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Fridge Brilliance

  • Aside from being a good establishing moment for Josuke's character, his rather timid approach to being bullied until his Berserk Button is stepped on is likely very confusing considering how he acts later on... but only to a western audience; the Japanese audience immediately gets why he's like that once he's revealed to be the bastard son of Joseph Joestar. Bastards are not well treated by Japanese society (or in other societies around the world) and living in a small town growing up in the 80s/90s means Josuke learned to keep his head down and not cause too much trouble, or as best he can as he's otherwise a normal teenager. The fact he's half foreigner would have encouraged that. Since he has to go to school with those bullies, avoiding causing trouble on his first day was likely his intent... at least until they insulted his hair.
    • Continuing on, the introduction of his mother and grandfather further explains his good nature and personality; Tomoko is shown to be a strong-willed woman with a temper and his grandfather as a good-natured cop, who both love Josuke as family and know he's a good person. This is startling to Japanese audiences because of the rejection most bastards get; Giorno's backstory in Part 5 is much more what the Japanese audience expected for how a bastard son would be treated.
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  • When Josuke heals Yuuya in exchange for his cooperation, Yuuya complains that his eyelids are a little droopy. It was previously established that Crazy Diamond's ability messes the things he heals up a little if Josuke is angry. Clearly, Josuke didn't like having to work with a former enemy.
  • Koichi has a rather unique Stand. Compared to other people who manifest their Stands, his actually evolves; starting from a giant egg that can't do anything until it becomes a Stand that looks human and can talk similar to a normal Stand. He also seemed to have no idea how to use his Stand in the beginning, and after subsequent evolutions as well. He can also freely transition it from its various evolutions, which is another oddity unique to him. While he quickly gets the hang of it, it seems odd that he seems to be the only Stand user in Morioh who didn't have a clue on what to do with his Stand Note . Then it starts to make sense when you realize that Koichi probably wasn't meant to have a Stand. If you think about it, the only reason that Koichi has a Stand at all is because Crazy Diamond managed to heal him from his fatal injury, and thus technically "survive" the Arrow to gain a Stand.
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  • According to Part 4 Josuke's profile, his favorite musician is Prince. What's the name of Part 8 Josuke's Stand? Soft & Wet. A Prince song.
  • We all know of the irony of Yoshikage Kira being killed by the ambulance that arrived to help save him. But it goes even further than that: in the spirit world, Kira's ghost is tricked by Reimi into looking behind him, thereby getting him dragged into a cruel afterlife by a swarm of severed arms. How fitting is it that the severed-hand fetishist suffered his final punishment at the hands of hundreds of disembodied arms?
    • As a comment chain from this YouTube video points out, Kira's death is filled with ironies. As a murderer who wanted to live silently in peace and whose Stand appears catlike and kills people, he was killed by an ambulance (being killed by something meant to save lives and prevent murder victims from dying), in such a way that his death would make headlines in a newspaper, to which he's then dragged away to somewhere where he "Would never rest in peace" and the way he was forced to turn around was by a dog who, in one final twist of irony, took off his very hand.
    • Some people may feel confused that the main Joestar of this arc, Josuke, doesn't land the final blows on Yoshikage Kira, with Jotaro taking this role. But think about the ambulance that ran over Kira's head. What an ambulance typically does is wheel the injured to hospitals, where they are cured. It resembles Josuke's Stand, Crazy Diamond, which can reassemble objects and people, so technically, Josuke symbolically beat the main villain, albeit with a mere coincidence.
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    • And for a final touch of Irony, Okuyasu can be credited for starting the chain that would end Kira's life with his Stand. What was his Stand you say? "The Hand".
  • In Deadman's Questions and Answers, Ghost Yoshikage Kira wears a nice bowler hat. Yoshikage's head was crushed by an ambulance. And Ghosts in JoJo retain their wounds!
  • The reason behind Echoes Act 3's sudden gravitational powers comes from untranslatable Japanese text. In katakana, Echoes is written out "Akuto Surii" and Echoes changes this to "Furizu". Echoes itself comments on this:
    Echoes Act 3: From 'Three' to 'Freeze'. All I did was change the spelling. No big deal.
