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Funny / Heaven Official’s Blessing: Tian Guan Ci Fu
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There's a reason this is considered one of Mo Xiang Tong Xiu's lighter works in terms of comedy.

All spoilers are unmarked.

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  • The Heavenly Officials are terrible at disguising themselves and pretending to be someone else when their disguised forms look almost exactly like their heavenly forms.
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  • He Xuan's debts are so bad that, according to the author, "he dragged down the income average of the entire Supreme rank, but it's not all owed from eating too much".
  • After the end of Book 2, Mo Xiang Tong Xiu's author notes write, "I'm the kind that would write up an entire book just for a scene.... all this plot planning exhausted me..."
  • For the CPR scene, Mo Xiang Tong Xiu jokes that Hua Cheng was only trying to be mischievous when playing dead as a prank, but that immediately backfired on him. They also ask the readers to research CPR the correct because Xie Lian wasn't doing it right.


Main Story

    Ghost Bridegroom Arc 
  • Whenever Xie Lian has to communicate via the message array system is hilarious. Usually the other gods are conducting their own mundane businesses and go quiet once Xie Lian arrives to ask a question.
  • Fu Yao's Character Tic of rolling his eyes when he's annoyed (which is a lot). Xie Lian makes constant note of this.
  • When Xie Lian ascends to heaven once again, everyone's reactions towards him is to yell in frustration, "Are you serious?! Not you again!"
  • Xie Lian's increased exasperation when Ling Wen points out the damage he's caused:
    • His entrance rattled the heavens so much he nearly crushed a passing god with a bell. And another god his entire palace destroyed. This is one of the reasons he gets lead into debt, with the donghua making the debt 8.88 million merit credits.
    • During the communications call, the gods start making bets on how long Xie Lian will take before he falls once again. One god says she bets on three days.
  • Xie Lian receives two retainers, Nan Feng and Fu Yao. He asks if they were sent or came voluntarily. The two gods pause for a beat before muttering that they came voluntarily.
  • Apparently Feng Xin, one of the gods Xie Lian was close to became known as a marital god of love, but he can't stand women. He didn't even know his Godly title changed until ten years later and only when he noticed more women were coming to his temple. When he found out, he rushed up to heaven and started to curse up a storm. In the donghua, Fu Yao describes the event as Feng Xin's title getting changed from Duke to Dick.
  • Xie Lian knowing full well the reason he had so many female followers was because his statues showed he had a pretty face.
  • In the donghuam to make the mercenaries leave them alone, Nan Feng palm-strikes the tea-shop owners' post and causes the energy to flow into a nearby tree and collapse it. When the owner inspects it by tapping the post, the entire front of shop falls to pieces.
    Xie Lian: (beat) Remember to pay for the broken post.
  • The trio go to a temple for shelter and to figure out what to do about the bride-groom, and come across a young girl named Little Ying. Unfortunately, Nan Feng and Fu Yao are appalled by how ugly she looks to them. Fu Yao notes that if someone that ugly was sent to marry him, he would have immediately killed them killed them. When they notice her dress was torn, Xie Lian tries to subtly cover it up for her by tossing his outer robes over her. However, this ends up scaring her more and she tosses the robe away. He then tries to approach her only to be slapped across the face calling him a pervert.
  • Xie Lian finds a somewhat dusted mantou bun to eat and Fu Yao immediately uses a blast of spiritual energy to knock it out of his hands because it was dirty while Xie Lian sighs sadly at the waste of food.
  • The trio realize they need to have someone as bait to dress up as a bride to draw the bridegroom out, but they aren't willing to use a woman. So, the obvious solution is to use a man. Cue Nan Feng and Fu Yao thinking of an idea and then looking over at an oblivious Xie Lian:
    • Once they see Xie Lian dressed as a bride, Fu Yao comments that he would have been offended if Xie Lian was offered as his bride. In the donghua, Xie Lian's makeup looks exactly how one would expect someone who's never worn makeup would apply it.
    • Fu Yao jokingly asks Xie Lian if he's excited for his wedding. Xie Lian notes that something was missing, the two maids who were supposed to follow the bride through the procession. He then imagines Nan Feng and Fu Yao dressed up and wearing makeup themselves like he looked. They both turning their heads spitefully with Fu Yao saying Xie Lian's family was too poor to afford maids.
  • As the mob of villagers come across Xie Lian, they mistake him for a woman. However once Little Ying refers to him as lord, they all start muttering, "I can't believe it", "different from ordinary people" and even "kink".
  • During one of their fights, Xie Lian tells Fu Yao and Nan Feng that they need to save themselves and to leave him behind. Fu Yao immediately leaves while Nan Feng is more hesitant.
  • Every god's instant reactions of dread when Xie Lian describes his meeting with Hua Cheng to them. While they recount the tales of how he's become so feared and tell Xie Lian to stay away from him, Xie Lian privately thinks he seemed very polite and gentle. The reason that two of the 35 Heaven Officials were spared from Hua Cheng's wrath? They didn't feel the need to take up his challenge, which in hindsight was a move that definitely saved face.
  • Xie Lian sends out health secrets and poems to the other gods in the message arrays. He later bemoans that the reason they don't respond is because he's so behind the times and can't think of what the gods would find appealing these days.
  • As he prepares to go back down to the mortal world, Xie Lian realizes he probably won't have that many followers given his poor reputation, but then decides he'll just worship himself. The other gods have no idea how to react to this.
  • Xie Lian remembering when he spent his time struggling as a mortal after his first fall, even thinking, "Picking up trash is better than ascending!"
  • Deciding to try and get some reading in, Xie Lian opens a scroll to read about himself and finds that he's referred to as the god who ascended three times, as well as the god who picks up trash.
  • All of San Lang's interactions with Xie Lian become Hilarious in Hindsight when later on, he's revealed to be Hua Cheng, the dreaded Ghost King. Yet when he first interacts with Xie Lian, he's nothing but teasing and playful, even pretending that in situations where he could easily get out of, he claims to be scared.
  • During the oxcart ride, Xie Lian tries to see if San Lang's a ghost by pretending to read his palm. After he tells San Lang his "fortune" he asks for more, which slightly panics Xie Lian. San Lang then asks about his marital future and Xie Lian tells him not to worry since he'd have a plenty of young girls who'd like him. When San Lang asks him why, Xie Lian pauses and asks if San Lang was trying to get him to inadvertently praise him.
  • Once the Ghost Festival commences, there's a hilarious scene where a group of ghosts holding their severed heads are arguing with each other on whether or not the other is accidentally carrying their head. One even believes that the reason it took the executioner so long to chop off his head was because his family paid him to be sloppy.
  • As the group of ghost approach the cart, Xie Lian prepares to fight, but then the ghosts freeze and suddenly retreat. Xie Lian looks on in confusion while San Lang behind him applauds him for scaring off the ghosts.
  • Coming at a crossroads, Xie Lian decides to consult some fortune telling sticks to see which path to take. Due to his bad luck however, he gets ill-fated draws. Undeterred, he tries again. He gets another ill-fated draw.
    Xie Lian: Container, oh container, we've only just met today, so don't be so heartless! I'm going to try again so won't you save me some face?
  • In manhua, after finding San Lang chopping wood to make a door for the Puqi shrine, Xie Lian offers to retie his braid. He's at first proud believing he could probably open a hairdressing place. However, once he sees the results, he decides that he'd be better at picking up trash.

