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Events in Web Comics that are not possible. Only list examples that fit this description

  • 8-Bit Theater:
    • Glorious Chainsaw Method. This is Lampshaded in the comic by Black Mage. Make your swords unto chainsaws. It wasn't possible but he did it anyway.
    • How do you make an omnipotent wizard go "What."? You Dual Wield long bows, and then you dual wield the dual wield
    • Black Mage's Evilness. When the representation of all of your sins is yourself, because nothing else was quite up to the task, and yet you manage to be even WORSE than it, then RAPE IT, and EAT IT...
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    • Also, Thief steals his own class change. From the future. At the worst moment possible, to boot.
    • Fighter uses this trope to prevent the Light Warriors from dying after a long fall. How? He blocked the ground with his sword. Don't ask him how he did it; somehow it will make sense. His reasoning is that he can block fire, water and air attacks to prevent the damage (this being Final Fantasy 1) so there's no reason why blocking Earth wouldn't work as well. See? It totally makes sense!
    • Black Belt's sense of direction breaks the laws of time and/or physics on a regular basis. For instance, crossing a tightrope that's only taut because he's holding one end of it. In another case, while walking down a hallway that has no turns and no doors, he gets so lost that he breaks the quantum barrier of the multiverse and generates a clone of himself that is from either one half second in the past or one half second in the future.
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  • Problem Sleuth broke the impossible way back when they encountered a Solve the Soup Cans puzzle so utterly impenetrable and difficult that the protagonist was forced to reload from a save-state made after the puzzle was completed.
    "Shit is more real than it has ever been or possibly ever can be."
  • In Homestuck:
    • Jade promises Echidna to complete an impossible task: to bring all the lands, denizens, consorts, and everything else with her when the kids escape the universe and the Scratch. At the end of act 5, after reaching the god-tiers, Jade shrinks the planets themselves into convenient travel-size, and Lampshades that the "impossible" is now trivial.
    • Cans can literally punch people into next week. He then punches someone into the next calendar year.
    • Sollux Captor hacks Doc Scratch's typewriter.
    • Dirk's Autoresponder claims to have calculated the final digit of pi (four, apparently), a mathematical impossibility. Subverted when Dirk points out that it's making stuff up to screw with him.
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    • During the end of Act 6 Part 3, Lord English kills the doomed versions of the Beta Kids and Post Scratch trolls and, for lack of a better word, breaks the afterlife. Absolutely no one is immune to being killed off by Hussie. Not even Hussie himself.
    • Dave has a Running Gag of breaking swords. During [S] Colide he breaks the Unbreakable Katana.
  • Bittersweet Candy Bowl: David wanted a way to climb a cliff without actually climbing. So he shouted "SUPERRRR PANELLLL TELEPORT!" and was suddenly on top of the cliff. He was surprised it worked.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Talking Is a Free Action in the setting. This is the basis for jokes. However, Vaarsuvius manages to take up a turn by saying something "particularly verbose".
    • Talking strategy to Xykon can put the undead sorcerer to sleep.
      Xykon: Oh, sorry, I just fell asleep right in the middle of that.
      Redcloak: You're a lich, you're actually physically incapable of sleeping.
      Xykon: Which should just emphasize how boring that was.
  • Larisa in Sandra and Woo:
  • Girls Next Door uses this trope to explain why Chihiro is the unofficial president of the Wibsy (Weirdo Boyfrend & Supernatural Stalker club): using Christine words "It's hard to trump dating a river." The others have at least human-shaped (a fae, a ghost, and a vampire amongst others. Christine with her murderous deformed psycho is the most normal of them all.) boyfriends/stalkers, so this is impossible by their standards. in her defense, the river was in the form of a human boy that looked her age at the time she fell for him.
  • Talerdo can travel Planeta Absurdo by violating time-space laws and travel long distances with only one step because he has No Sense of Direction.
  • Sequential Art: A scientific impossiblity is achieved when Gadgeteer Genius Scarlet makes a perpetual motion engine out of a Slinky Slanky
  • VG Cats shows Aeris aborting Leo from time but that's not what qualifies for this. What qualifies for this is that he recovered from it.
  • Legend Of The Hunter: Gwydian routinely accomplishes the impossible by demonstrating flagrant disregard for In-Universe laws of reality.
  • Mountain Time: There was even a time when Helen Hunt killed more people than live on Earth, and they all came back to life by the next strip.
  • L's Empire: It was stressed that the Master Stars can not change the angle they are viewed from and are unaffected by shading or photoshop effects, even remaining the same during art shifts. In his very first appearance, Dark Star manages to not only fade them into the page, but make them glow and turn them.
  • Freefall: At one point, Sam and Helix go to return an authorized (as in, legally produced) autographed (as in, signed by the creator) copy of the The Star Wars Holiday Special. George Lucas considers the film such an Old Shame that he's taken steps to ensure that it will never be legally produced while he's still alive to sign it.
  • Sluggy Freelance:
    • During the stick-figure filler week in chapter 35, there happens a blackout so massive that it becomes dark during the day.
    • Riff's defence after his Epic Fail in trying to ride a motorcycle, sending it hurtling backwards through the air: "Okay, in my defense, that was physically impossible."


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