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  • So many moments are flat out hilarious:
    • When John is sent down a hill on a sled, Marley climbs on and starts licking him. His wife pushes the two down the hill while Marley repeatedly licks John's face.
    • Marley jumping out the car window.
  • From the book, Marley positioning himself under baby Patrick's swing so that he can playfully snap at his rear end every time he swings past, much to the baby's delight.
  • After the birth of the Grogans' third child, one of his sons says "Mom called her 'oops'."
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  • In the book, following Marley's death, John writes a column detailing his exploits, declaring him to be "the world's worst dog". Over the next several days, he receives hundreds of e-mails challenging this, from people claiming, "Your dog couldn't have been the world's worst dog, because mine was.", followed by stories of antics that did in fact make Marley's seem tame—Marley's eating Jenny's gold necklace seems like nothing compared to the dog who wolfed down the engagement ring his owner had just bought.
  • The training school. It has to be seen.
  • When John goes to look at the house in Boca, Marley running right through the door, straight through the house and diving into the pool.
  • All the trials and tribulations surrounding the filming of The Last Home Run.


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