    Ban Yue Arc 
  • In the manhua, when Nan Feng and Fu Yao reappear, Fu Yao seems to have purposefully let the wind blow his ponytail so it slaps Nan Feng in the face. The other can only grumpily push the hair out of his face.
  • As Fu Yao and Nan Feng try to attack San Lang, Xie Lian quickly wraps them up in Ruoye to drag them outside. He then shows the two gods the sign he wrote that was asking for money so he could renovate the temple.
    Xie Lian: If you start fighting, I'll have ask for money to pay for repairs instead of renovations!
  • San Lang engagies in small Passive Aggressive Combat with Fu Yao as he recounts the tales of Ban Yue mountain.
    Fu Yao: (through a fake smile) This young master sure knows a lot.
    San Lang: Not at all, not at all. It's only that what you know is so little.
  • This continues between the gods and the teenager as they go through multiple tests to find out whether or not he's a demon. Yet with each test either nothing happens or their items get inexplicably broken.
  • As a tornado throws Xie Lian into the air, he yells for Ruoye to grab onto something "sturdy and reliable". It ends up wrapping around San Lang and bringing him towards Xie Lian, to his horror. He tries again only to accidentally drag Nan Feng and Fu Yao into the tornado as well. On his final try, Fu Yao asks if Xie Lian should really rely on the stupid cloth anymore.
  • As Xie Lian looks at the Ban Yue writing on the wall, he reads the word "general" out loud which causes both Fu Yao and Nan Feng's heads to turn and both inquiring, "What?"
  • Apparently the etchings in the rock they're taking shelter in detail the story of a general in Ban Yue who continuously got demoted. However, instead of praising the man for fighting valiantly 'til his death, it instead memorializes how he apparently died on the field. Falling on his face in between the two armies and getting trampled to death as a result. Everyone starts to burst out laughing, and even Xie Lian is trying hard not to laugh at such an absurd yet hilarious death.
  • As a snake tailed scorpion appear, the merchants yell that San Lang must have lied since praying to that stupid general must have granted them bad luck instead of good luck. Xie Lian can only quietly let that comment slide.
  • San Lang grabbing a snake, twisting it, pulling it and squeezing it as if it were a toy. Xie Lian is speechless and politely asks him to stop playing with the poor things since it was dangerous.
  • Once more snakes appear and San Lang deals with them after one bites Xie Lian causing it to violently explode with a Death Glare, Nan Feng and Fu Yao angrily ask Xie Lian why he's standing so close to the teen.
    Xie Lian: There's less snakes around him.
  • The Ban Yue's soldiers' confusion when A-Zhao falls into the pit when trying to tackle Ke Mo and Xie Lian and San Lang both volunteering to jump into the Sinner's Pit willingly. They were probably thinking, "We usually have to force someone to jump, why the hell is everyone volunteering now?"
  • Xie Lian dragging Ke Mo down into the Sinner Pit with him and San Lang catches him bridal style. After a few moments, Xie Lian asks the teenager to let him down and San Lang responds with a "No," followed up by some strange reasoning.
    Xie Lian: Why not?
    San Lang: The ground is dirty.
  • Ban Yue calls Xie Lian General Hua because that was the alias he used when he was in Ban Yue. He admits that he just put two random names together to give him the name "Hua Xie". San Lang noticeably grins in amusement when he hears this.
  • Xie Lian starts preparing a meal for Nan Feng to reward him for his hard work. Earlier he chose to stay behind to keep an eye on San Lang since there wasn't an emergency at the palace that required his presence. However, the moment Xie Lian mentions he's cooking, Nan Feng immediately says there's an emergency and high tails it out of the shrine.
    Nan Feng: THERE'S AN EMERGENCY!! (runs out the door)
    Xie Lian: ... I guess he's not hungry.

    Ghost City Arc 
  • General Pei Ming who was a skilled combatant and also a well known Casanova lead many to curse him to die horribly, some even hoping from syphilis. Yet just before he died he ascended to the heavens, leaving those as Xie Lian put it, "who didn't die in his hands probably all died from outrage." Even in heaven his promiscuity knows no bounds as he goes after female officials, faeries and even ghosts, as long as they were pretty.
  • Once Jun Wu tells the other officials to leave, Xie Lian notices that one of the newer officials Lang Qianqiu who hadn't left had fallen asleep standing up. Xie Lian isn't sure whether to laugh or cry, but he is amused.
  • Xie Lian meeting the Wind Master and coming to realize that the first time he met Shi Qingxuan was at Ban Yue, but they were disguised as a woman at that time. Xie Lian tries to wrap his head around the reason why Shi Qingxuan switches between genders, and their answer doesn't help.
    Xie Lian: Um.. Lord Wind Master, you, you, you, why did you disguise yourself as a woman last time?
    Shi Qingxuan: What? Was I not beautiful?
    Xie Lian: Yes? But...
    Shi Qingxuan: If I was beautiful then there's no but? As long as I looked good! Of course, it's because I'd look good that I was in disguise!
    Xie Lian: ... ????
  • Xie Lian learns about the "Three Tumors" in heaven who are Ming Guan, Ling Wen and Shi Qing Xuan's brother. These people didn't have a good rep, but Xie Lian's mildly surprised, "it's not Xie Lian, Xie Lian, Xie Lian."
  • After accidentally separating from Shi Qingxuan a female prostitute tries to solicit Xie Lian to little avail. He thinks about his abstinence training which means automatically chanting sutras in his head when situations like these occur. Still, the ghost refuses to leave unless Xie Lian gives her a reason why he's not taking her advances which he deadpans aloud.
    Female Ghost: You don't want any o' this? Are ya even a man???
    Xie Lian: I am.
    Female Ghost: Then prove it!
    Xie Lian: It's not that. It's because I have a problem. I can't get erect.
  • He notes that he uses this excuse a lot since most of the time people will immediately leave him alone.
  • As Xie Lian arrives at the Gamblers Den he walks up to the door and sees two columns with a set of verses written on them. The left reads, "Money Over Life", the right reads "Gains over Shame" and the horizontal column on top reads, "HAHAHAHA". Xie Lian silently criticizes how ugly the verses were written and how they shouldn't even be considered calligraphy.
  • Shi Qingxuan manages to reunite with Xie Lian back in his original form after finding a way to ditch the group of ghosts that clung to him. They apparently took him to a beauty parlor where he was subjected to his face being pulled, stretched and much more. He worriedly asked if anything is off with his face and Xie Lian truthfully tells him his face looks smoother and paler than before. Delighted, Shi Qingxuan asks for a mirror to see for himself.
  • Lang Qianqiu barging into the Gambler's Den, leaving Shi Qingxuan and Xie Lian with second hand embarrassment that this new god doesn't seem to know how to keep a low profile.
  • Xie Lian changing the rules for the game in an attempt to win back Lang Qianqiu. He suggests that the lowest rolls would win and he ends up... rolling the higher number which he even lampshades.
    Xie Lian: It seems that not even a change of rules could change my luck.
  • Hua Cheng "teaches" Xie Lian the "correct posture" to play. Many ghosts start to ask how Xie Lian was doing anything wrong when that's exactly how they played the game. Lots of touching and way too much flirting ensues on Hua Cheng's side while Xie Lian is too busy trying to study the "correct" way to play.
  • Due to him disrupting the den, Lang Qianqiu is held up in the air with his arms spread out like a star fish and unable to move. When he starts yelling at Hua Cheng suspecting he's just messing with Xie Lian all of the other ghosts retaliate by throwing things at him and the female ghosts even threaten to pull his pants off if he doesn't shut up. Hua Cheng asks what prize he gets if he wins and Xie Lian offers his half eaten and slightly hard mantou bun in exchange for Lang Qianqiu. The other god isn't exactly pleased to hear this exchange.
    Lan Qianqiu: Are you saying that I'm only worth a half-eaten bun???
  • Hua Cheng referring to Xie Lian as "gege" for the first time leading Shi Qingxuan and Lang Qianqiu to give "complicated expressions on their faces". Some of the ghosts even get shivers down their spines while others faint on the spot.
  • Despite the other ghosts being flabbergasted that Hua Cheng was allowing Xie Lian to keep rolling until he won, they rejoice afterwards by praising Hua Cheng showing them a "perfect loss" and how Xie Lian only won due to their auspicious lord teaching him. Before the three gods could leave Hua Cheng reminds Xie Lian he still owes him something since his first practice roll earlier counted. Xie Lian is momentarily confused at what he's referring to before remembering the bun he betted on. He gives it to Hua Cheng who happily claims his prize.
  • Xie Lian thanks Hua Cheng and Lang Qianqiu asks how he can thank Hua Cheng when he clearly seems to have malicious intentions. Xie Lian quietly and as politely as he can tells Lang Qianqiu to shut up.
  • As they leave Xie Lian catches sight of Hua Cheng smiling at him and eating into the bun. For some reason he gets really flustered and rushes out with the other two gods, later believing his elevated heartbeat must be from them running so fast.
  • When Shi Qingxuan refers to Xie Lian as dianxia, he and Lang Qianqiu both turn to respond so he has to refer to the "elder". Xie Lian grumbles at this internally.
    Xie Lian: Why is that when it comes to me, it always sounds like they're referring to a grandpa?
  • Hua Cheng guides Xie Lian somewhere in the manor and Xie Lian absolutely starts fanboying over Hua Cheng's armory.
  • E-Ming, Hua Cheng's scimitar with a bloody reputation and feared amongst the heavenly officials... acts like an excited puppy begging for Xie Lian to pet it.
    Hua Cheng: No.
    Xie Lian: What 'no'?
    Hua Cheng: No.
    Xie Lian: Are you telling it no?
    Hua Cheng: Yeah. It wants you to pet it but I'm telling it no.
  • Xie Lian nearly does a spit take when he notices the female servant was Shi Qingxuan in their female form. When they meet up the wind god shifts back into his male form and complains about sucking in his pride to put on this attire and how he couldn't breathe due to how tight it was. Xie Lian thinks to himself that despite his complaints Shi Qingxuan did seem to be enjoying himself.
  • Shi Qingxuan and Xie Lian get stuck in one of Hua Cheng's many traps, with one area where they stumble upon savages carrying spears. Xie Lian attempts to keep calm by saying "don't panic", but when the savages show their jagged teeth, he and Shi Qingxuan immediately run without saying a word. Then when one of the savages manage to scrape Shi Qingxuan's cheek, he immediately goes berserk. Xie Lian begrudgingly thinks about how that godly figure he met at Ban Yue Pass was all but an illusion.
  • Xie Lian realizes the god Ming Yi was the lady clad in black at Ban Yue pass. But what really gets him is how he realizes the reasons Ming Yi looked so annoyed was because Shi Qingxuan needled them to take on a female form, which he probably didn't enjoy. Xie Lian recalls Shi Qingxuan trying to get him to "join in the fun" and was glad he didn't relent to the wind god's pestering.
  • After rolling their dice again, Xie Lian manages to find an exit, but ends up falling through the hole and landing on Hua Cheng's lap while he sat on his throne casually cleaning E-Ming. Hua Cheng's reaction doesn't change from beyond a raised eyebrow. The most hilarious part is how Xie Lian pushes the Ghost King away, causing him to fly a meter away and stumbling twice due to the force. Xie Lian is constantly apologizing throughout.

