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  • Hitchcock's trailer might prove even more entertaining than the movie.
    (Marnie robs Mark's safe) Marnie was going about her business, like any normal girl. Happy, happy, happy.
    (Marnie panics during a thunderstorm) What would account for this strange behavior? Has she just realized that she forgot her umbrella?
    (Marnie and Mark smooch for the second time in the trailer) Oh dear, they're at it again. Let me assure you that this is all in the spirit of investigation.
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  • A bit of morbid humor from the novel: Mark is discussing legal/personal options with a retired barrister, while Marnie eavesdrops from outside the house. The barrister suggests that Mrs. Rutland voluntarily turning herself in, with profuse apologies and promises to return the money, etc, would work. Particularly if Mr. Rutland arranges for Mrs. Rutland to be with child at the time. Marnie's opinion of this is a literary example of a Split-Screen Reaction.
  • Mark gets in some good Deadpan Snarker one-liners.
    Let's back up and see if you can turn that Mount Everest of manure into a few facts.
  • After his marital rape of her, Mark finds Marnie face-down in the ship's pool. Upon reviving her, he asks why she didn't just do the more obvious course of action and jump into the sea.
    "The idea was to kill myself, not feed the damn fish."
  • Marnie also has a fantastic response to Mark suggesting she see a psychiatrist:
    "Oh, men! You say "no thanks" to one of them and BINGO! You're a candidate for the funny farm."
    • And when Mark tries to psychoanalyse her, she snarks "You Freud, me Jane?"
  • Behind the scenes, after a few rehearsals with Sean Connery, Tippi Hedren was so Distracted by the Sexy that she asked the director how on Earth was the audience going to buy that Marnie wasn't interested in Mark. He responded "yes dear, it's called acting."

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