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Drinking Game / Sailor Moon

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And this is why you shouldn't drink underage... also, yes, this is the result of exactly one accidentally downed cocktail.

Drinking Game for Sailor Moon

Take a sip...
  • Every time Usagi cries over something (relatively) trivial.
  • Whenever Usagi preaches about how everyone has good deep down inside them/should get along with one another.
  • For every episode that Usagi angsts about being separated from Mamoru.
  • For when the girls or Mamoru make fun of Usagi. Have an ambulance on standby.
    • Take two if you're watching the DiC dub and they're being harsher with her than they were in the original, or where they weren't making fun of her originally.
  • For when Sailor Moon has to be reminded by somebody to use her Finishing Move against a Monster of the Week.
  • Whenever Naru ends up being the target of the Monster of the Week.
  • Whenever Mamoru contributes little to a fight other than distracting the monster.
    • Two in the uncommon circumstance that he doesn't show up at all.
  • Whenever Mamoru wears something we'd consider hideously tacky today.
  • Whenever Mamoru gets roped into the girls' craziness.
  • Whenever Luna is mean to Artemis.
    • Another if the thing Luna browbeats Artemis about is something she does herself in the later seasons, and doesn't get called out for it whatsoever.
  • Whenever Luna or Artemis snipe at or about their respective owners.
  • Whenever Ami insists on getting everyone to study more.
  • Each time Ami or Rei prove they're Not So Above It All.
    • Take two if it happens to be a perverted moment.
  • Whenever Rei loses her temper with somebody. Take another if it's not Usagi or Yuuichirou.
  • Whenever Rei brags about herself. Down another if the girls call her out on her vanity.
  • For each heartfelt moment between Usagi and Rei.
    • Take another one if it involves death or near death.
  • Whenever Makoto says someone (or something) reminds her of her old sempai.
  • Every time Makoto/Jupiter gets owned by either an enemy or another Senshi.
    • Have two drinks if it was Makoto who tried to throw the first punch.
  • Whenever Minako does something that no human being should be physically capable of doing,
    • Repeat if she does it right after enduring an attack that left other Senshi unconscious or otherwise incapacitated when subjected to it.
  • For every episode that Minako angsts about how being a Senshi prevents her from doing what she wants to do with her life.
  • For any time Minako and Usagi act like one and the same.
    • Finish it if Minako ends up steamrolling Usagi somehow.
  • Whenever Minako mixes up a proverb.
  • For every instance that ChibiUsa abuses Usagi or whines about how much Usagi sucks. Take small sips, lest you wind up in a hospital.
  • Whenever ChibiUsa makes herself an easy target for the Black Moon Clan.
  • Whenever Haruka makes a character swoon. Take another if it's someone who already has a Love Interest.
  • Whenever Michiru says something underhanded.
  • Whenever Uranus and Neptune are unnecessarily harsh with Sailor Moon.
    • Take two if you're watching the Cloverway dub and they're either being even harsher or being harsh with her where they weren't in the Japanese version.
  • Whenever Uranus and/or Neptune show up and demolish a bad guy. Have an ambulance on standby.
  • Whenever any of the Senshi (particularly Mercury or Saturn) are shown to be social outcasts. You might end up needing a new liver.
  • For every instance of Amusing Injuries (the kind that in real life, would at least land the victim in the hospital),
  • For every instance of the Sailor Team spying on one member.
    • Take another if they go to comically ridiculous lengths to avoid getting caught (like when Makoto moved a grand piano to avoid being seen by ChibiUsa.
  • Whenever a villain perishes at the hand of his/her own allies.
    • Take another if they are saved by Sailor Moon just in time, and have a Heel–Face Turn.
    • Take another if they die after finding out Sailor Moon is Usagi and does not have the chance to tell their boss.
  • For every attack that involves lots of fast spinning.
  • Whenever the girls make it a point to support one another's goals and aspirations…actually, don't bother. You'll want to remember that moment.
  • For the Cloverway dub, anytime a character mentions Uranus and Neptune being "cousins".
    • Take another if it's a character that shouldn't know about that.
    • Take a third if the mention happens while they're doing anything romantic or suggestive, or right after.