  • Between Parts III and IV, Joseph has started to age normally, thanks to him neglecting his Hamon training. But why did he stop? It's probably due to the fact that he had a blood transfusion from DIO. If he were to use it afterwards, it's likely that it'd be harmful to him, so he stopped using Hamon]].
  • Highway Star separates itself into moving footprints to track people down, and grants its user a heightened sense of smell. It has smelly feet.
  • Toyohiro had to be either extremely resourceful, or extremely lucky to get all the materials needed to turn the telephone tower/Superfly into a sustainable house. Unless you consider another possibility: Superfly needs to have a living person inside of itself to sustain itself, since the tower isn't capable of producing the "life energy" required to generate a Stand. It's possible that one of Superfly's abilities is to make sure that the imprisoned person may survive in it, either via providing them the materials required (like food), or by enhancing their abilities and knowledge so that they can survive on their own.
  • Anime-only example: The lyrics to "Chase," the second OP, are ambiguous enough to have been written from either Josuke or Kira's perspective, making this a combination Fridge Horror example:
    My most precious things seem about to be stolen,
    By a demon that's burrowed into my everyday life;
    My peaceful moments have already collapsed
    Being unconcerned, so nonchalant,
    Before I even noticed, it'd been torn away...
    If I'm gonna get it back, I have to act right away!
    With the sharpness of a piercing arrow,
    These colliding hearts are a thing of beauty!
    I'll chase you anywhere
    I'll chase you anytime
    You know I'll chase you
    There is no escape
    Chase you
    I've been chasing this dream
    Chase you, Chase you, Chase you
    Still not ready to wake up
  • After episode 24 aired, much discussion was had online that it's quite possible that Jotaro was 'triggered' (i.e., had PTSD) during the encounter with Kira, due to the similarities between Kira and DIO. May even overlap into Fridge Horror when you begin to examine the circumstances... a blonde-haired man calling Jotaro's Stand 'weak', counting down the seconds and even using the word "Muda", as well as Koichi having a hole punched through his chest, just like Kakyoin. Needless to say, this puts Jotaro's absolute smack down of Kira into a new light.
  • The first villain Josuke confronts is a Serial Killer. The last villain? Also a Serial Killer.
    • Similarly, Jotaro was the first and last person to punch Kira.
  • The third opening, Great Days, had a part where it shows a sad Hayato sitting alone on a table, but for the "Bites the Dust" version, it shows him determined (as he's the only one who can stop Kira's Stand, plus he plays a part in the final battle). However, when the last opening plays, it shows him looking sad again. This makes perfect sense realizing that Hayato (and Shinobu) end up getting a really sad ending, with Shinobu not even knowing what happened to her husband.
  • There was another hint that Bites The Dust didn't take into effect for Kira. He remembered activating it. As said by him, it can activate, but the only person that would remember was the one who was infected by the Stand itself.
  • The tempo of the song "Another One Bites The Dust" matches the CPR heartbeat, and it's recommended to keep the song in mind when performing CPR. Bites The Dust is a Stand that occupies another person's body to keep them alive. Just replace Stand with breath and heartbeat, and you get CPR.
  • In the anime, there is a unique sound effect that plays whenever Josuke uses Crazy Diamond to heal someone or something. The sound is odd and distorted, but it seems to be played in reverse.
  • Joseph is the only one who could have adopted Shizuka the invisible baby. He's the only one in the cast who has: a) raised a child, 2) had strange powers since childhood and so knows how to deal with and teach someone else in that position, C) a Stand, because non-Stand users wouldn't be well-equipped raising a child with a Stand, D) has enough time and money to raise a child, and E) a Stand that can find hidden things and people. Besides, who better to learn the Joestar Secret Technique than someone who can turn invisible?
  • One can wonder why DIO went through the trouble of giving two people from a town like Morioh the Stand Arrows, but remember that his awakening affected all members of the Joestar bloodline, including Josuke. DIO probably gave them the Arrows to deal with Josuke in a less direct way so as to avoid suspicion from his enemies.
    • Adding to this theory, remember that Okuyasu's house is very close to Josuke's. Since Okuyasu's father was working for DIO, it seems likely that he was told specifically to keep an eye on Josuke, either because he lived there or because, as a real estate agent, he had the means to easily move into that neighborhood.
