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Alix Connors and the Watchers of the Worlds is an unpublished work consisting of twelve novels starring the titular Alix Connors. In the series, Alix is tasked by the mysterious Watchers to be their champion, the First Chosen, in the fight against the evil Forsaken. The Forsaken and the Watchers are locked in a never ending chess game instead of outright destroying each other, and every time they start anew, the Watchers field their champions against the Forsaken, who take over entire worlds and prepare for the coming battle.


The Worlds are separate dimensions, all of which have different levels of technology and civilization, which are accessed through doorways, and there are theorized to be an infinite number of them. However, the Forsaken are only allowed to use twelve, one for each of them, according to the ‘’Codex’’ which entails the rules for the battle as lay down by the Watchers and the Forsaken at the dawn of time.

Alix is forced to travel to the twelve worlds and defeat each of the twelve Forsaken one at a time. Along the way she gathers Followers from various worlds in order to help her on her journey. Rylee Ty’raan, a Shieldmaiden who follows Alix out of respect for her fighting prowess. Benjamin Sharpe, a young prodigious Mage whose home is destroyed during the conflict on the first world Alix visits, and Ajax Titanicus, a Gladiator and Arena champion and all around badass


The Series Follows Twelve Novels

First Sequence

  • ‘’The First Door’’
  • ‘’The Skyborne’’
  • ‘’The Arena’’
  • ‘’The Trenches’’

Second Sequence

  • ‘’Desert Winds’’
  • ‘’The Jungle’
  • ‘’Rebel’’
  • ‘’Battlescars’’

Final Sequence

  • ‘’Rebirth’’
  • ‘’Red Ocean’’
  • ‘’The General’’
  • ‘’Final Stand’’

This show provides examples of:

