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Candice 'Kandyse' McClure (born March 22, 1980 in Durban, South Africa) is a South African-born Canadian actress best known for her roles on Battlestar Galactica (2003) and Hemlock Grove. She comes from the Cape Coloured (mixed race people of Black African, European and Malay ancestry) group in her native South Africa. Her father is White, her mother Black, and Afrikaans was her first language while growing up. McClure says her family left as a result of her mother's efforts against apartheid causing dire threats from the government, and Canada granted them political asylum (she later became a Canadian citizen). McClure is also likely most notable physically for her pale, striking eyes.

She is married to musician Cylenz.

Film Roles

Television Roles

Tropes associated with her work include:

  • But Not Too Black: She is light-skinned with pale eyes due to her mixed ancestry, being often cast as the sole woman of color in a work. Or sometimes, the sole person of color period.
  • Fake American: She has rarely played Canadians or South Africans. Most roles she's had by far have been playing Americans.
  • Playing Against Type: She's usually played heroic or at least neutral characters, who are generally quite mild-mannered. Her role as Ax-Crazy psycho lesbian tattooed crook Erika on Persons Unknown was therefore quite different from her roles before or since. She also played a dirty cop on Da Vinci's Inquest. Additionally she played the alternate form of Nicte Batan, leader of the terrorist group The Spree, on Motherland: Fort Salem.
  • Twofer Token Minority: She is frequently the only person of color in a work's cast. Or at least the only woman of color, in either case falling into this given that she's mixed race and female.