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  • Actor Allusion: Tom Kenny playing Teslo isn't the first time he's played a short and cycloptic character with a lightning motif.
  • All-Star Cast: Almost every major character is voiced by a notable voice actor.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: Many descriptions from episodes, even ones coming from Cartoon Network themselves, will horribly botch the names of the characters featured, such as calling them names of characters that don't even appear in the episode, using wrong tribes, or calling them by preliminary names.
  • Creator's Favorite:
    • Andrew Seenan, the lead toy designer of the line, cites Chomly as his favorite Mixel, out of the heavy expressions and emotions he gives off.
    • Gemma Anderson, another design lead, has the Weldos as her favorites, thanks to how varied in personality they are, along with their fun pieces and designs.
  • Crossdressing Voices:
    • The female Cree Summer as the male Jamzy.
    • As well, the female Maddie Taylor voices Glomp and Hoogi (she transitioned from male to female after their voice roles).
    • In "Nixel, Nixel, Go Away", the Frosticon Mother is voiced by Leonard Garner.
  • Dawson Casting: Averted with Nurp, who is voiced by Justin Grollman, who is obviously a young child getting his lines fed to him. However, the middle school students are all voice by adults.
  • Descended Creator: David P. Smith, one of the creators of the show, is the voice of Krader, Volectro, and Zorch.
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  • Fake Brit: Gox (voiced by Chris Cox), Camillot and Jinky (both voiced by Jeff Bennett), Mixadel (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz), and the King (voiced by Dave Fennoy), are all British-accented characters (though Jinky is Liverpudlian-accented) voiced by American voice actors.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Flamzer was given the nickname "Shrimp Boy" by Mixels Wiki members. Vaka-Waka is "The Destroyer".
    • Before their tribe name was revealed, fans jokingly gave the Weldos the nickname of the "Constructicons".
    • The Glowkie student that formed the Royal Mix along with the Medivals, Jamzy, and Booger in Every Knight has its Day has been nicknamed "The Smol Glowkie" due to his tiny size.
    • The Wiki Rule has given almost all of the QFM and EKHID introduced background characters a placeholder name based on the winning vote of the placeholder names vote.
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    • Five of the adult Mixels introduced in "Every Knight Has It's Day" (Principal Knave, Ranger Jinx, the Frosticon Narrator, the Flexer Teacher, and the Muncho Coach) are all five commonly collectively referred to as "The Mixadults".
  • Image Source: "Hamlogna Conveyor Belt Madness" provides the image source for Assembly Line Fast-Forward.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Mixels was removed entirely from the schedule as soon as the final episode aired, as if it never existed. The final two episodes were only aired once.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Rodger Bumpass replaced Fred Tatasciore for Major Nixel in "Mixel Moon Madness". Peter Jason ended up replacing Rodger in "A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig" and onwards.
    • King Nixel was originally voiced by Phil Hayes in "Mixel Moon Madness", and was also replaced in "A Quest for a Lost Mixamajig", this time by Steve Blum.
    • Kuffs is another that was voiced by Phil Hayes (in "Every Knight Has Its Day"), but was replaced as well by Steve Blum in "Nixel, Nixel, Go Away.
  • Out of Order: Many of the shorts were aired differently than their production order, leading to characters being cameoed before their true introductions, one of the most glaring being for the Electroids, as "Changing a Light Bulb" was meant to be the second episode of the series, but ended up the tenth aired.
  • Playing Against Type:
  • Show Accuracy/Toy Accuracy: The toys were designed first, and as such, the show designs are more streamlined and vivid compared to the toys, albeit still easy to find similarities. In fact, a static image of the character drawn in the style of the cartoon is shown on every package, along with their completed Lego build for comparison. Also, the Mixes and Murps for the toys and show are often very different from each other, since the point of the toys are to create your own combinations. Official instructions for the Max Mixels are published, though. The character designers for the cartoon even use the toys to design the animated designs!
  • Screwed by the Network: Was treated horribly after the first season ended, with there only being four premieres.
  • Sleeper Hit: Mixels got bashed a lot before their release, with the detractors disliking their designs and the shorts. Then, once released, it turned out they were cheap in piece-to-price ratio, contained the newer balljoint mechanisms, and had hard-to-find pieces in hard-to-find colors and they blew up, to the point that people that originally bought them for MOC kitbashes have admitted to making the Mixel instead and finding them charming.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • The episode "Nixels" has only Flain and Seismo in speaking roles, making Tom Kenny doing double on voices.
    • Also, any episode that focuses on Major Nixel and the Nixels counts as well, thanks to both of them being voiced by Fred Tatasciore.
    • The episode "Pothole" also has only Vulk and Zaptor in it, meaning Jess Harnell is talking to himself as well in it.
  • Unisex Series, Gendered Merchandise: While Mixels has a heavy male cast, the show and main LEGO sets were always meant for a broad audience. Merchandise that wasn't LEGO-related was always shifted to the male demographic, with all clothing, costumes, and birthday cards being for boys.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Before Cartoon Network came along, Mixels was "Monsters". Sets of five in a tribe, but overly simple designs.
    • According to some preliminary packages, Shuff and Seismo's names would have been swapped with each other, Shuff would have had a looser crystal on his head that looked like hair, Vulk's ears would have been red instead of black. Also, the Nixels would have come in various shapes, and not all just be squares.
    • Balk was originally shorter and squatter with thinner tentacles and smaller pupils.
    • Kraw was originally named "Bouncer", Gobba was "Chippo" and Tentro was "Flexi" . Some sources still slip up on Tentro and call him Flexi, though...including an issue of the LEGO magazine.
    • Various tribe ideas were tested before the current ones were chosen. The character Chocolate Bar from The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part came from concept model of a scrapped Mixels tribe.
  • The Wiki Rule: Mixels Wiki.
  • Working Title: Mixels was originally called "Monsters" before Cartoon Network came into the deal.

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