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Introduced in Season One


Daniel Powell

Played by: Daniel Powell

The main protagonist of seasons 1 and 2. An archivist who starts a new job reviewing and cataloging recordings made by the Housing Historical Committee of New York State from the eponymous Archive 81.

  • Action Survivor
  • Adoring the Pests: He is a little skittish around Ratty at first, but grows attached to him later on.
  • Adorkable: He has his moments.
  • Body Horror: Whatever Rat and Suit did to him to give him his 'new flesh' - it didn't sound pleasant.
  • Break the Cutie: Over the course of the series, Dan is trapped inside a facility alone, forced to listen to increasingly disturbing recordings, only narrowly escapes both the facility and Samuel, and even then, is captured and forced to navigate an Eldritch Location after being turned into a cyborg.
  • Cosmic Plaything
  • Go Mad from the Isolation: Tanya eventually thinks this is what's happening to him.
  • Hipster: Called as such by Lou and Clara.
  • Nice Guy
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Dan's findings in the Archive inadvertently allow Samuel to enter the Archive.
  • Non-Action Guy: To be fair, Season One had him against the ascended form of Samuel and Season Two had him hampered by unwanted cybernetic attachments - so it's not really his fault.
  • Power-Upgrading Deformation: In Season Two, he gains some rather interesting abilities over time since being fused with machinery.
  • Was Once a Man: His body is cannibalised and hideously morphed into an audio-recording cyborg in the beginning of Season Two.



Mark Sollinger

Played by: Marc Sollinger

Dan's journalist friend who has been researching and broadcasting Dan's recordings of Archive 81 to find out what happened to him.


Melody Pendras

Played by: Amelia Kidd

A representative of the Urban Preservation and Development Department who recorded the original tapes that Dan archives in Season One.


Mr. Davenport

Played by: David Powell

Dan's superior from the Housing Historical Committee of New York State who introduces him to Archive 81.

  • Affably Evil: Almost never loses his chummy attitude whatever he is doing.



Played by: Austin Mitchell

The leader of a cult that operates in the Visser building.



A rat that Dan 'befriends' while working in the Archive.



Introduced in Season Two






Played by: Andrea Romano

One of Davenport's colleagues and a board member of LMG.

  • Jerkass: Not a single word out of her mouth has a nice thing to say about anyone.
  • Lack of Empathy: Has absolutely no concern for the plight of those LMG have 'employed' to traverse the other dimension and cruelly calls Dan a monster due to his unwanted transformation.
  • The Nicknamer: Has a condescending moniker for nearly everyone. "Boombox Fuckboi" for Dan, for example.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot

Introduced in Season Three


Nicholas Waters

Played by Peter Musante


Christine Anderson

Played by Kristen Di Mercurio

    Static Man 

Static Man

Played by Jack Calk



The Visser Building


    The Green Lady 


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