  • Not that it justifies his behavior, but Joseph's infidelity becomes more understandable when you consider the effect hamon would have had on his marriage. In part 3, Joseph was 69 but had the body of an extremely fit 40-year-old, while Suzie Q was aging gracefully, but only by the standards of a normal human. They probably had a lot of problems with sexual compatibility that the audience isn't privy to.
    • Additionally, this could also explain why Joseph neglected his Hamon training and began to age normally between Part III and Part IV. If his cheating really was tied to him being physically younger than his wife, than he may have chosen to give up his youthful body out of guilt.
  • More like Fridge Humor, but still. Many question how so many enemies in this part know the secret of Jotaro's Stand, while Dio kept his hidden for nearly all of Part 3. Then you realize: Dio told very few people what his Stand abilities were, and those he did tell were either incredibly competent or quickly plugged as leaks. After the events of Part 3, who's left alive for Jotaro to describe his battle with Dio to? Joseph and Polnareff. Is it any wonder how the information got around to Japan?
  • In the end, Tonio was a legitimately friendly Stand user with all the seemingly menacing things he did being misdirection. Except the knife Josuke nearly took to the head. But that kind of knee-jerk reaction to poor kitchen hygiene is infinitely more understandable when your food can, for instance, blow someone's guts out. And that's when the dish is working properly! You'd do anything to make sure the process goes perfectly, right?
  • It might seem odd that despite holding his cane, Joseph doesn't know where it is - surely he'd feel it, right? Well, no he wouldn't - he's holding it in his prosthetic hand!
  • According to this link, Jonathan Joestar appears in the Diamond is Unbreakable opening credits “Great Days” as the sun. He transcended mortality to become a source of Hamon, and to assume a position of honor as the first Jojo.
  • It’s likely that the first masters of Hamon were also the ones that created the Stand Arrows to fight against the Pillar Men.
    • The Pillar Men were powerful vampiric beings who had a extreme control of their bodies, or to say it in another way, were masters of nature. In contrast, Stands have a myriad of abilities, often which break the rules of physics, and being powered by the mental strength of their user meant that their users could close the gap of powers by using Brains over the Pillar Men’s Brawn.
    • And, as the saying goes: "Healthy Body, healthy mind." Hamon training is not only useful to fight against vampires, but also helps its users by lessening the effects of aging such as senility.
      • Jossed - In Part 5, Polnareff reveals to the main characters and the audience that the Arrows were created from the material of a meteorite that crashed down in Greenland approx. 50,000 years prior and contained an alien virus that sometimes granted infectees a Stand.
  • Shigechi's primary use of his Stand was to go out and gather yen coins. How did he get mortally wounded? By getting a coin that's been touched by Killer Queen.
  • Sure, there was the obvious Book-Ends moment for Joseph Joestar, when he had his wallet pickpocketed by Josuke, clearly referencing his first appearance, in which Smokey did the deed. But there was another that tidily resolves Joseph's character arc: back when he defeated Wamuu, he let out some of his own blood to ease the latter's Hamon wounds slowly eating away at him, just minutes before the opponent's death. In the present, he deliberately cuts himself to use his blood as an indicator towards Shizuka's underwater location. He saved a newborn's life in the process!
  • So Yoshikage Kira resembles David Bowie, and his Stand is named after a Queen song. He often tries to keep his cover as a murderer from being blown, you could almost say he was, Under Pressure!

Fridge Horror

  • Do you think Shinobu slept with Kosaku!Kira when she fell for his new attitude? Because one wonders if Shinobu would notice anything different in the bedroom, and it would also make Kira a rapist on the grounds he gained consent through a false identity.
    • The worst part of this is that Shinobu would probably not have minded it and would have probably enjoyed it on the grounds that he could have possibly been a better lay than the actual Kosaku.
    • Considering how little he cares about women beyond their hands, and his restraint at ever turning her into one of his victims to the point of keeping her at arm's length, they probably never got intimate (probably much to Shinobu's annoyance).