    Kidnapping Arc 
  • Feng Xin yelling at Xie Lian to get behind their shield as they were pelted by silver butterflies. Xie Lian however is completely mesmerized by them since they weren't harming him, and he even holds out his hand to one that seemed to be struggling to keep up. According to the text Feng Xin and Mu Qing "popped veins".
  • Xie Lian asking a favor from Shi Qingxuan to look after the young youth and Ban Yue back at Puqi shrine. It's the way he casually tells Shi Qingxuan to open the pickle jar every now and then to let her breathe that makes it sound like he's asking him to look after a plant while he's away. Shi Qingxuan's response is befuddled silence.
  • Hua Cheng "kidnaps" Xie Lian after his arrest, so Feng Xin and Mu Qing try to rescue him. On their first attempt they end up in a woman's bath, and their second leads them to a swamp full of crocodiles. All the heavenly officials -- including Xie Lian -- listen through the communication array as they yell insults at each other. Some of the officials even wish they could watch their fight live so they could cheer them on. According to Hua Cheng, the number that Feng Xin rolled was supposed to bring forth his greatest fear. Xie Lian notes that Feng Xin always avoided women like they were rabid animals and how a women's bath definitely was his greatest fear.
  • Hua Cheng briefly enters the communications array and cheerfully asks the other gods, "Long time no see. How's everyone doing?" The chat immediately goes silent when they hear Hua Cheng's voice. He then adds that he doesn't know if any of them missed him, but he certainly didn't think about any of them. A lot of the gods start chanting their thanks that Hua Cheng continue to never think about them. He then adds if anyone is up for the challenge to follow them, he'd certainly fight that person next time. Hearing this blatant threat, many of the gods who were about to follow immediately backpedal away, and would only give chase if Jun Wu commanded them.
  • Qi Rong's rant of profane insults against the gods and how he believes Hua Cheng and even He Xuan would one day kneel before him. Xie Lian feels he should be angry at this proclamation, but can't play that image out in his head, so he instead finds it funny. Hua Cheng destroys Qi Rong's throne with a strong blow which causes his head to be stuck in the ground. Hua Cheng then grabs Qi Rong by the hair and repeatedly bashes his face and eventually his body into the ground with ease leaving an indent. Throughout this Xie Lian notes that even though Hua Cheng is bashing his fellow demon into the ground he acts as if they were good friends chatting or if he was dribbling a ball.
  • Shi Qingxuan getting Feng Xin to stop threatening Hua Cheng with his arrows by ramming her chest into his arm. Feng Xin reacts how you'd expect, followed by a litany of curses.
  • Hua Cheng calls upon a rain of blood, shielding Xie Lian but leaving Shi Qingxuan and Feng Xin out of it. Shi Qingxuan finds cover, whereas Feng Xin is doused in red once the rain passes.
  • Shi Qingxuan commenting on all of the people Xie Lian's acquainted with, even calling Hua Cheng his "sworn brother". The Wind God's statement gets a raise eyebrow from Hua Cheng and a knitted one from Feng Xin.

    Xian Le Flashback Arc 
  • Qi Rong's driving skills. All Xie Lian can do is scream as he's tossed around in the carriage while Feng Xin and Mu Qing are at the reins to make sure Qi Rong doesn't run someone over.
  • Hong-Er refusing to let go of Xie Lian, to the point he's using all of his limbs just to hold on while four other people try to pry him off the Crown Prince.
  • After Xie Lian ascended, Feng Xin and Mu Qing are usually the ones going through the prayers he'd received. Many of them not even relating to Xie Lian's status as a martial god, such as people asking for him to make a rival of theirs uglier and for pregnancy.
  • When Qi Rong appears at the temple, all of the devotees immediately flee.
    Hearing "Prince Xiao Jing", it was like everyone heard, "The Devil".
  • After years of his punishment, Xie Lian and the others see how much calmer Qi Rong had become as he prays for Xie Lian to visit and to help the kingdom with their crops. However, once someone runs into him, his Hair-Trigger Temper kicks in, and the others realize he hadn't changed at all.
  • Guoshi advises Xie Lian about his future path and worries for the Crown Prince.
    Guoshi: I've seen your future, and it's pitch black.
    Xie Lian: You must've seen wrong. I only like to wear white.
  • While Mu Qing and Feng Xin are annoyed that Xie Lian was breaching the rules of gods when interacting with mortals, Xie Lian argues that his interference worked since it lead to Hong Hong er finally eating something. Mu Qing and Feng Xin reply at the same time.
    Mu Qing: Alright, fine. It works. Because you're a god.
    Feng Xin: Right, right. It works. Because you're a god.
    Both: ...
  • Hong-er responds to each of Xie Lian's words with "yes sir".
    Xie Lian: When I orderes you to go back earlier, why didn't you say, "yes sir" then?
    Hong-er: Yes sir!
  • The flower demons try to tempt Hong-er, but since he doesn't react to any of them, their little flirtations soon turn into angry curses.
  • After taking on a form that Hong-er was attracted to, the flower demons tease him that if he didn't seize his chance now, "even if you dream for eight hundred years, you still won't be able to have a taste!"
  • Xie Lian declares "Same Old Rules" so Feng Xin and Mu Qing would stop fighting. Apparently, this created after trying various other attempts to get the two to stop fighting and found out that having them do Idiom Trains. Xie Lian notes that after he discovered this method, the world became more peaceful.
    "[...] once there was an established winner and loser, they'd have no time to worry about their original conflict and would instead do their best to crush the other in training idioms."

