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Fridge subpages are Spoilers Off, as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance

  • The title of the movie, at first, seems like a funnier way of saying "Movie." But in reality, the movie shows the Bigger Picture of exactly why Eddy is how he is.
  • You only see it in the background of the very end, but Sarah is actually hugging Ed. Heartwarming in and of itself, but a little bit of inspection makes it even better: Sarah got to see in Eddy's brother exactly what it is she's been subjecting Ed to all these years, and it moves her enough to treat him better.
  • A lot of people question why the Kids just forgive the Eds after seeing Eddy's Brother's true colors. But during the confrontation, Edd stood up to Eddy's Brother, Ed pulled a smart move to K.O. Eddy's Brother and Eddy admitted his Freudian Excuse. But here's the thing: those were the three main flaws that made the Kids hate the Eds. Edd never having the courage to stand up to Eddy and his jerkass behavior, Ed never having the brains to realize what he and Eddy were doing was wrong, and Eddy never having the heart to own up to his horrible behavior and not doing the scams in the first place. With those character flaws out of the way, the Kids could bury the hatchet once and for all.
    • This is even highlighted in their dialogue early on (which itself is a shout out to The Wizard of Oz), after the scene where Rolf forces Wilfred to sniff out a tag Double D left behind.
      Ed: "Can your brother send me brainwaves too, Eddy"
      Eddy: "If only you had a brain Ed...."
      Ed: "Cmon Eddy, have a heart!"
      Edd:" "Courage....courage, Eddward!"
  • Eddy, rather casually, admits that he has no idea where his brother lives—while it would seem rather odd that their parents never told Eddy where his own brother lives, after seeing how Eddy was treated by his older brother, it's possible that their parents kept the information from Eddy for his own safety.
    • This is further evidenced when Eddy's Brother asked Eddy if their parents knew where he was.
  • A nice blend of Genius Bonus and Foreshadowing. Eddy's Brother is implied to have once worked in the Lemon Brook Gag-Factory. The Lemon Brooks and Peach Creek are hated enemies of each other, so it should come off as no surprise that Eddy's Brother would abuse his own brother, a Peach Creek.
  • The roles of the kids in the movie play similarly to Ed Pass it On:
    • All the kids who heard the rumor (Kevin, Nazz, Jonny and Rolf) were the same ones who end up wanting to kill for the unknown scam-gone-horribly-wrong at the beginning of the movie.
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    • Jimmy and Sarah didn't hear the rumor and it looks like they weren't affected by the Eds scam at the beginning of the movie.
    • Additionally, everyone who was at Kevin's house were present at the confrontation of Eddy's brother (plus the Kankers). Guess who wasn't at Kevin's house or the confrontation? Jonny!
  • Why did Ed choose to defeat Eddy's Brother using a door and Newton's Third Law instead of just clobbering him? Remember that the last time Ed let his rage take him over, he almost murdered Plank right in front of Jonny. Ed was likely trying to prove he's better than Eddy's Brother by not stooping into such brutality in order to stand up him.
  • The "friendship song" the kids made is strongly prophetic with the overall theme of the movie about the Eds finally earning their happy ending because of their strong and everlasting friendship.
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  • Eddy's brother is never called by his name, not even by Eddy. At first, this seemed to highlight his mysterious and coolness factor, however considering how the guy was actually like, it's likely that the other kids and Eddy avoided saying his name out of fear.
  • Although the TV series has never been especially shy about demographically inappropriate humour, many viewers of the movie were surprised by the infamous sextant scene's complete refusal to hide the "adult" humor whatsoever. But the Eds are (probably) 12-year-old boys who should be getting pretty dang close to 13 by the time of Big Picture Show. The series finale signifies the end of their childhood and the beginning of their adolescence. Finally allowing them to make jokes that are openly sexual (if still incredibly immature) helps drive that point home.
  • How did Ed know about Newton's Third Law (maybe not it's name, but he definitely knew how it works)? During the series, Edd tried multiple times to teach stuff to Ed with Ed seemingly never learning from them. It turns out Edd's efforts weren't completely in vain.

