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"Now that's what I call video games!"

"He looks like seven pterodactyls."
— about Truck Shepard

"[The Final Pam] is both the metric by which the world will be judged, and the judge. And executioner."

"I'll get The Rock pregnant! Just like in my fanart!"

"Next time you invite Pam!"

"Take it to the bank, boys. This one's just like Bart."

Ghost of Turbovicki: i am proud of you daughter
Turbojanet: thanks mom
Ghost of Turbovicki: bikes have killed this whole family
Turbojanet: okay

"I have no jokes, he's a shame of God!"

"If H.P. Lovecraft saw this right now he would shit his pants to death!"

"if you guys wanna come to the back i can smoke you out with my uncles humidifier"

"Feeling flirty, are we? That will be your downfall."

(hitting the table for emphasis)"What (slam) would (slam) you (slam) do if you were having a nice spider dream and then you wake up and DJ Tanner is there erasing all your Block-Ems high scores?!"

"I can't talk to my boss right now, I've gotta get killed by Boba Fett!"

"I don't believe the nose is true."

"That's a really good point, Griffin. I guess I've never really blamed God for rats before."

(to the tune of Lean On Me) "♪You just call on me brother, I'll mop up your piss!♪"

"Linda, did you happen to watch Drake and Josh this week?"
— Daytrader Vader

"I have the courage my dad never had to fuck up space garbage."

"I don't have to fucking play you, Spore! I can literally play any other game! This fucking game is garbage from a toilet!"

"He's a human ransom note!"
— about the Boy Mayor

"What's up everybody, I think DOGS should VOTE!"

Person: How was that potion you drank?
Cid Finalfantasy: It was cool. I turned into a cat, my birthday changed, and I stopped believing in God. I'm Cid Finalfantasy and I don't know who I am anymore.

— discovering the Shrek-themed skateboard option in THUGPro, before later discovering the option to play as the ogre himself

"Alright, let's make a boy."

"can u get pregnant in bless"

"That's a funny trick to play on God."

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