    Mid Autumn Festival Banquet Arc 
  • Xie Lian tries to threaten Qi Rong, but his cousin hisses that he's not afraid of him. So he asks if Qi Rong is afraid of Hua Cheng. After Qi Rong stops smiling, Xie Lian adds that he's close to Hua Cheng and if he gets in a bad mood, he'd have Hua Cheng deal with him in his place.
  • As they return to Puqi shrine, Xie Lian offers a meatbun to Guzi, while he jams the other into Qi Rong's mouth. He's thankful with Guzi goes to feed his father later on, because he didn't feel like shoving more food down his cousin's throat.
  • Qi Rong notices the ring around Xie Lian's neck, asking him where he got it from. Xie Lian asks him what it was, and Qi Rong claims as one of the Four Surpemes the item his cousin is wearing is in fact cursed with great misfortune. He then advises he throws it away quickly.
    Xie Lian: Is that true?
    Qi Rong: Duh!
    Xie Lian: Oh.
    Qi Rong: WHAT DO YOU MEAN, "OH"?!
    Xie Lian: "Oh" just means it must be a miracle for anyone to believe you.
  • Pei Ming has a bad habit of standing above others, but the tallest building in the village would be the village head's house, so General Pei standing on top of Puqi shrine wasn't doing him any favors.
  • As they fight over Ban Yue's jar, Shi Qingxuam breaks the jar over General Pei's head and pours pickled juice all over him.
  • Shi Qingxuan goes through the story of the Rain Master, especially their history with one of Pei Ming's descendants. Apparently, he got beaten to a pulp by the Rain Master, got dragged back to heaven, thrown in front of the Heavenly Emperor and was sentenced to exile.
    Xie Lian: Why does that sound so familiar?
  • During one of the plays, apparently this retelling of General Pei's many exploits has Lin Wen as his romantic interest. They both do Spit Takes when they realize this.
  • When it's Shi Wudu's turn after laughing at Pei Ming and Ling Wen, the two Tumours next to him both say, "Instant karma. Take it graciously." Right on cue, the play that comes up depicts Shi Wudu and Shi Qingxuan as lovers. She immediately tells her brother to drop the curtains which he does.
  • Shi Qingxuan trys to give the cup to Ming Yi, thinking it would be funny if he went up, but he was too busy eating to notice and passed the wine cup to Xie Lian.
  • As Xie Lian is chosen to be presented next, Shi Qingxuan offers to throw out a hundred thousand merits to have the curtain dropped if he says the word. Xie Lian is more worried she'd throw out that much impulsively.
  • Apparently Hua Cheng also has plays of his own, but the titles range from, "The Red Demon Burnt the Temples of Thirty-Three Gods and Not Even The Heavens Could Do Shit" to "Crimson Rain Sought Flower Hung the Martial and Civial Gods and Slapped Them Around with But One Hand". While a mouthful, they were definitely creative and wouldn't let heaven forget how terrifying Hua Cheng is and why they choose not to mess with him in any way. The text also notes that it's these kinds of plays, "that would make those in the heavens cry silent tears, not wanting to find out just how those plays turned out".
  • Xie Lian watches the play about him and Hua Cheng, but all he can think was how the protagonists seemed overly close. Then he starts to think if he really did act that close to Hua Cheng now that he could see it in an outsiders perspective. Everyone starts talking about how this shouldn't be a romantic play and how Hua Cheng never acted like this.
  • Jun Wu notices the "squires" in the play and asks who they were. Ling Wen tells him she assigned them to help Xie Lian and that they went voluntarily. Xie Lian asks where Nan Feng and Fu Yao were, Feng Xin and Mu Qing both reply that the two of them were both in detention.
  • Shi Wudu scolds Shi Qingxuan about taking on their female form, before adding that what would happen to his brother if they bumped into someone with strong spiritual power and ill intent like Pei Ming. Ling Wen bursts out laughing saying if Shi Wudu keeps saying things like that, they can't continue being friends.
  • Xie Lian asks how the Rain Master received so few lanterns and Shi Qingxuan explains that the Rain Master prefers that her worshippers offer fruits and vegetables instead. Then said her followers shouldn't waste anything and a couple of days later her worshippers would take the offerings home to eat.
  • When Shi Qingxuan gets their results, they try to get Ming Yi to congratulate them, but since he's still eating he ignores them.
  • Even during the festival, Feng Xin and Mu Qing's competitiveness extends to their worshippers, who try to beat each other out on who can give their gods the most lanterns.
  • Xie Lian finds Qi Rong hung upside down in the woods by Ruoye while Guzi tries to swat the mosquitos away. When Qi Rong notices Xie Lian, he cusses his cousin out.
    Xie Lian: It must be years since you last got bitten by mosquitos. Is it so bad to give you a taste of being alive again?
  • Qi Rong pleading to god to have Xie Lian fall to his death, and Xie Lian laughs at a ghost begging to heaven.

