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Awesome Music / Sailor Moon

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  • Moonlight Densetsu is tops. Especially the last time it plays. It completes the entire series. And the locket version is no less memorable.
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  • This cover made by Cristina Vee is a good English cover on its own, but it's even better as she'd eventually be cast as the official English voice of Sailor Mars.
  • "Sailor Senshi Reunion", which first plays as Sailor Moon goes to face Beryl alone with the other Senshi dead in the traps of the DD Girls. It's at first grimmly determined and badass, but at the 1:20 mark it descends into a real Tear Jerker as a sudden violin solo cuts through the scene like a knife that really tugs at the heartstrings.
  • The DiC dub also gave us "My Only Love", which really makes the scene when the Moon Princess is revealed.
    • The original dub did this a few times. Even the most purist of fans admit that "Carry On", "My Only Love", "A New Day", and a few others fit the scenes just as well, and in some cases better, than the original.
    • There is also Usagi/Serena's transformation theme in the dub. Many fans describe the song as being wonderfully magical and nostalgic even if this is the first time you hear it.
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    • The 90s dub's composer Bob Summers did have a good few cues up his sleeves that people who watched it growing up may never forget. Tuxedo Mask's Spanish guitar cue and Queen Beryl's/the villains' theme in particular will bring back many a fond memory.
    • And who could forget Oh Starry Night.
    • "The Power of Love" from the dub version of the battle against Wiseman and the R Movie.
    • Speaking of the reveal of the Moon Princess, the original anime had the criminally underrated song "Maboroshi no Ginzuisho" which works perfectly with the moment.
  • "Mysterious Starry Sky, Part 5", a short, understated theme that tends to play when Usagi and Mamoru share a moment of connection as memories of their past lives surface. It's les than a minute in length, but it's memorable enough you'll recognize it when it plays from time to time.
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  • Yet another example from the dub. Similar to "My Only Love", the scene where Jupiter recounts her first brush with love gave us "Rainny Day Man", a reflective and wistful pop song.
  • The Outer Senshi theme. You can expect badass moments whenever this song comes on.
  • Another dub one: "She's Got The Power". Come on, it's by Stan "The Touch" Bush, how can it not be awesome?


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