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Note: This page is about the Mini Series on The Hub. If you're looking for the film, go here. If you're looking for the original board game, go here. Nor does this have anything to do with the British Cluedo Series, which was a Game Show.

Clue is a 5-episode Mini Series based on the board game that debuted on The Hub on November 14, 2011. At a charity event, six teenagers witness what they believe to be a murder, but when they tell the authorities they're surprised that no one believes them. So, the teens decide to solve the mystery themselves.



  • Adults Are Useless: Except for when they're in on the conspiracy.
    • Whittaker's henchmen are so clueless that they unintentionally get a bunch of kids doing the legwork, while Whittaker himself fails to figure that Sarah Ellis may have a brain in her head. Wheeler gets so careless that he leads the kids right to Kroger.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: Between Whittaker, who wants to the Tesla device to make a profit, and Kroger, who at least claims to be a Well-Intentioned Extremist.
  • Clear My Name: A Lighter and Softer variation. They're not accused of the crime themselves, but the main characters are suspended from school for allegedly pulling a hoax and ruining a charity event. They all try to solve the crime themselves to restore their good standings.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Liz's hair is dyed red and most of the other characters wear something of their corresponding color most of the time. A relatively subtle example, but it's there.
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  • Cult: The Order of Black
  • Out-Gambitted: Sarah Ellis does this to both sides!
  • Secret Legacy: Each of the main characters have a connection with one of the six secret houses of The Order of Black.
  • Sequel Hook: That secret room they've been hanging out in? Somebody's watching it, and them.


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