    Ghost Fetus Arc 
  • Xie Lian goes back to his first line of work: street performing. However, he finds that a lot of his old tricks have gone out of fashion after eight hundred years. He also offers to give free protection charms, but then people refuse when they don't recognize Xie Lian's name.
  • As he approaches the merchant and the doctor he tells them he's a cultivator, but then someone asks "weren't you a street performer?"
  • The rich merchant tells Xie Lian he has another mistress who's pregnant. Xie Lian's reaction is, "There was another pregnant woman in this household?!"
  • Xie Lian asks the merchant for a few favors and giving him a protection charm, so everything after this would be marked under the title of his shrine.
  • During the dream, Xie Lian constantly has to hold onto the pillow over his stomach because it keeps falling out of his clothes.
  • Xie Lan tries to get over the shock of Hua Cheng giving him air underwater, and then tries to run away after they get out of the lake.
  • The whole of Ghost City comes down to see Hua Cheng pulling a nail out of Xie Lian's foot. All while Xie Lian's dressed like a woman.
  • In order to try and avoid the awkwardness, Xie Lian tells Hua Cheng he was hungry, so they go out into the Ghost City to find something to eat. It takes awhile to find once, since ghosts tend to be... a bit different when cooking their meals.
  • The ghosts referring to Xie Lian as their grand uncle. But after Hua Cheng glares at them, they take it back. Xie Lian's lie about not being able to get erect comes back to bite him as a ghost recognizes him because of it. Xie Lian almost chokes on his soup. Xie Lian says he's full and Hua Cheng asks if it was true, causing Xie Lian to get flustered. Hua Cheng tells him he won't ask further, but Xie Lian doesn't believe those words.
  • The reason Hua Cheng sent all those lanterns up for Xie Lian? He claims it was to "make things interesting" for the sake of Xie Lian's amusement.
  • Hua Cheng's writing skills. Xie Lian is trying so hard to compliment him without laughing.
    Xie Lian: It's got "style".
    Hua Cheng: You mean "madness".
  • Xie Lian tries to teach Hua Cheng by guiding his hand, but Hua Cheng resists and causes the characters to become more sloppy. Xie Lian stops when he realizes Hua Cheng is pranking him and chides him to write and learn properly.
  • After an attempted writing "session", Hua Cheng thinks what they wrote was "pretty good" and that they should frame it. Xie Lian responds to both claims with "eh". He starts thinking that if his deceased teachers saw what he was involved in writing, they'd rise from the dead to haunt him.
  • Paradise Manor is set on fire, and just like Xie Lian, the readers are thinking, "again"?
  • As everyone tries to figure out how long the Ghost Fetus has been around, the other ghosts start to realize Lan Chang lied about how old she was. They start yelling that she claimed she was three-hundred to two-hundred.
  • Once Lan Chang is presented to the heavens, everyone immediately turns to look at Pei Ming.
    Pei Ming: ...Do you all have some sort of misunderstanding of me?
    Shi Qingxuan: (beat) I don't think it's a misunderstanding, more like we know you too well.
  • Once Pei Ming manages to deny Lan Chang's accusations Lan Chang starts to accuse every male god present as the father of her child. It immediately starts to get out of hand once she screams that Xie Lian was the father. It's noted that even Jun Wu's hand that had been supporting his temple had slipped after hearing this.
    Xie Lian: ME?!
  • The list of various martial gods and their attitudes towards women: Feng Xin stays respectfully far away, Lan Qianqui blushes when he sees a woman, Mu Qing refused to see ugly women, Pei Su shows no expression (but people admit "who knows what he's actually thinking"), Quan Yizhen never had women on his mind, and Pei Ming was the opposite.
  • The other gods discuss how Xie Lian was a pure god who never strayed from his path and how he probably never even held hands with anyone. As Xie Lian is prepared to back up this statement, he pauses for a long while as he remembers holding Hua Cheng's hand. Then the gods add that despite holding hands, he must have never kissed anyone. Xie Lian is prepared to back up this statement as well before he remembers the underwater kiss with Hua Cheng. His face has become bright red. Shi Qingxuan notices this along with the others quietly apologizes via communications array and admits they didn't realize Xie Lian wasn't as pure as they thought adding "I really couldn't tell!"
  • Jun Wu pulls out Yan Zhen, which tests if someone is actually a virgin or not. A lot of gods start murmuring, "Why does my lord have all those messed up swords? What's even the use in collecting those...?"
  • Ling Wen arrives in a male form and tries to calm the situation down, as they speak with Lan Chang. However since she's been throwing accusations left and right, she accuses Ling Wen.
    Lan Chang: YOU! THAT MAN IS YOU!
    Ling Wen: ???
  • All of the gods start teasing Ling Wen for possibly knocking a girl up. Ling Wen shakes his head at Shi Wudu's gesture that's described as, "wanting to give his 'good nephew' a red packet'.
  • Xie Lian accidentally attacks E-Ming and apologizes for hitting it. But since no one knows E-Ming's a living weapon, a few farmers talk about how freaky it is that Xie Lian's talking to a knife and start walking away faster.
  • Hua Cheng greets Xie Lian by saying he cleaned up the temple and threw out the trash. Xie Lian then hears some screaming coming from behind Puqi shrine.
  • Xie Lian decides to cook today, since he felt he gained some insight from his studies on cooking. It doesn't end well as he lifts up the lid and starts to realize it doesn't look edible.
  • Ruoye and E-Ming try to show off to Xie Lian by cutting up any vegetables he threw to them. Xie Lian compliment E-Ming saying it cuts even better than Ruoye, getting the image of a bandage looking distraught is hilarious. Fang Xin doesn't acknowledge either of the two weapons and doesn't move.
  • One of Hua Cheng's subjects in the ghost city gets confused about Xie Lian's presence and shows just how twisted and loyal the ghosts can be:
    Hua Cheng: SCRAM!

    Venerable of Empty Words Arc 
  • Xie Lian feeds his soup to Qi Rong who lets out a bloody scream. Afterwards he's on the ground, pale and writhing as he groans he hated it. Hua Cheng tells Xie Lian it was a bit thick, so he should make the soup lighter next time. Xie Lian thanks him and Qi Rong groans loudly.
  • A lot of village girls come by to the shrine, but Xie Lian knows it's only because they want to see Hua Cheng. Hua Cheng comments that Xie Lian must be popular around here. Qi Rong is the background still screaming over the horrible food Xie Lian fed him and begs for the antidote.
  • Qi Rong spits that Hua Cheng only attracted some country chicks because he was dressed extravagantely and they wouldn't have looked at him if he dressed as a beggar. Xie Lian internally thinks that it wouldn't have mattered if Hua Cheng dressed like a beggar because if he begged, he would have ended up with a mountain of gold.
  • Xie Lian named his stew: "Love for All Seasons".
    Hua Cheng: What a good name.
  • Even though earlier Qi Rong said the girls Hua Cheng attracted didn't even look that great, he starts hitting on two women who come by.
  • Shi Qingxuan and Ming Yi arrive in their female forms, and when they see Qi Rong, they wonder why Xie Lian would need a vulgar spiritual beast to watch his temple. Qi Rong gets offended and immediately curses them out. Ming Yi walks up to Qi Rong and then Xie Lian hears wails from behind the door of the shrine.
  • As the two heavenly officials arrive in the shrine with Xie Lian realizing too late that he couldn't hide Hua Cheng, they walk onto Hua Cheng cleaning dishes.
    Shi Qingxuan: Crimson Rain Sought Flower!
    Qi Rong: And I'm the Night Touring Green Lantern! How come none of you recognized me when beating me but you knew it was him with just one look?!
  • Qi Rong recognizes Shi Qingxuan as "the slutty Windmaster". Shi Qingxuan politely asks Xie Lian to wait, closes the doors and Qi Rong wails as he hears a lot of slapping sounds. Shi Qingxuan then comes back into the shrine in their male form.
  • Xie Lian gives Shi Qingxuan and Ming Yi bowls of food he cooked. Ming Yi collapses as soon as she tastes it. Shi Qingxuan starts crying after she tries it, then mistakes a broom for Ming Yi and tries to strangle it. Qi Rong is outside laughing his ass off at the situation. The meal affected Shi Qingxuan so badly they started to lose their hearing. After Ming Yi recovers, he asks Xie Lian to exorcise the evil from his heart.
  • Shi Qingxuan mentions the Reverend of Empty Words, and at once the shrine gets darker and Xie Lian hears someone giggling.
    Xie Lian: I have to ask... who's laughing? Who's singing? Who's blowing cold air behind my back? Who made the shrine this dark?
    Shi Qingxuan: Oh, that's all me. It's just a little spell, don't mind it. It's just for creating the mood.
  • Xie Lian recounts the time he ran into a Venerable of Empty Words that didn't leave him alone for a long time. At first it tried to break Xie Lian the usual way by preying on his fears and anxieties, but given Xie Lian's luck, nothing fazes him. The spirit continued to try and plague Xie Lian for over half a year before it gave up in frustration and fled. It apparently didn't realize Xie Lian was a God of Misfortune and only afterwards went to tell others like it to avoid him.
  • Finding out that the Venerable of Empty Words targets what's closest to its prey, Shi Qingxuan worries Mingyi would be endangered because they're their best friend.
    Mingyi: Can I not have you as a best friend, please.
  • Shi Qingxuan starts panicking after the distance array drops them somewhere else and Ming Yi tries to tell them to calm down.
    Shi Qingxuan: I'm calm. I'm very calm. I've been calming!
  • Hua Cheng and Xie Lian exchange their verbal passwords to their communications array. When Xie Lian asks for his, Hua Cheng whispers into his ear and Xie Lian is too embarrassed to say it out loud.
    Hua Cheng: If gege daren't recite it, then I'll be the one to reach you. What's your verbal password?
    Xie Lian: Just recite the Ethics Sutra a thousand times.
    Hua Cheng: ... (in the communications array) It's the phrase, "Just recite the Ethics Sutra a thousand times", right?
  • Xie Lian seriously thought it was a good idea for a password and that it was a funny joke. Although not many of the Heavenly Officials appreciated the joke, especially Mu Qing who said to Xie Lian's face "Your Highness, your idea is terrible, forgive me if I can't laugh". Feng Xin on the other hand was practically dying of laughter as he fell on the floor and screamed himself hoarse. Yet Xie Lian notes that Feng Xin laughed at just about anything for no reason so it didn't make him feel accomplished.
  • To pass the time Xie Lian suggests they play a game of dice, and the highest rollers win. Shi Qingxuan and Mingyi pair up while Hua Cheng and Xie Lian pair up. Xie Lian rolls a one while everyone else rolls higher causing Shi Qingxuan to laugh at his bad luck. When the other two win, Shi Qingxuan orders Hua Cheng and Xie Lian to strip.
  • Xie Lian chases after the venerable and asks Hua Cheng for spiritual powers and promises to pay him back. After he get the energy he shoots a blast of energy from his palm, only to find out that it was so powerful it left a black ash in its wake and even destroying the Temple of Wind. Hua Cheng then innocently asked if that was enough and tells Xie Lian he could take as much as he wanted which he immediately refuses.
  • Shi Qingxuan breaks down in the array which means a lot of laughing and talking really fast. In between their ramblings they curse at Ming Yi and tell them if they died they were going to come back as a supreme to haunt him.
    Ming Yi: Stop you haha-ing. Say something sensible!
  • Hua Cheng gets bored trying to find Shi Qingxuan and starts shifting into different outfits to amuse himself. Xie Lian gets so distracted he starts complimenting each one in his head before he snaps back into reality.
  • Xie Lian is forced to switch his soul back to his body, but before he could switch, he hears Shi Qingxuan screaming that Hua Cheng was beating up Ming Yi but wasn't doing anything to harm him. Xie Lian realizes it's because Shi Qingxuan is still in his body so Hua Cheng wouldn't attack him, and of course he would hit Ming Yi who was closer.

