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PenJackson: A Traveler for Camp Half Blood is a crossover between Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Pendragon Adventure by Arthur Drakoni. Camp Half-Blood is now a sub-territory of Second Earth, and Silena Beauregard, daughter of Aphrodite, must rise to become its newest Traveller. The completed part 1 can be read here: [1].While part 2 can be read here: [2].

Penjackson contains examples of:

  • Alien Sky: Denduron, true to the source material. Silena actually has to note that Zadaa only has one sun, like Second Earth, because of this.

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  • Audience Surrogate: Silena functions as this, having suddenly found herself thrust into the worlds of Halla and the Travelers

  • Big Bad: Saint Dane.

  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Happens to Percy in the sequel when Saint Dane and Nevva Winter kidnap him and take him to Quillan

  • Canon Discontinuity: Drakoni has officially declared the sequel to be this. However, the series is kept alive through a series of commissioned artworks that continue the story.

  • Canon Welding: Beckendorf grew up in Stoney Brook and went to school with Bobby, Mark, and Courtney.
    • Turns out that Chiron knew of the Travelers for a while, with Uncle Press and Professor Ozpin being acquaintance of his.

  • Compelling Voice: Charmspeak, a rare ability only certain children of Aphrodite, such as Silena, have. Silena hopes that, by using it, she can convince the people of Veelox to abandon Life Lite for good.

  • Crossover: Between Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Pendragon Adventure. The rebooted sequel adds The Hunger Games, RWBY, Rosario + Vampire, and The Heroes of Olympus to the mix. With hints of The Kane Chronicles to come in future installments.

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  • Defrosting the Ice Queen: Aja starts off very frosty towards the other Travelers, Silena and Spader in particular, but eventually warms up to them. Silena even refers to Aja as The Ice Queen.

  • Dirty Old Man: Dr. Zetlin. Aja tries to warn Silena about this, but to little avail. At least, until Silena discovers how old Dr. Zetlin really is after coming out of Lifelight.

  • Divine Parentage: Silena, Beckendorf, Clarisse and all the other demigods of Camp Half-Blood. Also, turns out Aja is a daughter of Athena. The rebooted sequel introduces the Roman demigods of Camp Jupiter.

  • Do I Really Sound Like That?: Aja insists that Silena's immition of her, as part of Silena's journal on Veelox, sounds nothing like her. Silena counters that she wasn't expecting Aja to ever watch the recording.

  • The Great Depression: First Earth takes place in 1937, as per the source material.

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  • Hollywood Medieval Japan: Silena’s second Life Lite jump takes place here. Justified, in that the jump is based on Silena’s thoughts, and Silena admits that she didn’t pay much attention in history class.

  • Lampshade Hanging: The fic frequently, and affectionately, pokes fun at various inconsistencies within both Percy Jackson and Pendragon by having the characters, usually Silena, note them.

  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Aja being a demigod, specifically a daughter of Athena.

  • The Multiverse: Halla, with various Territories including Earth, Denduron, Cloral, Vellox, Zadaa, and Quillan.

  • My Greatest Second Chance: Silena beloved that she can give Veelox another chance to resist the temptation of Life Lite. Aja, though skeptical at first, eventually agrees to give it a shot.

  • No New Fashions in the Future: Upon arriving on Third Earth, the first thing Silena notices is that clothing has apparently gone unchanged from the 21st Century, despite Third Earth being 3000 years in the future.

  • No OSHA Compliance: Aja is less than thrilled at Camp Half-Bloods lax attitude towards safety measures, as seen here: [3]

  • Not So Different: Saint Dane attempts to invoke this in order to tempt Silena to his side. For her part, Silena is having none of it, and refuses point-blank. Silena appeals to all the kind and selfless people across Halla. Saint Dane counters by asking if they really outway the selfish people. Silena admits that she’ll have to get back to him on that.

  • Off Screen Moment Of Awesome: Aja took on Medusa and won during Silena’s excursion with Luke.

  • Outside-Context Problem: With monsters from Greek Mythology appearing all across Halla, the Travelers find themselves faced with one of these. Bobby specifically says he hopes Silena and her Acolytes will provide the Travelers with insight on how to combat the monsters.

  • Required Secondary Powers: Silena can mimic other people’s physical appearance, but not any powers they might have.

  • Ridiculous Future Inflation: Inverted. Silena is shocked at how cheap everything is on First Earth.

  • Road Apples: Aja is so awestruck by Denduron’s three suns she accidentally steps in a pile of horse poop.

  • Rouge Angles of Satin: Has a bit of a tendency to happen. Drakoni has admitted this is partially due to a learning disability, and being low on time.

  • Secret Keeper: Beckendorf and Clarisse act as Silena’s acolytes. Chiron also acts as this, given his previous experience with the Travelers.

  • Shipper on Deck: Silena, in true daughter of Aphrodite style, is this to all the Travelers. She tries to set up Aja and Spader, and is downright giddy when the possiblity of Siry creating a love triangle comes up.

  • Shout-Out: During a trip through the flumes, Silena notices a blue police box among the jumble of images.

  • Take That!: While trying to think of a way to defeat the hydra on Zadaa, Silena makes mention of the Disney Hercules movie, only to remember that Chiron said it was totally inaccurate and not a very good movie.

  • The Tease: Silena, she is a daughter of Aphrodite after all.

  • The Unmasked World: Played with. All of the Earth territories have the Mist to hide gods and monsters from mortals, but the other territories seem to lack the Mist. The characters speculate that perhaps the Mist hasn’t reached the other territories yet.

  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Saint Dane has this, per the source material, but Silena develops the ability as well. The characters theorize that, because children of Aphrodite already have limit ability to alter their appearance, it comes more naturally for her than other Travelers.

  • Wham Line: “Silena, something I never told you. I did know my mom because she’s...Athena” - Aja Killian

  • The World Is Just Awesome: Once she gets over her safety concerns, Aja has this reaction when seeing Camp Half-Blood from the air while riding a pegasus.

  • You Are Not Alone: Aphrodite says this word-for-word during Silena's trip to Solara. The goddess points out that, though Silena feels overwhelmed, she has her fellow Travelers to lean on for support. Not only that, Silena has Beckendorf and Clarisse as loyal Acolytes.


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