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  • "Hulk Hogan! We comin' fo' YOU, nigga!" *Facepalm*
    • For context: while cutting a promo against Hogan as part of Harlem Heat, Booker got a bit too caught up in his own momentum and midway through the N-word he seems to realize what he's doing on a PG broadcast and after the above mentioned Face Palm, spends the greater majority of the remaining promo with a "I can't believe I actually just said that" look on his face.
  • "We know how hard Cena has worked here in the WWE, all the charity work he's done, I mean with limited skills and ability, John Cena has managed to do the unthinkable, and that is hold on to that WWE championship, for quite some time!"
  • His reaction to Michael Cole's now infamous "anal bleeding" announcement regarding Jerry Lawler. note 
    Michael Cole: "...We understand that Jerry Lawler has bruised ribs and... well, with all due respect, he's also suffering from... anal bleeding."
    Booker T: *very quick Beat as he realizes what Cole just said. (Meanwhile, Jim Ross silently turns his head away with a look that just says "You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!")* "...Wut? ... ...Wow."
    • No one really knows to this day whether Booker T and Jim Ross were forewarned about this line being included in the commentary, so Booker T's reaction might have been Enforced Method Acting.
  • His supermarket brawl with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin had shades of this, even with Booker being on the wrong end of a Curb Stomp Cushion. He gets in a few good shots on Stone Cold and throws him in the refrigerator where the dairy products are stored. Because Booker Failed a Spot Check, Stone Cold merely opened one of the display doors and walked out...before slapping him in the face with a half-gallon bottle of milk.
  • Getting Stink Faced by Rikishi after hearing him "preparing" in a bathroom stall. He was so nauseated by the experience that he threw up — all over Michael Cole!
  • Any of the segments between Booker T and Goldust during their tag team run in 2002 to 2003.
  • Most of his promos as King Booker. A perfect blend of Ham and Cheese.
    • "BATISTA IS DOWN, BATISTA IS DOWN" (repeat about 12 times)
  • Providing commentary with Kevin Nash on an episode of TNA as "Chet Lemon and Black Snow".
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  • "Cody The Red Nosed Reindeer"


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