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  • The series is made from these. At least three in each book! And Renn and her archery and plain ol' badass-ery get quite a few. As does Torak and his spirit walking.

Wolf Brother

  • When Torak is accused of stealing the Raven Clan's prey (due to a new law that was introduced at the Clan Meet), he points out the law of "trial by combat". He has to defeat Hord in combat to prove he's innocent and the only rule is that he can't use fire. So he uses steam.
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  • While Torak's underground searching for the second piece of the Nanuak, Renn and Wolf are attacked by the demon bear. When they hide in the cave, the bear just starts digging them out "like wood-ants" and Renn is about to give up, when she sees how calm Wolf is and promptly readies her bow and steps out of the cave.
  • Then Wolf snatches the Nanuak and leads the bear away from Torak and Renn. Wolf doesn't know that Torak is The Chosen One, he's just doing this Heroic Sacrifice to help his friends.
  • Fin-Kedinn faced the bear and lived. This man was in his thirties, by Stone Age standards he was already old, he is not a Mage or the Listener and he faced a demon-possessed apex predator and lived.
  • What does Torak do when he's trapped inside a glacier? He climbs out using makeshift Wolverine Claws. Makeshift. Wolverine. Claws.
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  • Fin-Kedinn's Rousing Speech to Torak. It's not even a speech, just this:
    Fin-Kedinn: You can run or you can fight. There's always a choice.
  • Everything about the finale. Even Hord, who was enough of a Determinator to follow Wolf and Torak to the Mountain of the World Spirit despite the same World Spirit forcing anyone who tries to turn back. When you consider how much effort it took for Torak to force himself up there, imagine how hard it was for Hord with his Sanity Slippage.


Spirit Walker

Soul Eater


Oath Breaker

  • Torak's Sherlock Scan of the site of Bale's death. A Scarily Competent Tracker at his finest.
  • Wolf saves Torak by starting a stampede.
    This was what one wolf could do!
  • How does Renn gain the respect of the Auroch Clan? She pretends to be a full Mage by speaking Raven and summoning a "spirit wolf" with a "spirit bone".
  • Thiazzi gets a villainous example. In his disguise of the Forest Horse Mage, he tricks all the Deep Forest clans into thinking that he has come to a consensus with the Auroch Mage. With orator skills and carefully selected lies, he unites the warring clans against the Open Forest. Pretty impressive to trick four highly fundamentalistic and distrustful clans to embrace each other as brothers-in-arms.
    • Before that feat, Thiazzi presents the speaking staff of the Auroch Clan as the proof of having spoken with the Auroch Mage. He returns the staff in token of trust while he's being pointed by the Aurochs' spears. Even Renn who has every reason to hate Thiazzi has to admit his daringness.
  • Torak invents horseriding. That is all.

Ghost Hunter

  • Darkfur being a Determinator after her cubs are slaughtered.
  • Pebble, the last surviving cub making it all the way to the High Mountains on his own.
  • Dark saving Torak from Eostra's dogs.
  • Wolf vs Eostra's dogs. Despite the dogs being huge and pure evil, Wolf wins.
  • We finally see Wolf being a demon hunter. And it is epic.
  • Torak spirit walks in Eostra. And then manages to escape with what appears to be The Power of Love after even Heroic Willpower failed.
  • The Walker. When Eostra is bringing the Soul Eaters back from the dead, she summons the last unidentified Soul Eater - Narrander. And this happens:
    the Walker: Narrander comes. Your spell is flawed. It holds the hair of a living man.
    Eostra: Narrander died in the fire.
    the Walker: Another died. He should have lived!

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