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Helloooo ladies!
Given the fact that the show is entirely based on action and comedy, it shouldn't be too surprising to find hilarious moments that can happen.

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    In General 
  • The show is comedy itself, because anything that's truly funny can happen that's enough to produce a few giggles.
  • Anything involving Murps.
  • Anything that has to do with Hamlogna sandwiches.

    Season 1 
  • Coconapple
    • The Seismo/Zorch Mix's out of control flight.
    • Krader and Shuff getting knocked over like bowling balls when said Mix crashes into them.
    • Then the Mix starts taking up a lot of space in the lava tub alongside Flain, where the latter gets Fireball Eyeballs, and the lava tub explodes, sending both of them up into the air. Flain is not amused.
    • Not long after that, Zorch asks Seismo on how fun that was, with the latter getting angry with him and chasing him down back to the coconapple tree. Then he flat out tells Zorch that he doesn't like him.
  • Hot Lava Shower
    • Teslo's overly neon and outdated exercise outfit.
    • The fact that Vulk's Modesty Towel is more than he normally wears.
    • Krader sticking ice cream cones on his butt.
  • Another Nixel
    • Major Nixel's reacion to learning that, despite the fact that one of his Nixels managed to bring back a Cubit, he also brought back a cool looking Zaptor/Siesmo Mix.
    Major Nixel: IT'S A MIX!
  • Changing a Lightbulb
    • The Mix Transformation Sequence: a giant sunflower with a smiley face grows out of the cubit. As the Electroids are distracted by it (with hearts coming out of the tops of their head), the sunflower opens its mouth...and launches out vines that grab onto the three of them and pull them into its mouth.
  • Nixel "Mix Over"
    • Major Nixel practically spelling out how much he relies on the Nixels to do his dirty work in "Nixel 'Mix Over'".
    Major Nixel: Now go. Get me. Some Cubits! And I'm just gonna stand here!
  • Vaudeville Fun
    • The running gag of the Mime Mix in "Vaudeville Fun", along with the sudden appearance of the hula-dancing one.
    • PIE!
  • High Five
    • Chomly's overenthusiastic excitement.
  • Epic Comedy Adventure
    • Teslo and Volectro take Zaptor eating all the Hamlogna sandwiches a BIT too seriously.
    Teslo: EVERY MIXEL...!
    Volectro: ...LISTEN UP! It seems that Zaptor here has eaten all the Hamlogna sandwiches AND RUINED THE MIXEL FESTIVAL!
    (Other Mixels stare at them in confusion and shock, Shuff pops up in front of them.)
    Shuff: Ooh-hoo-hoo, harsh!
    • Lunk right before he gets nixed by the Mega Nixel Mixer Nixer.
    Lunk: Duh-huh-huh-huh…duh… (Gets nixed) duh…duh…duh…
  • Murp Romp
    • Magnifo turns away to give himself a pep talk on how the latest show won't end up like the last one (which ended with him somehow setting fire to a top hat and then disintegrating into ashes). A Dramatic Spotlight shines on him as he gets over-enthusiastic...and it turns out he's Thinking Out Loud, and everyone else is staring at him while he's screaming how awesome he is...and then he realizes what he's doing and warps himself and the other Wiztastics away.
    • Magnifo's overexcitement over a single round of applause Vulk gives out at the end of the show.

