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  • "Just like Bart!"
  • Two moments near the end of the Dragon Age: Inquisition episode. First, DJ Slime Time and her horse go out of bounds, so the game moves them back to the windmill they were on earlier. Second, Griffin has the horse jump into a lake, an event apparently unforeseen by the developers because he proceeds to trot around underwater with essentially no change in physics or scenery.
  • In order to break G.A.R.F.I.E.L.D. out of prison in Episode 2, the brothers decide to flood his cell with horses. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
    • Griffin uses console commands to load in a hundred horses and about 15 dragons, which also goes about as well as you'd expect and results in him screaming "Oh no no no no no!" repeatedly.
  • All of the griefing in the Second Life videos:
    • The brothers crash an ultra serious political debate club and get scolded by a woman taking the game far too seriously. Justin then makes a giant pizza box fill the area, and they both promptly get banned.
      Griffin, in a somber voice: You gotta scale the pizza box down.
      • "I just wanna say, I think it's so progressive you let skateboarders in."
      • "What's up everybody, I think DOGS should VOTE!"
      • "Dog vote! Dog vote! Dog suffrage! ...We can call it ruffrage!"
    • "pizza crime is eternal"
    • Griffin and Justin hold a party and ask everyone in attendance to go on voice chat and say "Totino's" over and over to make the trailer for the video. One user just shouts "TOTINO'S" from a distance, causing Griffin to lose it.
  • Griffin recreating Justin in WWE 2K16:
    Justin: Just put my actual eye color in, Griffin.
    Griffin: Okay. *gives Jorstin bright purple eyes*
    Justin: Sorry, put my actual eye color in, Griffin!
    Griffin: Of course, dude!
    Justin: You're trying to do a goof, and I'm trying to unearth the fact that you do not know what color my eyes are!
    Griffin: Justin, you have insulted me! I can't believe that you would insult me like this! How could a game even capture the color of your eyes?
    Justin: What about human language? Could human language capture the color of my eyes?
    Griffin: What color is a sunset?
    Justin: Red and orange and yellow!
    Griffin: What color—how would you say the color of a dream is?
    Justin: ...That doesn't make sense!
    • When Game!Justin and Game!Griffin face off against each other:
      Justin: Hey listen, you're gonna control me, though, so be sure to beat the shit out of yourself. Like really give it to yourself.
      Griffin: Yeah, no, I'm definitely, definitely gonna do that.
      [match starts]
      Griffin: *as Justin, crying and running away* "Waaah, I'm too afraid! I'm too afraid to fight! What if my trunks come down and everyone sees my peepee? Griffin, you're too big and strong, I don't wanna fight you, I'm afraid of your punches and strength!"
  • During the Family Matters segment in "Sweeps Week," Stefan Urkel dies due to losing all his vampire energy to the sun. Almost immediately after this, a non-sitcom Sim shows up and starts doing pushups right next to his charred corpse.
    • In the next episode, they spend most of the second half having a wake for Greg, including putting a coffin down for him. At the end of the episode, Greg gets out of the coffin to the brothers' shock. He then checks his phone, alters the ground to say "GREG LIVES", and then gets back into the coffin.
    • Their repeated attempts to get Boba Fett to kill Raymond. Initially, Fett keeps trying to do other things, like play Blikblock or read The First Unicorn. Eventually, they manage to lure Raymond to a night club, where the two get into an argument as Dark Vader watches in horror. The pair finally fight... only for Raymond to win, causing Fett to die of overexertion via console command.
      Griffin: Look at this. Debra: Loves him. Alive. Frank: Loves him. Alive. Boba? *squeal of unsurety*
      Justin: *squeal of unsurety*
      Grifin: Maybe now we know why everybody loves Raymond, Justin.
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    • In the final episode of Sweeps Week, while creating Television Executive Todd Coolbody, Griffin changes Todd's pants. This causes something to happen that makes Todd suddenly wildly balloon out. Both brothers immediately decide to keep it and end the customization right there.
    • Their attempts to interpret the random images in the Sims' speech bubbles as actual conversation:
      Justin (as Balki): So, I was cleaning up the streets with technology—
      Griffin (as Balki): —shouting at some kids, and then a big dog— or maybe a llama came up, and marriage is just fuckin'—marriage is an institution!
      Justin (as Balki): So, here's the thing: I'm an alpha, and other men—how long do you have?
  • Dark Souls 3 includes two very good uses of the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song: first when Griffin realizes that The Junker's combat roll exposes his genitalia, and then when Griffin decides to just record a montage of The Junker getting his ass kicked by an NPC over and over.
    • Griffin's righteous anger at how impossible the first boss, Iudex Gundyr, is to kill.
      Justin: So, definitely, you can't...
      Griffin: Win the fight? Yeah, I agree. 'Cause this dude keeps going like, "Hey, let me borrow your dick for a second!" And then he tears it off and he throws it into the ocean.
  • The entire "Hello, Perverts" conversation that they have while making Rat-Baby. It crosses the line in all the right ways.
