assist Trophies have a chance to spawn Mr. Resetti. Normally, this means you spend more than a minute with a huge text box spouting an angry rant at you. However, since Resetti is a mole, he's stuck on whatever platform he spawns on, which means his platform can collapse or scroll offscreen. If he does, not only does his rant end early, but there's a special, highly amusing line of dialogue for when this happens.
    "H-hey! Don't you ditch me, punk!"
  • Any time Resetti does an "impression" of one of the characters on the field. It only shows up as plain text, but it's hilarious to imagine him attempting to sound like one of the characters.
  • The fact that one of King Dedede's dash attack (which is considered one of the most powerful dashes in the game) is HIM TRIPPING. The fact it can be used to KO opponents like crazy is hilarious. Exaggerated in this video.
  • Toon Link's victory poses, the first one is simply playing the Wind Waker and posing. The second is running after a pig, catching it and holding it over his head… the last one has him running after the same pig before he trips, ending with him on the floor, rubbing his rear off the pain.
  • The second-highest tier in Brawl goes to the Ice Climbers. Apparently, Wobbling is just that broken.
    • There's something inherently funny about Ganondorf, the King of Evil, being the lowest-tier character in the game.
  • As hated as tripping is, it can be funny in a "schadenfreude" kind of way to watch someone lose a match because they fell victim to basic slapstick. Even better if you somehow dodge an attack by tripping.



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