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Dungeon Keeper of Love and Justice is an Alternate Universe Recursive Fanfiction of Dungeon Keeper Ami, written by Ankai. It begins with Ami Mizuno being transported to the world of Dungeon Keeper, and forced to become a Keeper herself.

Dungeon Keeper of Love and Justice provides examples of:

  • Adult Fear: Dying alone, your child going missing or into mortal danger, failing your friends.
  • The Ageless: As a demon, Reaper has lived for centuries.
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  • all lowercase letters: The threadmarks for the threads are all lowercase, like "story post: chapter fifteen" and "meta post: timeline 1".
  • An Ice Person: this and Making a Splash form Mercury's basic power set. It makes her a natural foil to Sailor Mars, who uses fire, and to the fiery demon Reaper.
  • Bad Boss: Dungeon Keepers in general. Aside from that, Taasbal claimed the job of Chief Warlock by threatening and torturing the other contenders and hasn't improved since.
  • Battle Couple: Cathy and Jered, respectively a front-line fighter and a sneaky rogue.
  • The Berserker: Boris.
  • Black-and-White Morality: The Dungeon Keeper world works by this trope.
  • Blood Knight: Reaper and all other Horned Reapers. Sir Sebastian the black knight.
  • Caps Lock: How Ami's messages to Reaper, written by imp, are presented:
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  • Crystal Ball: The main method of scrying on people. Reaper, Keeper Lanja, Emri, and Clar have all seen to be using them to scry.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Ami/Mercury has blue eyes and hair (and guardian uniform, and aura). Blue hair draws a lot of attention to her in Adushul.
  • Deal with the Devil: Mercury and Reaper make one of these.
  • Dark Is Evil: the story includes the Dark Gods, the Underworld, the Forces of Darkness.
  • Dungeon Bypass: Thanks to the Mercury Computer, this is how the Arachne vs Cuddle fight goes.
  • Evil Mentor: Reaper teaches Mercury the basics of being a Keeper.
  • Exact Words: It's how Ami manages to avoid being discovered as a Keeper when Abbot Duval uses his Judge's Eye.
    ‘And are you yourself the servant or agent of a keeper?’
    Ami shook her head. ‘No,’ she said. She couldn’t be her own servant, except maybe figuratively. It seemed to satisfy the abbot.
    ‘Truth. She’s all yours, Leopold,’ he said, holding out an arm as he yielded the floor.
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  • Frontline General: Baron Leopold leads from the front.
  • Giant Spider: Arachne uses spiders and has an enlarging spell for them. So, she gets Giant Spiders.
  • Hammerspace: Keeper storage is basically this, and the Sailor Guardians (and the cats) have it as well.
  • Light Is Good: the Light Gods protect Adushul, the Sunlit Realm, where Good is the rule.
  • Living Lie Detector: Abbot Duval has the Judge's Eye spell, which turns him into this.
  • Omniglot: Reaper can understand English and Japanese, when Ami says things in both.
    • In chapter six, Ami discovers she's been reading and speaking the local languages.
  • Recursive Fanfiction: It's a fanfic of Dungeon Keeper Ami, which is itself a fanfic.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: As of chapter fifteen, the red glow of being a Keeper has not appeared yet, as said by Reaper.
    So long as she could avoid temples and holy magic and hide her darker power, there would be no sign … not until her eyes came in. How long did it take the eyes to start glowing, he wondered suddenly. There hadn’t been so much as a flicker after she’d bound herself to the heart. He paused, absently hearing the little apprentice stop short after him. Had he mentioned the red glow to Mercury?
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Sealed Reaper in A Dungeon Underground.
  • Seer: As from Sailor Moon and Dungeon Keeper Ami, Rei Hino can scry by fire, and uses it to look into Audshul.
  • Teen Genius: Mizuno Ami/Sailor Mercury is this. OC Emri is another, an apprentice warlock who is mastering skills at least a couple of years ahead of her peers.
  • This Is Reality: Tsukino Usagi says this to Hino Rei during an argument about Usagi telling her parents she's Sailor Moon.
    ‘This isn’t a manga!’ The force of her exclamation shocked Rei into silence. ‘Magical girls in manga are always okay at the end because that’s how it’s written, Rei,’ she said, clasping her hands in front of her and willing the other girl to understand. ‘But this is real life.’
  • Tickle Torture: Sailor Moon's idea of an interrogation technique.
  • Trapped in Another World: Just like in the original.

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