    Black Water Arc 
  • After picking Xie Lian up in the gold litter, Hua Cheng looks at him and asks, "Gege, want to get married?" This shocks Xie Lian enough that Hua Cheng immediately tells him it was a joke. But then Xie Lian starts overthinking things like "but he didn't specify with who" and his mind starts to wander before he yells at himself to get his head straight.
  • Xie Lian goes to look at his donation box to find it filled to the brim with gold bars, and all he can do is slam the lid shut in shock. He then wonders if all of the gold was a bribe from the Water Master and decides to take it to Ling Wen to have her return it.
  • Xie Lian senses something from above and quickly pushes Ming Yi and Shi Qingxuan away. He then backs up as a sword pierces right between his legs.
    "Although Xie Lian had certainly lived his days as someone who was impotent, but 'pretending not to have a thing' and 'truly lose the thing forever' were still fundamentally different."
  • Xie Lian and the others dig a hole until they open up to Quan Yizhen's room, who's still sleeping in the middle of the day. Then when he wakes up, all he does is look around in confusion as they others try to get out quickly. Quan Yizhen is then called by Pei Ming to give him a hand, so he grabs his bed and tosses it at Pei Ming.
  • Xie Lian and the others come upon Hua Cheng who's basically sweaty and shirtless, causing Xie Lian to block Hua Cheng from Shi Qingxuan and Ming Yi's eyes while screaming for them to close their eyes.
  • The others start to form a plan to meet up with Shi Wudu at the Eastern Sea and Xie Lian asks to go. When Pei Ming tries to dissuade him, Xie Lian brushes him off.
    Xie Lian: It's nothing. I've fished in all four seas, and never once was it not storming. I've often drifted in the sea for over half a month at a time, so I'm very used to it. Even funnier is the others being baffled and probably thinking, 'You've done that too?! What else have you done?!
  • As they rescue all of the fishermen, the others notice Pie Ming hitting on some of the figher-girls that they managed to rescue. Shi Wudu grumbles and asks his friend if he didn't have higher standards.
    Pei Ming: After rescuing so many scraggly bearded old fisherman masters one after the other, any woman looks delectable in comparison, hahahaha.
  • Ming Yi and Shi Qingxuan look away from Pei Ming while Xie Lian shakes his head but thinks it's actually a bit funny.
  • As Xie Lian and Hua Cheng are thrusted off of the ship, one of He Xuan's bone-shark's starts to make a bee-line towards them. Xie Lian braces for a fight, but then the shark comes to a halt, nudges Xie Lian like a dog and immediately swims in the opposite direction. Xie Lian looks at Hua Cheng who's glaring at the shark, but then tells Xie Lian he shouldn't get a creature like this to protect him.
  • The group starts planning on making a coffin, but Hua Cheng tells them it won't work unless the coffin had carried a corpse. Xie Lian starts thinking how they couldn't possibly off someone in the group and then toss them into the coffin.
  • While Xie Lian and the others use their swords to fly on, Ming Yi uses his... shovel. Xie Lian admits that it's a little hard on the eyes.
  • The bone dragons start to charge at Xie Lian and Hua Cheng, but once they seem to recognize Hua Cheng, they immediately dropped their killing intent and gently nudge Fang Xin instead.
    Hua Cheng: Gege, now you know. If you're gonna get any pets in the future, definitely don't consider those ones. They're useless trash.
  • After the two get swept to shore, Xie Lian notices Hua Cheng hasn't woken up. When shaking him doesn't work, Xie Lian blushes and apologizes as he performs CPR. However Hua Cheng opened his eyes the second Xie Lian initiated and after a few tries, Xie Lian opens his eyes and notices that Hua Cheng was awake. Xie Lian immediately starts to deny what the scene looked like while also trying to explain the situation. As his mind scrambles for an excuse, he realizes that as a ghost Hua Cheng doesn't need to breathe. So in the end, Xie Lian bows and runs away screaming his apologies.
    Die! Just die! If he can't die then just dig a hole somewhere and pretend he's dead!
  • Hua Cheng and Xie Lian's time in the coffin. Xie Lian is doing everything he can to not make it awkward and tries to give more space for Hua Cheng. When he argues it's because Hua Cheng is still in his teen form, Hua Cheng immediately shifts into his true form.
    • Later on as they get tossed around, Xie Lian discovers to his horror that he's got a hard on.
  • Pei Ming questions what the two were doing once they land back on the beach and Xie Lian claims the coffin was too small. Pei Ming points out that they could have easily made it bigger because they had enough left over wood, which leads Xie Lian to immediately change the subject.
  • As Xie Lian's drained of spiritual power, he's brought back to Puqi Shrine to find Hua Cheng kissing him deeply. Then to gain his powers back, Xie Lian pulls Hua Cheng back in to kiss him, leading the two to tumble around the shrine. As Qi Rong barges in to cuss out what he thinks is a thief, he immediately shrieks in disgust, leading Hua Cheng to throwing him out of the shrine and slamming the door closed.
  • Later when Xie Lian returns to the shrine, Qi Rong screams that he was blinded by such and act and demands compensation. Xie Lian almost runs out of the shrine from embarassment, but Hua Cheng ends up knocking Qi Rong out.
  • Quan Yizhen comes along with Xie Lian to help rescue Pei Ming who's already mad three coffins by the time they find him. When he points this out, Quan Yizhen responds in kind.
    Quan Yizhen: It's already amazing that anyone even showed up. When everyone had heard it was to save you, no one had time.

