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Clue is a 2017 comic mini-series created by IDW Publishing.

When seven guests from different walks of life are invited to a New England mansion by the esteemed Mr. Boddy, the party takes a sharp turn when the host is found dead! The guests must overcome their mutual distrust (unlikely as it may seem) to find the culprit, all while dealing with a pair of suspicious detectives, a dwindling party, and a butler who definitely knows more than he lets on...


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  • Faking the Dead: Mr. Boddy (aka Dr. Black) fakes his death with the help of Upton to further his plans.
  • Flashback: Frequently used to fill out backstory and inform the viewer of other events. Upton despises them.
  • Hate Sink: Mr. Green covers most of the entries in The Jerk Index, and is quickly reviled by everyone who meets him. Even the narration hates him!
    Narration: Mister Green. Hedge fund manager turned pharmaceutical bro. Pond scum looks down on him.
  • Healing Herb: The surobi zinnia plant can be used to provide a wide variety of "miracle drugs". A large part of Dr. Black's plan is making sure that he has sole access to it.
  • Inside Man: One of the guests (Dr. Orchid) was in on Mr. Boddy/Dr. Black's plan from the start.
  • It's All About Me: Miss Scarlett gets seriously starved for attention as the series rolls on, to the point of faking an attempt on her life to get some focus back onto her. Unfortunately, Mr. Green ends up distracting her and accidentaly causing her to go off the balcony and die for real.
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  • Leave No Witnesses: Upton's standing orders are to leave no loose threads or witnesses. Unfortunately, he is able to take this order much farther than most would assume...
  • No Fourth Wall: Upton regularly argues with IDW editor Carlos Guzman about the events of the story. This ends up biting Guzman in the ass, as he becomes Upton's first victim in the butler's sweep of witnesses.
  • Only in It for the Money: In the end, Professor Plum elects to work with Dr. Black and Dr. Orchid - not for Orchid's promise of family, but the wealth and fame of working with the surobi zinnia.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: At the end of the series, Upton, working under the fact that every mystery story has an obvious set of witnesses, takes Leave No Witnesses to its logical conclusion - by stepping out of the comic page and killing the editor, the letterer, the artist, the author, and even the reader...

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