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Trivia / Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show

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  • I Knew It!: Quite a few fans predicted that not only would Eddy's old brother appear in the movie, but that he would end up being the movie's Big Bad (or, since he's revealed to be the reason behind Eddy's bad behavior, the Greater-Scope Villain).
  • Short Run in Peru: The Movie finally aired in the United States in November of 2009, a year after it was completed and months after it was shown in Scandinavia, Australia, and Southeast Asia.
  • Shrug of God: Is Eddy's brother's real name Matthew or what?
    • According to several interviews with Antonucci, it likely is.
  • What Could Have Been: Many scenes from the movie were deleted and cut down to save time. These include the following:
    • While Sarah and Jimmy skip into the Trailer Park, they were supposed to get into a discussion on what they thought was under Edd's hat. At one point they mention the blonde theory, causing them to laugh.
    • At some point during Jimmy's ridicule by the Kankers, Lee was supposed to kiss him and suck his entire face in. Not much to say why that was cut.
    • Kevin and Nazz were supposed to ride across a bridge leading them to the Peach Orchards.
    • Concept art shows there were supposed to be a couple location scenes extended, not to mention a few new ones; an abandoned gas station in the desert, a cave, and a drive in theater where the Eds would walk by.
    • While they were going down the river, Eddy was supposed to brag about his brother, which causes Edd to lament how he could never enjoy the company of a sibling, and Ed realizes that now he's running away, he'll never see Sarah again, resulting in him bawling his eyes out.
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    • The scene on the bus would've included a nightmare sequence in which Jonny suffers Sanity Slippage, to the point where he imagines a piece of bubble gum turning into the Eds. Storyboards and layouts for this have been found.
    • The scene where the Eds are camping out in the state park was meant to have TWO huge bits:
      • We would finally learn about the "Dodgeball Incident"
      • Eddy tries to warn then about Bro, but Ed and Edd ignore him. Eventually Ed shares expired gravy with them, which causes them to have a claymation nightmare about all their faults.
      • The ending was supposed to have Eddy realizing Ed and Double D were the brothers he's always wished to have and turning on his own brother.
      • Alternate endings involving the police arresting Bro. They were cut because the writers weren't sure on how to build the scene without the physical appareance of the cops, and having the kids say what the cops told them would be a cheat.

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