    Brocade Immortal Arc 
  • Xie Lian's story that Qi Rong is his insane younger cousin who he had to look after out of an obligation (it's not entirely a lie). Then the townsfolk refer to San Lang as Xie Lian's "Xiao Hua", who was his younger brother who ran away from home and had come to the shrine to play. Xie Lian starts to shoo them away as he gets flustered hearing the townsfolk talk.
  • When Xie Lian looks at the donation box, he's nearly blinded by the shine of gold bars and quickly shuts it closed.
  • The wealthy merchant he helped earlier gifts Xie Lian with a brocade reading, "Return Babes through Miraculous Hands".
  • The ghosts of Ghost City referring to Xie Lian as Grand Uncle, before quickly changing it to "Chengzhu's Lord Friend".
  • Xie Lian gets so distracted by his thoughts he doesn't realize how high the flames are until Lan Ying points it out. So when he tries to put it out, he ends up slapping the pot so hard he collapses the stove. The villagers run over to ask Xie Lian if he blew up his home again.
  • At night Xie Lian hears a thief sneak into the shrine, but appears to have only come to stuff something into the donations box. And before they leave, they take a bite of Xie Lian's food and immediately collapses. Xie Lian goes over to the culprit and finds out it's Quan Yizhen.
    Quan Yizhen: How should I know that anyone would actually poison their own food offered in their own shrine?
    Xie Lian: ...
  • Later on Quan Yizhen eats the food again, and when Xie Lian asks if he's okay, he pukes and then replies "no". Xie Lian then asks if he can walk and Quan Yizhen says he can't.
  • Xie Lian asks Quan Yizhen if he was the one who put the gold bars in his donation box and when he confirms it, Xie Lian asks why he did that.
    Quan Yizhen: Because I have a lot.
  • Then when Xie Lian asks him to take it back, it becomes obvious Quan Yizhen isn't listening.
  • As Xie Lian bathes Lan Ying comes in and Xie Lian asks if he could pass him the scroll from Quan Yizhen. However, Lan Ying becomes flustered looking at Xie Lian and immediately slams the bath door closed. But then returns after he finds the scroll, but keeps his head down.
  • Xie Lian thinks it would be foolish for ghosts to tote around the Brocade Immortal right now, and then a woman selling clothes calls for him who turns out to be a ghost trying to sell clothing to humans and trick them.
  • The gold litter returns and offers to give Xie Lian a ride. While he initially was going to politely decline, Quan Yizhen is so enamored he climbs on, only to get forcibly ejected out. So while Xie Lian and Lan Ying ride the litter, Quan Yizhen runs after them, looking really determined to hitch a ride. Xie Lian asks if the step-litter could hold three people, but the skeletons reply it's only for two.
  • Quan Yizhen picks up a random robe and Xie Lian asks him to not put random things in his mouth, and also to not put random clothes on. When the martial god then points to Lan Ying setting one of the robes on fire Xie Lian adds, "...Don't... play with fire either???"
  • All of the women's robes start flying to Xie Lian and Quan Yizhen asks why the women's clothes like him.
    Xie Lian: Maybe because they think I look friendlier???
  • Ling Wen calls the Immortal Brocade "Xiao Bai" like it was a pet.
  • Xie Lian cooks, and Quan Yizhen tries to eat the ingredients raw because if Xie Lian cooked it, they would become inedible.
  • Xie Lian continues to ask Lan Ying very embarrassing questions and after too many, Hua Cheng finally drops his disguise while pouting at Xie Lian, causing the other to burst out laughing.
  • Xie Lian's "Incorruptible Chastity Meatballs".
    Quan Yizhen: Didn't you stew with water? Why did it turn into meatballs?
    Xie Lian: This dish is called "Incorruptible Chastity Meatballs".
    Quan Yizhen: Didn't you stew with water? Why did it turn into meatballs?
  • "Lan Ying" eats one with no reaction, so Quan Yizhen tries one. He passes out seconds later. Hua Cheng claims it was because he ate too fast and choked. Then when cultivators show up, Quan Yizhen barely manages to come back to consciousness to ask Xie Lian if he wants him to beat them up.
  • The cultivators ask if there was a ghost in his shrine and he admits it immediately by throwing the Half-Maquillage Woman he caught earlier at them.
  • One of the cultivators called Heaven's Eye senses a strong essence of evil... on Xie Lian's lips.
  • Xie Lian shakes Quan Yizhen and tells him he's going to feed him more of his Incorruptible Chastity Meatballs, which causes the god to emit a blinding light that Heavenly Officials emit when they sense they were in extreme danger and blinds the cultivators outside.
    Quan Yizhen: I won't eat it.
    Xie Lian: Don't be scared, this isn't for you!
  • Xie Lian calls for Ruo Ye to unbind from Ling Wen and tie up the cultivators. However, Ruo Ye is hesitant at leaving Ling Wen.
    When Ruoye bound men it was always aggrieved, but when it bound women it'd change face.
  • Quan Yizhen and Xie Lian being too stunned by [Ling Wen using the Brocade Immortal to really care that she was fighting them. In fact they're admiring and praising how amazing Ling Wen was under the control of the Brocade.
  • Xie Lian screaming to the cultivators, "I, DO NOT WORSHIP GODS. I, AM GOD!" Then follows this up with him saying he was kidding and he was but a humble scrap collector.
  • As the cultivator's fight comes closer to his shrine, Xie Lian tries to tell them to move away, but Puqi shrine unfortunately collapses.
  • Xie Lian using his meatballs as weapons, and even uses it on Ling Wen.
  • When Ling Wen is revealed to have stolen the Brocade Immortal, Xie Lian automatically tries to use the gods' communication array to contact her to ask for backup like he usually would. He ends up awkwardly apologizing and then hanging up.
    Xie Lian: Ling Wen, something's happened, I...
    Ling Wen: ...I know.
    Xie Lian: ...So sorry to bother you.
  • Hua Cheng's powers start to drain away as his forms get younger and younger until he looks a six year old child. Xie Lian's reaction? Smooshing Hua Cheng's face, squeeing and hugging him tightly. People then mistake Hua Cheng as Xie Lian's son. Even Jun Wu gets in on the joke.
  • As Xie Lian attempts to pay for Hua Cheng's new clothes, Hua Cheng just quietly slaps down a gold leaf foil onto the counter and walks out of the store.
  • Xie Lian throws on some women's clothes so when the cultivators open the curtains, he drops the top of his robe enough to reveal his shoulder and screams. This leads to the cultivator screaming his apologies in embarrassment while the people in his group shame him.
  • At the inn, the innkeeper sends the cultivators on a wild goose chase searching for Xie Lian and Hua Cheng.
  • Xie Lian watches the cultivators as they prepare to eat the food when Heaven Eye stops them and Xie Lian thinks it's because he realizes the food is made of human flesh. No, turns out he realizes the dishes were incredibly greasy and not cleaned, so he calls for them to send their plates back.
  • Qi Rong tries to alert the cultivators that Hua Cheng was inside the inn, but Xie Lian gives him a placid smile as he pushes a knife into his mouth.
  • Hua Cheng collapses the entire inn, and while he assures Xie Lian it won't affect his powers, Fu Yao angrily pushes the fallen wood aside as he yells that he was bothered.
  • Xie Lian then lies that Hua Cheng was not only normal but also his kid, leading Fu Yao to becoming incredibly confused.
    Feng Xin: When did you have a son?
    Xie Lian: I haven't yet. I'm just saying that if I do have a son, he must be just as cute, right?
    Hua Cheng: (holding Xie Lian's hand and smiling) Right.
    Feng Xin and Fu Yao: ...
  • Gets funnier when Jun Wu later calls Hua Cheng Xie Lian's kid because he overheard it.
  • Qi Rong screams Guzi is lucky he didn't eat him out of compassion but Xie Lian snarks he likely hadn't eaten the kid because he wouldn't taste good feverish.
  • Xie Lian stands up for Mu Qing, by basically bringing up all of his bad traits.
    Xie Lian: Someone like Mu Qing, even though he's narrow-mindedd, petty, sensitive and skeptical, has a bad personality, constantly guessing, doesn't say nice things, likes to nag, always offending people and a lot of people dislike him, has no friends, can remember small unimportant details for a long period of time... But I've known him since we were kids after all, he's still got principles. He might spit in the cup of someone he doesn't like, but he would never poison the water to harm others.
    Hua Cheng: Really? That's still gross though.
    Fu Yao: NO! He would never spit either!
    Xie Lian: Laxatives, then.
    Fu Yao: You... must you describe him this way? Are you speaking for him or against him?
    Xie Lian: Sorry, I just couldn't think of any better examples at the moment.
  • Lan Chang absolutely beats Qi Rong into the ground as the two hurl insults at one another.

