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  • When Florence returns to her pensioner's home, the first thing she does is pet Muffy, her taxidermied cat, and talk about her as if Muffy were still alive.
  • The First Daughter's deadpan line after the Martians wipe out Congress in their second slaughter on our planet's soil:
    First Daughter: Guess it wasn't the dove.
  • "They blew up Congress! Ahahahahahahaha!" It Makes Sense in Context.
    • It makes sense out of context. It's Congress.
  • "Do the Martians have two sexes, like we do?" Asked by a reporter of Ambiguous Gender.
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  • "Don't run, we are your friends." – The Martians play this on the translator as they're vaporizing and terrorizing everyone in Las Vegas
  • "I want the people to know that they still have two out of three branches of the government working for them and that ain't bad."
  • "We have to strike NOW, sir! Annihilate! Kill! Kill! Kill!" "SHUT UP! Shut up, shut! Up!"
  • "Whoa! He just made the international sign of the donut!"
  • "Ello, Maurice. Ça va?"
    • (listening to the Martians massacre the French government) "Mon dieu..."
  • The Martians attacking the White House as the Secret Service tries to take the First Family to safety.
    Marsha Dale: Shouldn't we go this way?
    Agent Mitch: Sorry, ma'am, there's a tour going through here.
  • When Ritchie's grandmother, Florence is awarded the Medal of Honor, she tells Taffy "Thank you, honey, but don't you dare let this happen again." as if somehow the Martian Invasion was the government's fault.
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  • The Martians knocking down the Easter Island heads like bowling pins with boulder.
  • The scene where it looks like Godzilla is attacking a major city. Turns out the Martians are just watching a Godzilla film on their viewing screen. Then they changed the channel to The Dukes of Hazzard.
    • Unless they're picking up TV transmissions, they're able to hijack cable that's still playing movies and TV shows while there's an invasion.
  • The DVD has an optional language Martian.
  • The Martian Emperor speaking in a high-pitched voice after inhaling the absorbed nuclear blast.
  • "Rooooooollexxxxxx!"
  • It's a blink and you'll miss it moment, but when Byron challenges the Martian Ambassador to a fight, the latter removes his cloak and reveals what looks like a championship belt. Just imagining the oddly proportioned Martians boxing frequently is just.. Really odd.
  • One of the darkest jokes in the movie, the little dog running off with Michael J. Fox's hand, all that's left of him after being vaporized, like it was a bone.
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  • In the very last scene, within the destroyed ruins of the house, one woman is nonchalantly dusting.
  • As the saucers start falling from their occupants dying, the annoying, yapping chihuahua, now having its head on its owner's body, takes the chance to strangle a random martian in the UFO, while still endlessly yapping.
  • The dodgy translation computer (the aforementioned "Don't run; we are your friends" notwithstanding):
    General Decker: What the hell does that mean?!
    • Not to mention that during this, Kessler is grinning and nodding intently, like he's listening to some profound intellectual bullcrap.
  • The image of a Scary Black Man walking the streets with a giant boom box blasting yodeling.
  • Barbara Land is the poster girl for Bourgeois Bohemian, particularly in one scene where she tries to attain enlightenment while sitting in a room with a private pool and expensive-yet-tacky furnishings.
  • The Martian laboratory looks creepy, but if you look hard enough, you'll see there's a clown in one of their specimen pods. When did they get that?
  • When the Martian Emperor makes his first appearance, he's reading a girly mag. From the look of things, the center-fold actually turned him on!
  • When the Martians attack a donut store, several policemen run out.
  • When a Martian steps into a giant mech suit, his wife throws him a lunch box and waves him off like he's going to work.
  • Art Land could provide a whole page just by himself.
  • When the Martians first broadcast their message, Donald tries to comfort Natalie by putting a reassuring hand on her knee. She's wearing a skirt, so Jason cries out "He copped a feel!". That was apparently a bigger deal than what was happening next to him.
  • A dark moment, but the president's wife could have saved her own life if she didn't obsess over her antique chandelier getting zapped while standing right beneath it!
  • Martin Short getting attacked by a Martian in disguise ends with a "fish finger" pun.
  • When the Martians break into the president's bunker, they toss a glowing orb into the main room. Cue everyone ducking for cover. When the Martian Emperor walks in, he grabs the orb, shakes it and reveals that it's just a snow globe.
  • The way the movie ends. You wouldn't expect a film about alien invaders to end with Tom Jones singing while animals flock to him like Snow White.
    • Tom Jones' introduction is pretty funny by itself. He's in the middle of performing "It's Not Unusual" when the light on his backing singers goes out, plunging them into darkness. When the light comes back on the singers have been replaced by a trio of Martians who dance along until Tom and the audience notice them.
  • Grandma Norris's reaction to seeing the Martians' heads explode from her music.
    • "Richie, I think these guys are very sick."
    • Even funnier when you remember earlier she burst out laughing at congress getting vaporized but acts concerned for the Martians who just tried to kill her seconds earlier.
  • During the medal giving scene in Washington, the only musicians left alive to play the national anthem are a mariachi band. And Grandma Norris has her hands over her ears throughout.

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