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Quotes / Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show

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Edd and Eddy fight.

Eddy: Hey! Where're you going? You're heading back into the swamp! My bro don't live... (touches Double D's shoulder)
Double D: (slaps him away) Don't you DARE TOUCH ME!! A sap?! Well excuse my sincerity, but thinking I had lost the only two people I had left in this world...!
Eddy: (smiling) And?
Double D: It's surprising, because your stubborn, inane desire to shock, sandbag, and swindle IS WHAT PUT US HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!
Ed: I helped too.
(Double D shoots a Death Glare at Ed, who jumps back in shock. Double D then furiously turns back to Eddy, who's still smiling.)
Double D: You and your NEFARIOUS SCAMS!!
Eddy: (finally gets mad) Like you're picking daisies! YOU BUILT THE STUPID THING!!
Double D: If YOU had paid attention to what I said and not pushed the red button...!
(Double D and Eddy start physically duking it out)
Ed: STOP! I demand you tickle each other right now!
Double D/Eddy: STAY OUT OF IT, ED!
Ed: (fearful) The evil darkside has consumed them both! Trouble! Bad! Pain!
Double D: I've had ENOUGH!
(Double D kicks off Eddy, sending him crashing onto the ground.)
Double D: I'm returning home!
Ed: (pleading) But we can't go home, Double D!
Edd: I'd rather face my consequences, Ed, than wander aimlessly with a so-called FRIEND!

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