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Characters / The Legend of Zhen Huan

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Main Characters

The Imperial Harem (with titles in chronological order)

    Niohuru Zhenhuan (originally Zhen Huan), Noble Consort Xi (Xi Guifei) 

  • Played by Betty Sun (Sun Li)
    • The Emperor's favorite concubine throughout the series, with the nickname of Huanhuan
      • Titles: Wan Changzai, Wan Guiren, Wanpin, Xifei, Xi Guifei, Shengmu Huangtaihou; Xiaoshengxian Huanghou (posthumous)
    • Resembles the Emperor's first wife, Original Empress Chun (Chunyuan Huanghou)
    • Mother of Princess Longyue and the twins Prince Hongyan (Liu Ahge) and Princess Lingxi
    • Based on the real-life Lady Niohuru (Niuhulu Shi), Empress Xiaoshengxian (posthumous title)


    Ulanara Yixiu, Empress (Huanghou) 

  • Played by Ada Choi (Cai Shaofen)
    • The Emperor's second wife
      • Titles: Ce Fujin, Di Fujin (before Episode 1); Huanghou; Xiaojingxian Huanghou (posthumous)
    • Also the younger half-sister of Original Empress Chun
    • Based on the real-life Lady Ulanara (Wulanala Shi) Empress Xiaojingxian (posthumous title)

    Nian Shilan, Consort Hua (Huafei) 

  • Played by Jiang Xin
    • A senior concubine of the Emperor and younger sister of the general Nian Gengyao; the most powerful concubine at the beginning of the series
      • Titles: Huafei, Hua Guifei, Huafei (demoted), Nian Daying (demoted)
      • Posthumous titles: Dunsu Guifei, Dunsu Huang Guifei
    • Based on the real-life imperial concubine Noble Consort Dunsu

    Shen Meizhuang, Consort Hui (Huifei) 

  • Played by Lan Xi
    • Best friend of Zhen Huan since childhood who is also a concubine of the Emperor
      • Titles: Shen Guiren, Hui Guiren, Shen Daying (demoted), Hui Guiren (restored), Huipin, Huifei; Hui Guifei (posthumous)
    • Mother of Princess Jinghe

    An Lingrong, Consort Li (Lifei) 

  • Played by Tao Xinran
    • Initially a concubine of the Emperor befriended by Zhen Huan and Shen Meizhuang when they first entered the Imperial Harem
      • Titles: An Daying, An Changzai, An Guiren, Anpin, Lifei
    • Daughter of the provincial official An Bihuai


The Aisin Gioro (Aixin Jueluo) Imperial Clan

    Yinzhen, Yongzheng Emperor 

  • Played by Chen Jianbin
    • The current Emperor

    Empress Dowager Renshou, Lady Uya (Renshou Taihou) 

  • Played by Leanne Liu (Liu Xuehua)
    • Birth mother of the current Emperor, who was raised by the Empress of the late Emperor
    • Also an aunt of the current Empress (more accurately a removed cousin)
    • Based on the real-life Lady Uya (Wuya Shi), Empress Xiaogongren (posthumous title)

    Aisin Gioro Yunli, Prince Guo (Guo Junwang) 

  • played by Ethan Li (Li Dongxue)
    • 17th son of the late Emperor and younger half-brother of the current Emperor


Other Main Characters

    Wen Shichu 

  • played by Zhang Xiaolong
    • An imperial doctor whose family was friends with the Zhen clan

    Huanbi (renamed Niuhuru Yuyin) 

  • played by Lan Yingying
    • One of Zhen Huan's childhood maids who was actually her paternal half-sister
      • Titles: Ce Fujin; Di Fujin (posthumous)
    • married to Prince Guo as a secondary consort (Ce Fujin)

Recurring Characters

The Imperial Harem

Imperial Consorts (Fei)

A group of the highest ranks, limited to seven personsincuding one Imperial Noble Consort (Huangguifei), two Noble Consorts (Guifei), and four consorts with other titles

    Consort Duan (Duanfei) 

  • Played by Li Yijuan
    • A senior concubine of the Emperor who joined his harem around the same time as the Empress
      • Titles: Duanfei, Duan Huangguifei (skipped a rank), Huangguitaifei
    • foster mother of Princess Wenyi

    Consort Jing (Jingfei) 

  • Played by Yang Ziyan
    • A senior concubine of the Emperor who joined his harem the same time as Consort Hua
      • Titles: Jingpin, Jingfei, Jing Guifei, Guitaifei
    • Foster mother of Princess Longyue

    Consort Qi (Qifei) 

  • Played by Zhang Yameng
    • A senior concubine of the Emperor who is the mother of the 3rd Prince and a longtime follower of the Empress

Imperial Concubines (Pin)

The next highest rank after the Imperial Consorts, limited to six persons

    Concubine Xin (Xinpin) 

  • Played by Wan Meixi
    • A senior concubine of the Emperor who stayed in the lower ranks during her years in the Imperial Harem
      • Titles: Xin Changzai, Xin Guiren, Xinpin, Xin Taipin/Xin Taifei

    Cao Qinmo, Concubine Xiang (Xiangpin, Cao Shi) 

  • Played by Chen Sisi
    • A concubine of the Emperor who follows Consort Hua
      • Titles: Cao Guiren, Xiangpin
    • Biological mother of Princess Wenyi

