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Pure Fanservice, it goes both ways.

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  • Sophitia and Taki, considered two of the most iconic heroines of the series that have originated from the very first game, team up to defeat Cervantes, then-wielder of Soul Edge and one of the most dangerous beings in the world. They succeed. More specifically, Sophitia manages to shatter the smaller of the two swords and Taki swoops in to kill Cervantes after Sophitia is injured by the Soul Edge fragments that found their way into her body. Arguably lessened somewhat in that the moment is only shown in stills (and that longtime fans already knew of Sophitia and Taki's exploits, as they're part of the canon resolution to Soul Edge), but, as the narration for Soul Chronicle states, this remains an important moment in the series' history.
  • Maxi and Kilik managing to ward off Astaroth leading an army of lizardmen against them, even if at a great cost. Special note goes to Maxi, him being a Badass Normal that managed to suppress Kilik after he had succumbed to the evil within him.
  • Mitsurugi, an ordinary samurai warrior from 16th Century Japan, is able to fight Geralt of Rivia, a magically-augmented monster slayer Magic Knight who can cleave an armoured man in half with a single stroke of his sword, to a draw. Geralt actually considers him a Worthy Opponent after this meeting, and due to how magic and dimensional travel works in The Witcher, it is very possible that this encounter is canon.
  • Details surrounding the exact sequence of events at Ostrheinsburg Castle in the original Soulcalibur are somewhat vague, but generally depict Kilik and Xianghua teaming up to defeat Nightmare, followed by Krita-Yuga revealing itself as Soul Calibur to aid Xianghua in her battle with Inferno. Things progress somewhat differently here, but the end results are no less satisfying. After being shown the way to Ostrheinsburg's great hall by Grøh, Xianghua ends up being sidelined during Kilik's fight due to a previous leg injury. Meanwhile, Kilik staves off Soul Edge's corrupting influence on his body and Kali-Yuga, turning down Nightmare's offer to work for him with "I'll carve... my own fate!" He proceeds to surprise the Azure Knight by not only holding his own in combat, but actually triumphing. note  As Nightmare falls silent, Kilik and Xianghua are sucked into Astral Chaos and come face-to-face with Inferno. Soul Calibur manifests in front of Xianghua, who immediately takes up the sword and trades blows with Inferno, fighting through exhaustation and a rather painful limp to ward off the cursed sword. And just when it seems Xianghua has reached her limit, Kilik tags back in and musters up the fortitude to finally control his evil energy, eventually providing an opening that Xianghua uses to cut down Soul Edge for good. (For now, anyway.)
  • Siegfried at the end of his Chronicle of Soul willingly becomes Nightmare again when he senses that Inferno is trying to destroy Soul Calibur from within Astral Chaos. There he manages to defeat both an appration of Nightmare and Inferno himself, saving the spirit sword but leaving Siegfried trapped in Astral Chaos while Nightmare once again is free to devastate Europe. However, Siegfried now has possession of Soul Calibur and plans to wait for an opportunity to break free from Nightmare's control so that he can destroy Soul Edge from within.