Fridge Horror

  • Eddy's Brother must have beaten up not just Eddy all these years, but possibly other kids as well, given that he also beat up Edd and the fact that he lives in an amusement park.
  • Eddy's used his brother's name a few times throughout the series to inspire fear and command respect from the other kids. He also knew full well what kind of treatment he'd be receiving from the guy if they got back together. Now stop to think about just how terrified he must have been to think running to his brother was safer than facing the other kids after the Eds' latest scheme backfired?
  • After leaving the gag factory, Eddy throws his gag cleaver into the bushes and an audible moan from an anonymous voice is heard, followed shortly by a thud to the ground. On one hand, this is kinda funny but on the other...Eddy killed someone and didn't even notice it. Or at least injured them.
    • This could also mean that the cleaver is either hard or heavy enough to kill or injure someone, and yet they sold it to young children.
  • When Eddy's Brother hears his younger sibling at the door, the first thing he asks is "Mom and Dad know you're here?" and "Anyone know you're here?" Why did he ask if anyone knew that Eddy was in the park? Perhaps he wanted to make sure that the coast was clear so that he could seize the opportunity to give his little brother a merciless beating in private.
    • Even if he was who Eddy said he was, he would still have asked those questions out of surprise of his parents not being with him at a house at least an hour's worth of driving away and planning to call someone if no one knew Eddy was there.
  • One might notice that when Eddy's brother starts to beat up Eddy, Ed looks like he's excited until he sees Eddy getting thrown repeatedly at the trailer. This probably comes due to the fact that Ed wasn't really capable of telling the difference between love and abuse, especially due to the fact he's been constantly abused by his baby sister and possibly his mother as well. It wasn't until Eddy's Brother started acting more malicious that Ed became terrified. Hopefully, Sarah and their mom treated them better after the ending (it's strongly implied they did, as Sarah's seen hugging Ed after Eddy reveals the truth).
    • True, Sarah changed, but what about their mother? She was never aware of what's going on or what her children have witnessed. It's implied in "Stop, Look, and Ed" that Sarah fears what her own mother would do to her, meaning not even Sarah would be able to defend Ed even if she wants to, less she becomes a victim of her mother's abusive tendencies. Ed and Sarah's father sure as hell wouldn't do anything to help his children, giving what we know about him in the series.
  • After witnessing the horror of Eddy's brother's actions one must wonder what exactly their father must be like?
    • Or their mother, since neither of her children seem to have a good opinion on her either.
      • Or maybe Eddy's brother is just a big jerk in general. Just because someone's a bully doesn't mean it's because they were abused.
  • True, the Eds and the Kids earned their happy ending (except for Jonny), but how would they face their parents should they get home after days of cross-country traveling without permission?
  • Related to the above: so, the movie ends with the Eds finally being accepted by the other kids (except Jonny), and they all leave to have a party at Kevin's house. Clear cut case of Earn Your Happy Ending, right? Except...there's still the matter of "The Scam that Went Too Far." Aside from what it did to the kids, the collateral damage from the incident includes a ruined alley, a broken water pipe, an uprooted tree, a crashed ice cream truck, and a random house being filled with cement. The Eds may be off the hook with the other kids, but they are most certainly not off the hook completely, especially with the owner of the ruined house. Knowing what little we do know about the Eds' parents, if they do end up punishing the Eds, it's not going to be pretty.
    • Though given how benevolent Double D's parents are suggested to be compared to some of the other parents (His Mom mostly), they might just at the very worst, give Double D a telling off instead of offing him or disowning him.
    • Their parents? Given the several thousand dollars worth of property damage this probably adds up to, I'd say the Eds will be lucky if they don't get dragged off to a Youth Detention Center. No, this mistake will haunt them for the majority of their adult lives, and if I was one of their parents, I'd decide that that would be punishment enough.
  • Given that Adults Are Useless in this show, is Eddy's Brother's behavior really unique in this movie, or is it just an example to the adults' true colors in this series?


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