    Season 2 
  • Mixel Moon Madness
    • The page image.
    • Burnard and Meltus' attempts to Mix to save Flamzer and the Magma Wasteland, ended up as a Murp, twice.
    • Flamzer telling the narrator that he's talking about the moon when he forgot where he was on the story.
      Flamzer: You were talking about the moon, dummy!
      • It gets funnier when you realize, the narrator is Flamzer himself.
    • This exchange.
      Niksput: Huh, is he threatening us?
      Beat, Naut blinks a few times.
      The Orbitons: *jumps* MAX!
      • ...And followed by the Orbitons Max crashing through a real ife explosion while saying "OH YEAH!"
    • The "battle" between the Infernites Max and the Orbitons Max turned into a dance competition.
    • The Niksput/Burnard Mix saves Orbitopia's dome from shattering thanks to Nurp's tantrum, only to break it by touching it.
    • After Orbitopia's dome has shattered...
      *cue a giant vaccum cleaner sucking up Orbitopia and Mixel Moon*
    • When the Nixels steal Nurp-Naut's Oxy Juice and Rokit's Crater Tots, Flamzer can be seen accidentally hitting Niksput in the face with a volleyball.
    • The way that Rokit and Burnard Mix runs as they chase a Nixel that stole a plate of Crater Tots.
      Rokit Burnard Mix: *while running* HUTTWOTHREEFOUR! HUTTWOTHREEFOUR! HUTTWOTHREEFOUR! Hold it right there!
      • At the same scene, the Mix lets the Nixel eat the Crater Tots, but not before they pour a good amount of Rokit Sauce on it. Cue explosion.
    • Right after that scene, Rokit offers another plate of Crater Tots with a good amount of Rokit Sauce on it. Cue a Nixel falling down.
      Burnard: Heheh, no way, dude!
      Nurp-Naut: *switches to Naut* We'll pass.
      Meltus: I-I'm allergic.
      *The Nixel whimpers in pain*
      *Eats the whole plate, gags, and then his head explodes. After that, he collapses. Burnard, Naut, and Meltus laughs*
    • The entirety of Rokit's flashback of the Glowkies' "attack".
    • The Infernites' faces when they're trying to hold off the bats.
    • After all of the bats flew out from the cave, Globert flies out, followed by Vampos, and then Boogly... who went to the wrong direction.
    • The Rokit/Meltus Mix fends off Boogly by firing fireballs at his mouth. Unfortunately, Boogly burps them back, charring them.
    • After the Infernite/Orbiton Mixes finally fends off the Glowkies, they retreated into their home while whimpering like a dog.
    • Globert's entire performance of "Don't Pull the Plug!", especially when Burnard pulls the Gravity Plug.
  • A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig
    • Volectro vs. a shower. The shower wins by elemental defeat.
    • Berp getting eaten by Vaka-Waka because he carried plates of food.
    • The Ultra-Miximum Max defeated King Nixel by spanking his suit off until it leaves only his head, which broke down to reveal that he's tiny like most of the Nixels, then ran away and gave this exchange:
      King Nixel: You won't get away with this! MOMMY!!!

  • Every Knight Has Its Day
    • "I'm back, Mixes! Did'ja miss me?"
    • The Narrator, whether it's his voice or his presentation, both are funny in a way.
    • Ranger Jinx's explanation of Mixopolis Zoo's rules:
    Ranger Jinx: First, we have a few very important rules before we go inside. Do not feed the Mixamals. And, oh, heavens, do not point at them! And never look one squarely in the eye! You mustn’t tease them. Don’t make faces like this. Or this! Or this! Do not make rude noises like this. And above all, never show them your backside while slapping your bottom and wiggling your hips while singing “nanny nanny nanny!”
    Teacher: Okay, uh… uh, come along children, don’t dawdle!
    Ranger Jinx: They really hate that.
    Teacher: [scoffs]
    • This exchange.
      Amphipod: I had a lovely wet log to live under. Now all I have is this rock.
      The rock reveals itself as a creature, which growls.
      Amphipod: Hey, I’m not complaining!
    • When the Mixeloptors start escaping, Ranger Jinx calls the police. Cue the three main MCPD Mixels eating donuts and coffee, coughing it upon being called, and starts going around to the zoo.
      • Even funnier when they faced a Mixeloptor, when the monster attacks, they quickly mixed and get curb stomped to a cage.

    Breaking News added this feature on their Mixels site as a part of the S7 update. They're updated weekly, and gives as much hilarity to them as the actual show.

  • The first article is about Tapsy doing a drum solo for a concert somewhere in Mixopolis, for five hours, three minutes, and thirteen seconds straight. It also buys enough time for Jamzy and Trumpsy to watch The Mixels Movie and its sequel and came back before Tapsy's drum solo ends.
  • The second article shows about the Medivals getting attacked by a Nixel... with a plastic knife. The kicker? They actually surrendered.
  • The third article is about the Mixies' concerts again. This time, it's Trumpsy doing his solo. Apparently, he blew his trumpet nose too hard it blows off Jamzy's and Tapsy's eyes and their instruments into a nearby wall.
  • Busto arresting Kuffs' handcuffs.
  • The Medivals, again, gets attacked by a Nixel riding a dragon. However, they're not scared of the dragon, they're scared at the Nixel riding it instead.

  • Many of the "X is Upset" videos in Calling All Mixels, just because of how exaggerated they are. For example:
  • The official Mixes and Murps made by LEGO can qualify as this. In example:

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