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Composer Yuki Kajiura is responsible for many memorable anime themes and background music. Also, she sometimes collaborates with a singer or a group of singers to form her "solo" project, FictionJunction.

  • Most of Noir's soundtrack is composed by Yuki Kajiura and is absolutely fucking brilliant.
    • "Salva Nos" serves as a kick-ass battle theme, combining driving rock and techno with a full-on Latin choir, and primarily plays when Kirika or one of the other assassins is getting their kill on.
    • "Canta Per Me". You've got a somewhat melancholy romance song, sung by a Japanese woman in Italian, mostly used to score either awesome shootouts or the buildup to awesome shootouts, and somehow it just works.
    • "Salva Nos (Fiction Version)". This version was included in Kajiura's first solo album Fiction and boasts not only a professional soprano but a full choir to boot.
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    • "Melody ~ Salva Nos Version" is just... amazing.
  • So you're watching The Garden of Sinners. Hear any strings? Is it the main theme? Or an instrumental rendering of any given ending song? Prepare for asskicking of barely comprehensible proportions.
  • Say what you will about Sword Art Online, but the battle theme, "swordland", is nothing short of an epic and brilliant track to listen to.
    • "Swordland" is Kirito's battle theme, and plays when he's going to attack with his full might. You may remember it from when he goes up against Gleam Eyes using his Dual Wield Skill.
      • "Starburst Stream!!!"
      • A short version of this song also played during the introduction in the first episode.
      • And with the first OST for S2 out, it has an awesome remix too, named "gunland". It looks like they really liked the flute when it comes to SAO2's OST.
    • Another awesome song, "he rules us", is playing in the background during the introduction of the Game Master Akihiko Kayaba, and the reveal about their doom in the killer VRMMORPG.
    • Whenever Kirito and Asuna fight a particularly strong monster, "we have to defeat it" will play.
    • "she is still sleeping", a peaceful, soothing song that is the new theme for Asuna in the Fairy Dance arc and used to represent how she is still comatose.
    • With the release of the second season OST, we can also listen to gems like "light your sword", luminous sword's remix that was used, among other things, for the fight against Zekken. Or "heartbreaking reality", which may very well be Yuuki's theme given its name and how much we hear it during her arc, or its variations, such as "you are not alone".
  • Yes, that's right; Yuki Kajiura and FictionJunction did a cover of a song from the Brave Series for the "Brave Series 20th Anniversary Project Harvest." And their rendition of "Gatherway", the opening of Brave Exkaiser, is possibly the best on the album, which is really saying something.
  • From Princess Principal, "Shadows and Fog" It starts off with a mysterious chime that transitions into a gorgeous ethereal choir. However, it spontaneously switches to a swinging jazz piece that sounds like it came from a classic spy movie (with more choir to back it up). It is heavenly.


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