    • You don't even have to wonder, it shows you. Yes. Though he starts freaking out partway through the foreplay and starts choking her because his urge to kill starts flaring up, before quickly letting go, apologizing, and going to the bathroom. And all she can think about is to blush and think, "wow I don't remember him being so forceful *blush*", and starts fawning over him even more the next morning. And even he actually admits that it's almost like he's developing feelings for her when he jumped into harm's way to protect her from Stray Cat, but quickly dismisses that can't be true, it's just for the plan... the plan, though after getting Bites the Dust, he tells Hayato that he is going to be his father in all respects, and even saunters over, kisses Shinobu, and slaps her bottom before going off to work, while grinning smugly at Hayato the first day after getting BtD. So while their first attempt at it got stalled out, had things lasted longer, you can bet your ass they'd be getting it on, and Shinobu was already hopelessly head over heels for the new Kosaku. (Also Kosaku was actually described as a pretty bad husband who was never really in the mood and even when they did do it, it was quick and bland, and there hadn't been any actual romance pretty since much after they got married, which was mostly due to her getting pregnant with Hayato.)
    • He looks smug mostly because now he thinks he has the ultimate protection against being found out and can use it to mess with Hayato, who's been a thorn in his side from the start, which is exactly what he's doing by getting closer to Shinobu — who looks genuinely surprised. Kira also states earlier that he'd basically murder Hayato and his mother if he could get away with it, so take that how you will.
  • Stands are the manifestation of someone's psyche. Koichi is roughly fifteen years old. His Stand, Echoes, reflects what a fifteen year old usually is thinking: Brash, bratty, foul, at one point said to Koichi, after he gets annoyed with a secretary, to "kill da ho"... Wait, what? Yes. Echoes at one point said "Let's kill da ho!" Should we be concerned for Koichi's hidden nature?
  • If Ken Oyanagi beats a Stand user in Rock-Paper-Scissors, he gets to steal their Stand's power. The very first person he challenges is Rohan Kishibe, whose Stand can read minds and control people. If he'd managed to win, Heaven's Door would allow Ken to become invincible at RPS, forcing other Stand users to intentionally lose at RPS, and accumulating more and more abilities. Imagine one Stand user with the combined powers of all of Part 4's heroes! It's a good thing he lost his game with Rohan and had "Always loses at Rock-Paper-Scissors" written into him, because he could have ended up becoming the most powerful character in all of JoJo's!
    • Actually, there would be a very easy way to undo this — simply have Rohan challenge him again with Jotaro nearby, and have Jotaro use The World right before Ken reveals what he chose and change it to whatever is defeated by Rohan's choice.
  • The heroes can rest easy knowing that Kira will never butcher another young woman again, but the medical personnel who couldn't save him won't be so lucky, lacking the proper context. The ambulance driver will be especially gutted: it's one thing to fail in saving a life, but it's another entirely to be the one who's supposed to save people and accidentally killed him. That's the kind of mistake that will stick with you, no matter how many people tell you it isn't your fault.
  • Okuyasu's father, one of Dio's former minions, either had a flesh bud implanted in him to ensure his obedience, was given a Stand, or both. Either way, Dio's death triggered his mutation into the monster he is now. Now think about what this means for all the Part 3 villains that survived, especially the Ineffectual Sympathetic Villains like Hol Horse or Boingo.
    • Not all of the Stand users in Part 3 were directly recruited by DIO, and even among those that were, there were some who didn't have flesh buds, such as Grey Fly. It's more likely DIO only used them on Stand users that he couldn't naturally be sure would be at least somewhat loyal to him.
  • Hazamada originally tried having sex with his Stand after making it take the appearance of a girl he was attracted to. It's a good thing that Stand rejected him because the girl would've felt the entire thing, making it a weird case of indirect rape. Imagine what would've happened of Hazamada forced himself onto the Stand regardless and made a hobby out of it.
  • The nature of Bites the Dust's explosions is conceptually terrifying. If Kira wanted to, he could've made someone on live TV or radio spill his identity - this would result in most of Morioh and likely a good chunk of the surrounding population to explode. Hundreds could die.

Fridge Logic

See additional entries on the Headscratchers page.

  • So, about when Ryohei, Josuke's grandpa, dies... Josuke healed his body pretty quickly, why didn't Jotaro try to reanimate his heart, like he did to Joseph and himself in Part 3? It would probably have worked, since Ryohei had only been dead for a few seconds, and Jotaro had managed to revive Joseph, who had been dead for a lot longer and was in much worse condition overall, with this technique.