    Concubine Li (Lipin) 

  • played by Li Jiaxuan
    • A senior concubine of the Emperor who follows Consort Hua

    Ye Lanyi, Concubine Ning (Ningpin, Ye Shi) 

  • Played by Re Yizha
    • A horse-trainer who became a favorite concubine of the Emperor
      • Titles: Ning Daying, Ning Guiren (skipped a rank), Ningpin

Noble Ladies (Guiren)

Mid-level rank with an unlimited number of persons, higher than the Female Attendant ranks of Lingering (Changzai) and Promise (Daying)

    Guwalgiya Wenyuan, Noble Lady Qi (Qi Guiren, Guaerjia Shi) 

  • Played by Yixin Tang
    • Daughter of the official Guwalgiya Emin, a loyal follower of the Empress in the Imperial Court
      • Titles: Qi Guiren, Qipin, Qi Guiren (demoted)

    Noble Lady Fucha (Fucha Guiren) 

  • Played by Zhao Qin
    • A concubine from the Manchu banners who entered the Imperial Harem the same time as Zhen Huan and her friends

    Noble Lady Chun (Chun Guiren) 

  • played by Tan Songyun
    • One of Zhen Huan's few, genuinely loyal friends in the Imperial Harem
      • Titles: Chun Changzai, Chun Guiren

The Aisin Gioro Imperial Clan and Relatives of Imperial Consorts and Concubines

    Consort Dowager Shu (Shu Taifei) 

  • played by Liu Yan
    • Mother of Prince Guo and favorite concubine of the late Emperor
    • Became a nun at Ganlu Temple upon widowhood

    Yunxi, Lord Shen (Shen Beile) 

  • Played by Kang Fuzhen
    • Younger half-brother of both the Emperor and Prince Guo; son of Concubine Dowager Xi (Xi Taipin)

    Hongshi, 3rd Prince (San Ahge) 

  • Played by Wu Lipeng
    • The Emperor's third and eldest living son; adopted by the Empress

    Aisin Gioro Hongli, 4th Prince (Si Ahge) 

  • Played by Wang Wenjie
    • Fourth son of the current Emperor and adopted son of Zhen Huan
    • Based on the Qianlong Emperor

    Princess Wenyi (Wenyi Gongzhu) 

  • Daughter of the Emperor and Concubine Xiang; adopted by Consort Duan

    Princess Longyue (Longyue Gongzhu) 

  • Eldest daughter of Zhen Huan and the Emperor; adopted by Consort Jing

    Zhen Yurao 

  • Played by Xu Lu
    • Younger sister of Zhen Huan
    • married to Lord Shen as a primary consort (Di Fujin)

    Lady Yun (Zhen Furen, Yun Shi) 

  • Played by Li Dan
    • Mother of Zhen Huan and wife of the official Zhen Yuandao

Court Officials and Servants of the Imperial Harem

    Zhen Yuandao 

  • Played by Shen Baoping
    • Father of Noble Consort Xi, Huanbi, and Yurao

    Nian Gengyao 

  • Played by Sun Ning
    • Elder brother of Consort Hua who helped the Emperor gain his throne

    Zhang Tingyu 

  • played by Wang Biao
    • A minister who is only loyal to the current Emperor

Palace of Eternal Longevity (Yongshou Gong)


  • Played by Zhan Jingyi
    • One of Zhen Huan's childhood maids

    Little Yunzi (Xiao Yunzi) 

  • played by Luo Kang
    • Zhen Huan's head eunuch

    Cui Jinxi 

  • Played by Sun Qian
    • Zhen Huan's chief maidservant who is experienced in the affairs of the Imperial Harem
    • former maidservant of both Consort Dowager Shu and the Original Empress Chun

Palaces of the Emperor and the Empress Dowager

    Su Peisheng 

  • Played by Li Tianzhu
    • The Emperor's personal eunuch since childhood


  • Played by Yang Jing
    • Chief maidservant of the Emperor who instructed Zhen Huan and An Lingrong when they entered the Imperial Harem

    Sun Zhuxi 

  • Played by Tian Shumei
    • Chief maidservant of the Empress Dowager

Palace of Great Benevolence (Jingren Gong)


  • Played by Yang Kaichun
    • Chief maidservant of the Empress

    Jiang Fuhai 

  • Played by Yang Liu
    • Head eunuch of the Empress

Palace of the Queen Consort (Yikun Gong)


  • played by Liu Yitong
    • Chief maidservant of Nian Shilan

    Zhou Ninghai 

  • Played by Wang Hanbang
    • Head eunuch of Nian Shilan

Other Palaces


  • Played by Zhou Zihan
    • Childhood maid and chief maidservant of Shen Meizhuang


  • Played by Liang Yixin
    • Chief maidservant of An Lingrong

Other Recurring Characters


  • Played by Zhao Qianzi
    • A hypocritical nun who tormented Zhen Huan during her exile at Ganlu Temple


  • Played by Wang Lihan
    • A nun who showed kindness to Zhen Huan during her exile at Ganlu Temple

    Meng Jingxian 

  • Played by Yang Qi
    • Secondary consort of Prince Guo; married the prince at the same time as Huanbi


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