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Funny / The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

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Wolf Brother

  • Wolf's introduction. After the Downer Beginning, this line really blindsides everyone:
    The wolf cub did not at all understand what was going on.
  • The frozen lemming. That is all.

Spirit Walker

  • In Spirit Walker, Renn's Epic Fail at wolf talk. Basically, My Hovercraft Is Full of Eels Wolf gets so confused that he starts running around in circles. Seriously.
  • When Wolf and Renn go to the beach, Wolf learns about fulmar spit the hard way.
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  • Torak tries to learn skinboating. 'Tries' being the operative word.

Soul Eater


  • Torak finds Rip and Rek and the ravens immediately start trolling him.
  • Wolf develops a rivalry with Rip and Rek. Then Torak tells him to find the Ravens and Wolf gets offended, thinking he means the birds not the Clan.

Oath Breaker

Ghost Hunter


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