    Mount Tong'lu 
  • As they arrive at Mount Tong'lu, a lot of demons start spouting out glamorous titles, and Xie Lian thinks of how the most boastful demons are the ones who were usually the first to be killed.
  • Hua Cheng and Xie Lian pretend to be a puppet master and his puppet. Xie Lian is trying so hard not to laugh as he pretends to be a docile puppet that his insides are spasming.
  • The stranger Xie Lian meets helps out a female ghost who screams and runs away from him. It turns out to have been Pei Ming and every time he approaches a female ghost they run screaming from him because he ate the Ghost Scent Candies to blend in as a ghost.
  • E'Ming shrinks in size alongside its master. When it tries to offer itself up to Xie Lian to help, Hua Cheng nonchalantly tosses the scimitar aside, causing the weapon to mope. As Hua Cheng calls it useless and smacks it away it flops to the ground "like a piece of unwanted scrap metal, like it had dropped dead from that strike". Xie Lian immediately runs over and coos over E-Ming, telling it they were still useful.
  • Xie Lian tricks Ke Mo by "telling" Ban Yue and Pei Su to run away and not be seen. Becomes a bit funnier later when Ke Mo comes back saying they weren't around, but then the two suddenly show up to fight.
  • Xie Lian tells Pei Ming to sign what he signs so he show Ke Mo they were allies. Ming Guang however does those signs before them, causing Ke Mo to become enraged and attacking the ghost. Xie Lian apparently lied and the signs he made in the Banyue tongue meant something along the lines of, "Chop off your bitch head", "Fuck your wife", "Murder your whole family" and "Level your ancestors' grave".
    Pei Ming: Your Highness, I thought Ming Guang was already cunning, but I hadn't thought you're more than cunning than he is. I'm impressed.
    Xie Lian: It's nothing, it's nothing, much ashamed.
  • Ming Guang then angrily tries to sign to Ke Mo that he was against Xie Lian and Pei Ming, even doing the forked gesture again while pointing it at the two.
    Ke Mo: Are you doing this to me or to them?
  • Xie Lian complimenting E-Ming, causing the scimitar to slowly change in size. Pei Ming suggests Xie Lian keep doing that, to which he continues to do.
    Xie Lian: E'Ming, listen well: You are handsome and carefree, cute and kind, clever and intelligent, gentle and determined, number one in the world...
  • Pei Ming then takes E'Ming into his hands and tapped the scimitar to Xie Lian's face. The hilt part coincidentally touching his lips.
  • As Ban Yue looks at Hua Cheng, she asks if he would heal faster if she puts him in her jar since she recovered quickly when Xie Lian put her in it. Pei Su quickly dissuades her and tells her not to mind him.
  • Ban Yue flees from Pei Ming because he smells.
  • Ban Yue learns how to cook from Xie Lian. Once everyone sees the results, Pei Ming pushes Pei Su to go eat it since Ban Yue made it for him. Pei Su eats it and faints soon afterwards, leading his words to be stuttered and slurred while he can barely move for the rest of the arc.
  • Quan Yizhen plays dead and once Yin Yu gets close he pulls off his mask and is delighted to see his former shixiong. Yin Yu however, starts running away and screaming at Quan Yizhen to leave him alone. Quan Yizhen obliviously gives chase.
  • Xie Lian and Hua Cheng coaches Guzi so he can trick Qi Rong. It doesn't take much as Qi Rong boasts after a bit of praises from the boy, to the point Xie Lian gets to embarrassed he slaps a hand to cover his face.
  • Qi Rong's password: "DOG FUCKER XIE LIAN"! The captured farmers at first think it would be good to say it and unlock themselves... but then think otherwise as they not only feel bad for cursing at this Xie Lian person, but Yin Yu advises they best not say the password aloud unless they want to suffer a fate worse than what they're currently facing.
    Xie Lian: What the heck is 'dog fucked'?
  • He also has a second one for Hua Cheng, "Hua Cheng you fucker".
  • Xie Lian nonchalantly repeats the password five to six times. The captives off to the side are note to can't help themselves and praise Xie Lian for cursing himself, raising their thumbs up to him in their hearts, thinking, "a real man"! But since it's not Qi Rong saying it, he laughs at Xie Lian cursing himself for nothing. So Hua Cheng punches him throws him into a wall, causing him to instinctively curse out his password. Xie Lian then brightly encourages him to not hold back and keep cursing.
  • Xuan Ji finally finds Pei Ming, and he has no idea who she is, leading her to scream out in rage.

    First Fall 
  • Xie Lian's mother attempts to make the group some food after a long day. Xie Lian and Feng Xin can only look at the concoction she's plated for them and wondering aloud what it was supposed to be. Feng Xin can barely swallow it all done before the queen cheerfully says he should eat more. Even Xie Lian is attempting to politely turn down the dishes.
  • Xie Lian lays in the middle of the rode with Fang Xin impaled in his chest. There's something comical about how White-No-Face comes to badger the prince again, only with Xie Lian to snarkily respond for him to move because he's blocking his view of the sky.

    Heavenly Capital Arc 
  • Jun Wu tells Xie Lian to contact Hua Cheng and tell him that nothing was going on. But to do that he needs to know Hua Cheng's verbal communications password. When Xie Lian gives it, Jun Wu actually laughs at it.
  • Hua Cheng teases Xie Lian when they try to see if he actually had the Immortal Brocade. Since the wearer obeys the command of whoever put it on, Hua Cheng orders Xie Lian to exchange spiritual energy with him. Xie Lian immediately tears the robe off and tries another, while asking Hua Cheng to not tease him.
  • The next one Hua Cheng asks him to "not" exchange spiritual energy with him. Xie Lian doesn't, but then Hua Cheng points out they won't know if it was due to the Brocade. So Xie Lian quickly pecks Hua Cheng on the lips.
  • As Xie Lian and Hua Cheng are trying to search for the Immortal Brocade before Ling Wen comes back, Xie Lian is in the process of taking a robe off when Ling Wen suddenly comes in. They all take a moment to stare at each other before Ling Wen attempts to call for Jun Wu but is stopped by Hua Cheng.
  • The fact that the others escape on the giant statue of Xie Lian that Hua Cheng had carved.

    Final Battle 
  • The group has to jump on their own corpse to essentially ferry them across the lava. Feng Xin and Mu Qing bully theirs, Hua Cheng glares at his and Xie Lian has to constantly attempt to bribe with his corpse that tries to throw him off.
  • As the group are chased by corpses, Feng Xin cusses at them while Xie Lian merely snarks back.
  • Xie Lian finds out that Mu Qing sincerely wanted to be Xie Lian's friend, and even stutters when saying those words. Feng Xin of course can't help but tease him for it later on.
    • After revealing that fact, Mu Qing attempts to throw himself off of the cliff in embarrassment. Xie Lian is quick enough to stop him from going through with it.

  • As the other Heavenly Officials are discussing how to efficiently calculate their offerings, Quan Yizhen sits off to the side covered in a full-body cast.
  • Ling Wen is found and dragged back in front of the Heavenly Court. Her punishment? Go back to her usual job but with more paperwork and a pat on the back from the other gods. Even she's mildly surprised that this is her punishment.
  • Pei Ming apparently saw the Rain Master earlier and attempted to pet her ox, but it responded by snorting at him and he wisely left.
  • How do the readers find out that Hua Cheng and Xie Lian have consummated their relationship? Heavenly Eye says he sees a lot of evil energy surrounding Xie Lian but now there's a lot more inside of him.
  • He Xuan, while invisible, eats all the food in the kitchens. The cooks (who are ghosts themselves) freak out and scream about ghosts. When he hears what happened Hua Cheng says to add the food to He Xuan's debt.

Alternative Title(s): Tian Guan Ci Fu