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Persona Chaos Butterfly is a fanfic written by Sea of Soul with help from Ohta-Suzuke. It's a crossover of Persona 4 and Persona 3.

Taking place several months after the events of Persona 4, Souji Seta, now living in Port Island, finds himself without parents after ending up in a car crash. Mere moments after being discharged from the hospital, the Dark Hour suddenly occurs in the middle of the day. During this, Souji encounters two boys that are supposed to be dead... his old childhood friend, Minato Arisato, and Shinjiro Aragaki.

Now, the Investigation Team and SEES must team up to find out why the Dark Hour has returned and stop it.

But what does a mysterious girl with brown hair and red eyes have to do with it?


This work contains examples of:

  • Affectionate Nickname: Souji calls the Arisato twins “Aniki” and “Aneki”. Likewise, the two calls Souji “Banchou-kun”.
  • Adaptational Jerkass: Adachi, but justified since this story was produced before Golden was localized, where he was portrayed more sympathetically.
  • Alternate Continuity: As the story was made before Persona 4: Arena was released, it never happened here. Although the writers have put characters in there. It does end up happening, albeit a different setup, in later chapters and Chie and Yukiko,especially Yukiko, want to maim Teddie for their insulting titles. Until Metis points out he isn't smart enough to come up with them on his own.
  • Back from the Dead: The fic opens up with Minato and Shinjiro's resurrection.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Minako is noted to be every much a Nice Girl, but is quite scary when she's angry. In chapter 16, when Kashiwagi makes the critical mistake of hitting on Shinjiro and Minato right in front of her, she flies into an Unstoppable Rage and has to be physically restrained from attacking her by Shinjiro, Souji, and Minato; Kanji and Teddie witness the incident and are quite terrified.
    Kanji: Damn, that girl's scary when she's mad.
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  • Berserk Button: Swearing in front of Nanako is enough for Souji to purposely summon Lucifer, as Shinjiro learns the hard way.
  • Birthday Episode: Chapter 23 centers on Nanako's birthday.
  • Childhood Friends: Turns out Souji's parents were close to Minato and Minako's, so they were good friends up until the car accident.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: Teddie manages to convince the teams to play the King's Game, which ends as badly as you'd expect. Once SEES move into their new dorm, Teddie's punishment is laid out. Not only does Teddie have to work extra hours at Junes, he has to clean the entire first floor of the dorm (the dirtiest one) while wearing a very pink and frilly apron made by Kanji. And keep his bear suit on despite the heat. Yep, karma at its finest.
  • Cover Innocent Eyes and Ears:
  • Death Glare: Souji gives one to Shinjiro when he swears in front of Nanako.
  • Everyone Can See It: Apparently, everyone else in SEES can tell Mitsuru and Akihiko were a thing before they even confessed they were together. There is also Yosuke and Chie along with Kanji and Naoto.
  • Fighting Your Friend: Once Ikutsuki is revealed to be still alive, he promptly takes control of Aigis again, this time with Metis and Labyrs, and make them attack the heroes.
  • Fun with Acronyms: The combined group's name is called SPIES (Specialized Paranormal Investigation and Extermination Squad).
  • Hidden Depths: Apparently, Teddie managed to get into Yasogami High as a first year by studying hard.
  • Internal Reveal: Dojima and Nanako learns about what the Investigation Team and SEES are up to when they're targeted during the Dark Hour.
  • Lethal Chef:
    • While Souji was gone, the other girls have been using Yosuke and Kanji as “guinea pigs” for food testing. How they’re still alive we’ll never know.
    • Subverted with Fuuka. While she has greatly improved, she now leaves a huge mess in the kitchen. And by huge, it’s more like mass disaster.
  • Like Brother and Sister: Souji was very close friends with the Arisato twins, to the extent the three consider themselves surrogate siblings.
  • Merged Reality: It's established that when Aigis first sealed Death and the Dark Hour was created, it split reality into two: one where Minato died from wounds sustained in the car accident while Minako lived, and one where the reverse happened. From that moment on, the chain of events happened equally for both realities, except for Shinjiro becoming Minako's boyfriend and surviving being shot. Now that the Dark Hour has ended and the Investigation Team defeated Izanami and lifted the Fog, the two realities have merged back together, creating a new one where both Arisato twins survived and went through the events of Persona 3 together.
  • Motherly Scientist: Shinshudo, aka Yuu Kimijima. She gave Aigis her trademark neck ribbon, and is openly disgusted by the inhumane treatment that Labrys suffered, taking her in and raising her as her daughter.
  • My Sensors Indicate You Want to Tap That: In chapter 10, Aigis and Metis note on the sexual tension between Akihiko and Mitsuru, remarking on "an increase in body heat and high concentration of pheromones" whenever they were close to each other. Minako promptly shields Nanako's ears.
  • Mythology Gag: The Wild Cards have shared dreams that showed the events of the original Persona 1 and Persona 2.
  • Noodle Incident: What happened when Kanji saw Naoto wearing the female school uniform the first day of school. According to Yosuke, he blacked out fast and had to carry him to the Nurse's office.
  • Nostalgia Level: Chidori's Midnight Channel reality is a hospital similar to the one she was in with boss battles taking place where she first met Junpei. Her voice overs are not of her true feelings, but her memories. The boss battles are also Shadow versions of her Persona Medea along with Takaya and Jin.
  • Not Quite Dead: Ikutsuki.
  • Not So Stoic: Minato is revealed to be this along with Souji.
  • Precocious Crush: Nanako develops one for Ken. Which Souji is uncertain about.
  • Secret Relationship: Mitsuru and Akihiko are in a relationship, but Mitsuru is adamant about keeping it secret from the rest of SEES. The truth comes out in chapter 9. Of course, as Yukari reveals in the next chapter, Everyone Knew Already.
  • Sixth Ranger: Labyrs.
  • Taking the Bullet: Teddie takes a lightning attack to protect Nanako. Doubly awesome since his elemental weakness is lightning.
  • Tranquil Fury: When Shinjiro swears in front of Nanako, Souji keeps a tight smile on his as summons Lucifer from his psyche and asks Shinjiro not to do that again.
  • Wager Slave: When Teddie becomes the King in the King's Game, his declaration is that everyone has to be this to him for the next hour. He promptly milks it for all it's worth, forcing the gang to dress up like his butlers and maids and wait on him hand and foot, using Akihiko as a footstool, and having them put on a fashion show in increasingly skimpy outfits. The final straw is when he nearly gropes Minako just as his time as King ends. The gang is only stopped from causing Teddie grievous bodily harm by the arrival of the Dark Hour, and they set up a Cool and Unusual Punishment for him later.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: In chapter 22, Ikutsuki disregards Aigis, Labrys, and Metis as "mindless dolls" and "mere machines," stating outright that it's all just programming and none of their emotions are real. He stoops to new levels of dickery when he gives a furious Teddie a Shut Up, Kirk!, calling him a "freak of nature" and telling him not to pretend to show human emotions when he isn't one to begin with. Souji is rightfully pissed off by Ikutsuki's Lack of Empathy and gives him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.


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