  • Action Girl : Alix Connors, Rylee Ty'raan
    • Half of the cast, Really
  • Airborne Aircraft Carrier : The ‘’Sanguine’’ and the ‘’Leviathan’’ are two named examples from the second book. ‘’Dawn’s Wind’’ also counts, as she’s able to hold and launch four fighter planes.
  • Atlantis : In ‘’Skyborne’’, Thaddeus is “ordered” not to seek Lantea, the ancient lost civilization rumored to be advanced as all hell. Thaddeus does go after the lost city, but then again, that was the point. The civilization does end up saving the city of Britannia as the leader of Lantean forces and The Gang ride out of the sky and become Big Damn Heros.
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  • Battle Couple : Alix and Rylee
  • Berserk Button : Mess with any of the group, and Alix will mess you up. Mess with Alix, and Rylee will come after you and all of your friends too.
    • When Alix is killed by Denise, Rylee packs her stuff, walks through Thanatos’s gate into the Void, and goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against the Void Spawn and Denise in particular
  • Big Bad: Mister Midnight, whose real name is actually Lucifer.
  • Big Damn Heroes : The gang becomes this…a lot.
  • Big Badass Battle Sequence :
    • Nearly every novel ends with one of these, except for the eighth
    • And the twelfth ends with one that takes the cake. It's like all of the others combined, and then ‘’Cranked Up to Eleven’’
  • Blind Seer : The old woman that Alix meets in the first book. Her prophecy haunts Alix until the Eighth book, when everything comes together.
    • She’s rumored to actually be the 13th Forsaken Ramiel
  • Blood Knight : Ajax, and to some extent, Rylee
  • Calvary Betrayal : In the fourth book, Alix and the gang are pinned down by overwhelming enemy force, when out of the smoke covered battlefield, old school calvary come riding forth, causing the enemy to flee. Of course, then they begin to attack Alix and the gang, because they really work for that novels Big Bad.
  • Canis Major: The Fell Wolves are large wolves that are nearly the size of the six foot tall Bas’Kara (read massive sentient ‘Lions’). They’re incredibly hard to kill, and are one of the few creatures that is seen on most worlds. Then there are the Wolves with ‘’Giant wings ridden by teenage girls’’. They winged wolves are ridden by the Valkyries, a group of the best Shield Maidens lead by Rylee Ty’raan.
  • Civilized Animal : The Bas’Kara are a race of sentient Lions who can walk on two legs when they want to, wear armor, and generally put the beat down on anyone that messes with them. Oh yeah, and they have a huge fortress somewhere in limbo that they built at the dawn of time while the Watchers and the Forsaken where still at war.
  • Colonel Kilgore : Colonel Rendon Killiborne, one of the highest ranking members of the military for the Ithican forces. He’s fairly Axe-Crazy, can hold his own in a fight, oh and he’s bent on prolonging the war at all costs.
  • Cool Sword : Alix’s shortsword ‘’Apotheosis’’, Ajax’s Claymore ‘’Reaver’’, and Denise’s longsword ‘’Blood-Letter’’
    • ‘’Apotheosis’’ is made of a metal that had been charged by the Blacksmith’s raw power. It can change its form according to the users mind.
  • Cool Airship :
    • The ‘’Dawn’s Wind’’ from the second book. Owned by renowned Airship Captain Thaddeus Hutch, the small cruiser is one of the fastest Airships around, and boasts a decent array of cannon as well.
    • ‘’Leviathan’’, the ship sent to hunt down the ‘’Dawn’s Wind’’. She’s the largest Airship ever designed in the history of that World, and her fire power is astounding.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle : The first time Alix fights Denise in Book Four ‘’The Trenches’’
  • Dark Action Girl : Denise
  • Deadpan Snarker : Ajax.
  • The Dragon : Denise
  • Fallen Angel : The Twelve Forsaken are all fallen Watchers, which are pretty much angels
  • Five-Man Band : The Hero- Alix, The Lancer- Rylee, The Smart Guy- Ben, The Big Guy- Ajax, The Chick- Lieutenant Jennings
  • Floating Continent : The only way that the people in the second book can survive is by living on enormous floating cities that act as city states, complete with battlefleets and armies of so-called Aeromarines.
  • Forged by the Gods : ‘’Apotheosis’’ was forged by the Architects son, appropriately named, The Blacksmith
  • Heel–Face Turn : Denise does this, once Alix stops the one thing holding her under Mister Midnight’s influence, allowing them both to fight against him.
  • Hopeless War : That war on Ithica in the fourth book is this. And then the gang arrives.
  • It's Raining Men : In the second book, the Skyborne, a Special Forces unit of the Aeromarines, specialize in this, going as far as to jump from speeding fighter planes in order to land on enemy battleships and cities.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast:
    • Ajax Titanicus-The Titan of Sirdar
    • The Void Lords, Stormwrath, Swiftkill, Bloodclaw, and Deathblow
  • Older Than They Look : All of the Watchers and the Forsaken.
  • One-Winged Angel : Mister Midnight does this during his duel with Alix. not that it changes the outcome.
  • Power Gives You Wings : Denise
  • Really 700 Years Old : Gertrude, as well as Ophelia, the little girl who looks like she can’t be more than eight years old, has been around for nearly 8,000
  • Sergeant Rock : Platoon Sergeant James Baker, from ‘’The Trenches’’
  • Sky Pirates : Slightly subverted, as Captain Thaddeus Hutch is actually a Privateer in the employ of the King of Britannia. During the thirty year war between Britannia and Germania, he was paid to pillage any Germanian merchant vessels that were transporting goods to the enemy city state. He was forced to stop and his ship grounded when Britannia lost the war and was blockaded by the enemy fleet.
  • Straight Gay : Slight subversion with Alix and Rylee they’re more of Straight Lesbians
  • The Chosen One : Okay so really there are six “Chosen”, but Alix Connors in specific, as the “First Chosen”
  • The Grim Reaper : Thanatos is the Watcher personification of Death
  • The Powers That Be : The Architect Though largely regarded as myth, even by her own creations, is actually a living who has left behind Paradise in order to travel the Worlds.
  • The Underworld : The Void
  • Torture Technician : The Archon, the Forsaken from the Ninth book has a thing for torture. She initially tries it on Rylee. Recently returned from the dead Alix doesn’t like that very much.
  • Winged Humanoid : Denise during the second fight with Alix, where the demonic powers given to her show themselves full force. She grows horns and large demonic wings which actually give her full flight capabilities.
  • Xanatos Gamibt : Thanatos gives Alix the idea of using an ancient ritual to seal away the Forsaken within the void forever If She succeeds than the Forsaken are gone for good if she fails, she’ll have still defeated the Forsaken, and Thanatos can bide his time in order to tell the next Chosen about it. If Alix is killed in the process, another soul is added to Thanatos’s domain, making him stronger. Either way, he still wins.


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