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Eddy's brother owns the ammusement park

The "Wizard of Oz" character development will continue for the Eds as they grow
Eddy will grow to take several levels in kindness, Edd will become more confident and willing to stand up for himself and his friends and Ed will start to get smarter.

Eddy's parents disowned his brother when they discovered his abuse. the point that he's pretty much an UnPerson. The Eds have to go on a quest to track down Eddy's brother because his parents have forbidden all contact.
  • Despite Eddy liking his brother and thinking he's really cool, he has no idea where he lives and has only ever received a single piece of mail from him since he left.
    • When Eddy shows Ed and Double Dee the postcard, he implies his parents don't know he has it. Why would his parents care, unless they didn't want their eldest communicating with them?
  • The brother's bedroom is nailed and chained shut. He's old enough to be living on his own and clearly never comes back and visits, so there's no reason for him to leave anything important to him behind or to care if someone goes into his room.
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  • The very first thing Eddy's brother does when he sees Eddy is to ask if "Mom and Dad know you're here", to which Eddy replies to the tune of "of course not". If they'd known where Eddy was going, they would have dragged him right back.

All of this serves as foreshadowing to the inevitable reveal of Eddy's brother's true nature.

Johnny's outcast status won't last long
Eventually, he'll figure out what happened, apologize, and be accepted again.

In his youth, Eddy's brother did the same backfiring scam that got the Eds into the situation, only the results were EVEN WORSE
Whereas the Ed's incident (which will be referred to in this WMG as "The Scam of the Century") destroyed a good part of The Lane and got the other kids badly hurt, Eddy's brother's attempt at The Scam of the Century actually KILLED SOMEONE and destroyed a good part of the Cul-De-Sac. With the entire neighbourhood out for his blood and with no-one to back him up, Eddy's brother ran for his life, eventually reaching an in-construction amusement park that was to be called Mongo-A-Go-Go. Disguising himself as a worker, he hid amongst the construction crew until the hunt for him was called off, and, with nowhere else to go, settled down in a trailer that he stole from the builders. He took up work at the park and prepared to live out the rest of his life at Mongo-A-Go-Go, knowing he could never return to Peach Creek after The Scam of the Century.

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