  • A young villager NPC in Black Desert Online carries around a basket of green herbs, which the boys find hilarious:
    Justin: *as the villager* Can I smoke you out? Do you party or what?
    Griffin: *as the villager* I grew these herbs myself in my home! If you're a cop, you have to tell me!
  • The ridiculous amounts of nudity in the Conan Exiles video.
    • The entire reason Griffin chose this game for Monster Factory was because it had "sliders for hogs."
    • Griffin and Justin playing an impromptu game of "Guess how big the bepis can get".
    • Justin and Griffin breaking down over naming the exile Jefferson Tallpipe.
    • Griffin constantly pointing out how much editing he needs to do in order to make the video YouTube kosher.
      • The...unique censors used for Jefferson Tallpipe, including a snake, a hot dog, and the Best Buy logo.
  • Griffin confidently yelling "Kobe!" over and over while failing to make a single basket in Wii Sports Resort.
  • Their first attempt at editing Truck Shepard's face causes his jaw to go flying off into the stratosphere. The brothers spend around a minute plus going "Whoops! Uh oh! Whoopsie-daisy!" over and over in horror. Then they start messing around with him even more and find each version to be worse than the last, including turning him into an asterisk.
    If H.P. Lovecraft saw this right now he would shit his pants to death!
    • There's also when they first get to Jacob, whose line at the time is, coincidentally, "I thought you were still a work in progress." Even better, the first response directly below it is "You tell me." And to tie it all together, the subtitles and aforementioned dialogue option line up perfectly with Truck's face.
    Griffin: Yes, I am a work in progress! God's still figuring me out!
  • At the start of the final match of Monster Mania, the commentators discuss who could possibly stand up against Turbovicki, the ultimate athlete. Then the Final Pam shows up. "Never mind, I know who's going to win."
    • Following Turbovicki nearly pinning her and showing off in the process, the Final Pam comes back with a vengeance - choking her on the ropes, delivering a Tombstone Piledriver, dropping an elbow on her face, Irish-whipping her into the corner and giving her a forearm strike, followed up with (in short succession) snake eyes, a big boot, a leg drop, and a chokeslam - and as the commentators are exclaiming over her brutality, she then delivers a small and rather petty kick to the prone Turbovicki's leg that is very out of place and hilarious compared to the genuinely ferocious Curb-Stomp Battle up until that point.
    • Earlier, the tag team match, Boy Mayor & Totinos vs Randyjohnson & Panpan, is resolved in a way that no one anticipated: Panpan throws Randyjohnson into the ring for the final blow. The commentators rather understandably lose their minds over this.
  • As the brothers continue to make and re-make J'aam, their creature within Spore, the character freeze frame on each completed version is accompanied by increasingly slower and more warped versions of the Space Jam theme song. Something similar occurs with Shreck The Movie and "All Star" by Smash Mouth.
    • In the same series, the game crashes, apparently deleting the Bee Movie monstrosity they had been working on under the Shrek name, only for them to come back as an NPC tribe and proceed to brutally defeat the pair the first few times they encounter them, to the point that the game outright says, "You cannot impress Shrek the Movie"
      • Upon this crash, Griffin quits the game and starts playing Stardew Valley instead, calling Spore "garbage from a toilet".
  • In the first THUGPro episode, Griffin and Justin spend a while working on a character named Tony Hawk??????, but soon abandon him upon discovering that you can play as Shrek in the game.
  • Griffin's shrieking hysterical joy over Adult Cool's kicking powers.
  • Griffin and Pat call Justin while he's on paternity leave to make him give Arby "The Meathead" McDonald a rating.
  • The boys' relaunch of Monster Factory in December 2018 after months away is a return to form; very nearly the entire video could count, but the moment where Griffin gives his Soul Calibur VI character a "Hand Gun" as an accessory and sees where the game decides to attach it is a particular highlight. (As one YouTube commenter noted, he thought he had heard the hardest Griffin had ever laughed...and they were wrong.)
    Griffin: (through riotous laughter) They put it on his dick! I didn't do that! It was like, "oh, a gun holster, huh? I know where that goes! The hilt of it goes in the tum tum, the holster goes on the pee pee!"
  • Justin’s complete breakdown when Tammy Radbody’s reward for archery practice is a baguette, made worse when he realizes Tammy already has five pieces of bread and the NPC she took it from has none.
    Griffin: (impersonating the NPC) “Why did you eat my baguette if you had five?! Now I gotta shoot the scarecrows!”
    Justin: “Lemme use your bow real quick, I’m starving!”
  • The WWE 2K20 episode features another contender for the boys' hardest laugh yet when they test out the face-importing features with a picture of John Leguizamo. Its default position is...not where a face goes.
    • One of the photos they attempt to use is a photo of their father Clint McElroy.
  • The New Day's taunting speech to Justin and Griffin after they found that Snack Braff was lost to the aether.
  • Crusader Kings 3 is one of those games that give the McElroys way, way too much to work with. How bad does it get? At one point, Griffin points out that their creation looks like a horse wearing a human mask on the top of its head.

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