  • Everyone gets one in their Critical Edge. Especially if they win using it, to which you'll be treated with a special line.
    • Mitsurugi slashes his opponent in the air, and then finishes them off with another slash.
    • Sophitia slashes her opponent twice, then uppercuts them, and throws her sword to pierce her opponent while they're airborne, before summoning lightning to finish them off.
    • Grøh hits his opponent, throws his saber at them, teleports and then hits them more, before ending it with an explosion.
    • Nightmare summons a Hellish Horse and rides directly to his opponent, and then slashes them which causes an explosion.
    • Xianghua knocks her opponent in the air, delivers multiple strikes, and then causes a Soul Calibur-induced explosion.
    • Kilik knocks his opponent in the air and then juggles them with his staff, before landing a final strike that knocks them backward.
    • Ivy spins her whip around, stabs her opponent, grabs them in the air, and stomps on them with her heel.
    • Zasalamel blasts his opponent with a time freeze, slashes them backwards, turns around, and finishes them off by snapping his fingers.
    • Geralt slashes his opponent once, holds them in place with a sign, slashes them again, shoots fire with a sign, and slashes them on more time.
    • Siegfried knocks his opponent upwards with one slash, and then charges his Requiem with power before unleashing it in a single blow.
    • Taki hits her opponent a few times, holds them in place with a magical seal, and then detonates them with a final strike.
    • Yoshimitsu jumps up, hits his opponent, grabs their soul and cuts it in three pieces, absorbing the energy to heal himself.
    • Maxi delivers a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown using his nunchaku, delivering blow after high impact blow, and then finishes them with a fire-enhanced punch.
    • Talim hits her opponent multiple times while summoning the power of the wind, and then summons cyclones twice to finish them off.
    • Voldo spin-strikes his opponent, knocks them in the air, bounces him up further, before jumping up and striking again. They fall back while Voldo bows, as if he knows he's putting on a good show.
    • Astaroth grabs his opponent, slams them, lifts them with his axe, jumps in the air while performing multiple flips, and slams them again.
    • Seong Mi-na hits her opponent once, juggles them by spinning herself and her blade, and charges the blade before finishing them with another strike that produces a lightning bolt traveling upwards.
    • Tira hits her opponent and strikes her opponent's crotch with her ring blade, the last of which knocks them backwards. If Gloomy is out, she'll follow that up with jumping right on top of the opponent's groin, blade-first; and then she delivers a high impact kick to it that knocks them backwards.
    • Azwel hits his opponent in the air several times, and then summons weapons to strike them, and finishing them off with a Storm of Blades.
      • Azwel actually gets two; if you have two full Soul Gauge bars, you can put Azwel in Soul Charge and do an enhanced Critical Edge that pulls Soul Edge and Soul Calibur out of nowhere, loops them around the opponent a few times, and then slams them into the poor soul in a massive explosion and a Pillar of Light.
    • Cassandra hits her opponent with her shield, a kick and a hit from her sword, the latter of which sends the opponent in the air. She then ends it with a powerful thunderbolt strike.
    • Cervantes hits the opponent with a quick strike, then cripples them by shooting them in both knees. Then he launches them in the air, teleports above them, and dives into them while spinning, slamming them back into the ground.
    • Raphael just hits his opponent a few times. However, the last hit is a charged lunge attack, insanely fast and powerful enough to create a cyclone effect.
    • Amy throws the opponent in the air, executes a mid-air Spin Attack while upside-down, and then ends it with a stab that creates a laser beam effect.
    • 2B's regular Critical Edge. First she hits her opponent with her arsenal; then she launches an assault so fast, she basically becomes invisible. Finally, Pod 042 creates a bunch of spears to stab the opponent as they fall.
      • If she's a low health, she'll use an alternate move where she knocks the opponent down, uses a gravity grenade to hold them in place, then self-destructs on top of them.
    • Haohmaru has three different Critical Edges:
      • Judgment Blast Slash (the basic one) is a series of spinning upwards slashes; the last one makes his blade red-hot and throlaunches ws the opponent up in the sky.
      • Flame of the Conqueror (requires Max Rage) is a strong slash that will destroy the enemy's guard.
      • Finally, Lighting Blade (requires Rage Explosion) is a quick lunge that, if connects, leads to Haohmaru cutting down the opponent in a single strike.

  • The fact that this game exists is a CMoA in and of itself. Picture this: it's December 2017, nearly six years since Soulcalibur V released, and many have declared the series dead after Lost Swords and Pachinko on top of the last game being polarzing to the fanbase, and as such very few people are still expecting a comeback from the series. Then, at the 2017 Game Awards, fighting game icon and Tekken boss Katsuhiro Harada steps out alongside a then-completely unknown Motohiro Okubo. Most would assume it's a new Tekken announcement, perhaps an update for Tekken 7 or maybe the Vaporware Tekken X Street Fighter. And then, after Harada finishes speaking, Okubo delivers five simple words that will set the fandom ablaze: Do your souls still burn?
  • The general score on Metacritic according to the reviews that are counted? 84. To put it in perspective, that's more than almost any fighting game this generation!
  • Though the official sales numbers haven't yet been revealed, it's off to a good start. The game topped the Steam sales chart in its launch. That is a very rare feat for a fighting game, and especially one that hasn't even been on PC before.
  • According to data-tracking website SteamSpy, the game has sold within the realms of 200,000 to 500,000 in one day, and that's just on PC. For comparison, Soulcalibur V took much longer to get to that range on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 combined!
  • The Guest Fighter selection for the Soul series is generally agreed to be hit or miss, dating back the feature's inception in Soulcalibur II note . Sometimes it worked (Link in II, Kratos in Broken Destiny, Ezio in V), sometimes it didn't (Spawn and arguably Heihachi in II, the Star Wars characters in IV), sometimes it was glossed over due to obscurity (Lloyd in Legends), and once it didn't happen at all (III note ). For VI, Project Soul decided to go all out with the inclusion of The Witcher himself, Geralt of Rivia. And just when it seemed it couldn't get better, shortly after release, another guest character was announced: 2B!
  • Soulcalibur VI sold over a million units after a month since release, faster and more than most fighting games get in their lifetime, and quickly outpacing Soulcalibur V in the process. Namco stated in their financial report that the game was successful, as in, the same game they had to be convinced to allow into existence. Getting into EVO 2019 on the main stage, over competitor Dead or Alive 6, was just icing on the cake.
  • The announcement at EVO 2019, where Okubo describes "the end of a journey", making it seem as though the game is ceasing support. A video is shown as a "thank you" to the fans...and the end of the journey turns out to be the end of Season 1. A 2nd season was announced, with brand new balance, moves, system mechanics, and 4 new characters. One of those 4 is another guest character. Who could possibly be just as exciting as the likes of Geralt and 2B? Haohmaru.
    • Doubling as a Heartwarming moment, Okubo stated after Season 2 was announced that originally, there wasn't even going to be a Season 2. The love and support of the fans along with the aforementioned successful sales numbers, however, were enough to show that the series was worth investing into once again.
    • And to add up the awesome is the EVO 2020 reveal trailer where Haohmaru gets to face a most proper opponent: Mitsurugi, who is also based on the same man Haohmaru is inspired from.