    • It may be because of Dio's blood and Joseph's Ripple that he recovered, not just his heart restarting. It doesn't explain why Jotaro didn't try, but it wouldn't necessarily have worked.
    • Alternatively, Josuke's grandad wanted to move on, and Jotaro assumed that Crazy Diamond literally can't bring people back from the dead. Jotaro may have assumed Josuke's grandad wanted to move on.
    • There's also the fact that Ryohei's insides were completely shredded by Aqua Necklace, while Joseph was merely without blood for a few minutes. Jotaro's revival technique is essentially a more direct version of CPR, and even if he were to do it to Ryohei, there's not really any indication that his brain would start working properly or that his heart would continue pumping once Jotaro stopped doing it himself.
  • Early on the story, Akira calls Jotaro and tells him he knows Jotaro can stop time for a couple of seconds. He then spreads what was once DIO's biggest secret to every villain in the planet. But how did he even obtain that information?! There were no known witnesses to Jotato's battle against DIO and Jotaro himself claims at the beginning that he never had a need to use the The World ability again until Josuke forced him to.
    • Also remember that shortly afterwards, Jotaro had a meeting with Josuke, Okuyasu, and Koichi on how to deal with Red Hot Chilli Pepper and Akira because they could listen through the telephone lines or from anything that can run electricity. It's prolly really easy for Akira to eavesdrop on them, and that's how he learned Jotaro could stop time.
  • The guy who's trapped in the tower by Superfly (Toyohiro Kanedaichi) suggests that Josuke can get out by picking up a condemned criminal. Why didn't he just pick up Angelo? The guy who he fused into a rock? Josuke can release Angelo, knock him out, drag him to the tower, and then fuse him to the rock again. Then Toyohiro can be free, and Angelo isn't any worse off than before.
    • There's no indication that Josuke can "release" Angelo from the rock. Keep in mind that Josuke didn't fuse Angelo and the rock together on purpose. He simply hit Angelo into the rock and smashed both of them at the same time, then Crazy Diamond tried to fix them, but — due to Josuke being furious — it couldn't do it properly and inadvertently fused them together. But technically, both Angelo and the rock are "fixed", so Josuke can't separate them just by using Crazy Diamond.
    • There's also the fact that even if Josuke could "release" Angelo, all Angelo would have to do is lure some innocent civilian to where he is and use his Stand to switch places with the civilian.
  • Akira Otoishi wants to kill Joseph Joestar before he has a chance to use Hermit Purple to figure out his identity/location. After the battle with Akira concludes, Joseph stays in Morioh for the remainder of Part 4. If Hermit Purple could have been used to find Akira (which ended up not being necessary), why didn't they use it to find Kira afterwards? This applies to both before and after the face change.
    • Three reasons involving the three instances they could've done so. For one, when they figured out there was a serial killer in Morioh but didn't look into it, it was because they didn't think he was a Stand user. For the second, after Shigechi's death, as can be seen with some Stands (such as Jotaro/Dio/Diavolo's time stop/skip having limits or comments on how maintaining a Stand can be straining within the series), they can take a toll on the user depending on how much energy they had and Joseph is quite old. The toll could be enough to increase health problems, so they were probably trying to avoid having Joseph use his Stand (not to mention if Joseph tried smashing a camera at his age, he might break his hand). As for after the face change, it could be a mixture of "taking too much of a toll on Joseph" and the factor that Kira got not only his face changed, but also his finger prints and identity. As such, they probably couldn't search up "Yoshikage Kira" with Hermit Purple even if they tried, since his "image" doesn't exist anymore and got swapped out for "Kosaku Kawajiri".
    • Also keep in mind that they were going to find Akira by having Hermit Purple move through the power lines, not by using spirit photography. It's already been shown in Part 4 that spirit photography isn't really accurate (when Joseph tried to get a picture of Josuke prior to the part's beginning, he got Angelo instead), and since Kira keeps such a low profile and there's a bunch of other Stand users in Morioh, it probably wouldn't get them what they were looking for.


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